People Reveal What They'd Say If They Could Talk To Their Loved Ones One Last Time


It's never easy to say goodbye. You're separating yourself, severing an emotional tether, and you're not sure when you'll see each other again. Could be a few days. Could be never. It's the latter occasions when you're usually left with a lot of regret and wondering, "What could I have said?"

Reddit user, u/Ensigmas77, wanted to hear what your final words would've been when they asked:

If you can speak to someone in your life that has passed away, who would it be and what would you say?

You Should See Her...

My partner passed away after giving birth not so long ago, so I'd speak to her and tell her about our daughter


...She Looks Just Like You

My twin sister. She passed away when we were close to our third birthday. I would tell her that I love her, and that there's not a day that's passed that I don't think about her. I would also tell her that my daughter, who is close to turning three, looks just like her.


It'll Be Named After You

My uncle. He went in for routine surgery, and never came home.

We had plans to open a bakery together. I would love to tell him they when I open a bakery, I'll name it after him. Tell him how much I miss him. Fill him in on all the things in my life. To hear his soft voice, and his hearty laugh.

If I could just hug him one more time. Just see his silly smile...


Stepping In

My Step-Father.

I'd thank him for being so good to my Mom and to my little brother and I. Might also ask him for some advice.


We Know You Were Worried About Everyone But You

My Mom.

I would tell her that even though we miss her everyday, we are all living our best lives and we are happy.

Her lifes goal was to make sure her family was happy, and I know before she died (cancer) she was more worried about all of us and how we would handle it than she was about herself.


Just Wanted To Ask Why He Didn't Say Anything.

Well, this is very timely for me, because my brother-in-law passed away two days ago and left us all with a lot of questions.

He died of a cancer none of us knew he had, he seemed (although now we are not 100% sure) fine up until the last few weeks (4 weeks? 5 weeks? 6 weeks? none of us are sure) when he became very withdrawn and essentially stopped eating.

We thought maybe he was severely depressed and we ended up bring him to the hospital only because he was so thin. We thought we would get him some IV nutrients, maybe some psych meds, and we would take him home in a few days.

Turns out he was already in multiple organ failure and he lost consciousness within hours and died a few days later. It took the doctors that long to even figure out what was going on.

Now, we all want to know - what did he feel? How much did he know? Why didn't he go to a doctor? Cancer is normally a relatively slow death, but now we are left feeling like he was in some sudden fatal accident.


Should've Made Better Choices, Dad

I'd tell my dad he should have divorced my stepmom long ago, since their toxic, f-cked up relationship is likely the cause of his death.

Then I'd show him my house, my wife, my pupper, my career. That I'm not the total f-ckup everyone thought I'd be.

After that, we'd have an awkward chat about weather or politics or whatever. And that would be nice.


A Missed Call

My friend, he killed himself back in 2014, but that same day he had called me once and I missed it.

I have always wondered since then if i could have helped him if i answered. Guess ill never know.


We Did Everything We Could

My daughter.

I would tell her how sorry I am that she went through that. We were doing everything we could to save you.


See How Good I'm Doing?

My grandmother that passed when I was in 4th grade. She taught me how to bake, sew, clean, and cook just like a 1950's housewife while not taking crap from anyone.

I want to know if she would have been proud of the woman I have become. Hearing the stories my family has told of her, I feel like I really was her mini me. Like I really am following in her footsteps.


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