People Reveal The Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Ever Said To Them--And We're Seeing Dead People


Kids say the darnedest - and creepiest - things. A lot of kids seem to recall past lives, or have imaginary friends that make their paernts uncomfortable. And what's up with three-year-olds and the whole reincarnation thing? Do little kids remember what it was like before they were born, only to forget it later? Sleep on it.

mjacobson7 asked: Parents, whats the creepiest thing your kid has ever said or done?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Start asking questions.

Picked him up from daycare when he was 3. Driving home, totally quiet, him just staring out the window... he randomly asks "hey dad, 'member that time we died in a fire?"


Oh I 'member


Masterful trolling by a toddler.

My 3 yo daughter was going through the monsters under her bed phase. Lasted for weeks, and it was really wearing on her mom & me.

One night after mom tried to put her to bed, she tagged me in. After 30 minutes, I grew pretty frustrated. In a last ditch attempt, I promised my daughter that there weren't any monster under her bed. She replied, "I know. Now they're behind you."

After that, I let her sleep with us for a week.


I told my now 7 year old, when he was 3, that daddy eats monsters. Eats em right up. The whole monster.

I give them a chance. One chance to make two choices - either be nice, or go away. If not, daddy's gonna eat em right up. I've made a big show of pretending to eat a monster, and even forced out a big burp when I was done.

I've heard him yell a couple different times "you better go away or be nice or my daddy's gonna eat you up!"

I used to have sleep paralysis. Still get it from time to time but it was worse when I didn't know what sleep paralysis was, and thought I was being messed with by demons or ghosts or something. I woke up an ex girlfriend once by yelling at some shadowy figure that I was going to "eat your f*cking soul" .. but ever since that happened, the sleep paralysis sessions were less intense. Then I learned what sleep paralysis actually is, and that lots of other people have it.

So, I know there's no such thing as monsters, but if there is, I'm gonna f*ckin' eat them, and I think they know it.


What's the creepiest thing you remember from childhood?

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