People Explain Which Little Thing Completely Enrages Them


You know those things that are just like, beyond the threshold of pet peeve?

It happens, and in that moment, all you want to do is die, or else kill someone else.

The anger it produces could cook an egg.

u/Gamerboiyer8272 asked:

What small little thing can enrage you?

Here were some of those answers.

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People blocking the pavement/sidewalk

x2 If they are walking slowly
x3 If they are a group of three or more friends walking in a line
x10 If they are a group of friends walking slowly


Just Listen, How About

Someone asking me to calm down when I'm already calm. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy at that point and I get all mad trying to explain that I'm not mad.


I'm Doing My Best

When i am busy doing a task i have been set, then being told that wasn't important you need to do this task now.. only to be yelled at later for not doing the original task...

I hate contradicting managers.


Why Can't You Just Work Right

'Unexpected item in bagging area.'

It's not unexpected, you digital idiot. You literally just told me what it is. It's right there on the screen. I did the wavy-wave, you did the bleepy-bleep; up until the point where you decided to have an electronic stroke, things were going exactly according to plan. What you mean is that you haven't been programmed right. Don't go putting this on me, like I've somehow gone out of my way to surprise you. I've got places to be, man. I can't be playing hide-the-actual-salami with the Terminator's younger cousin.

Oh, and now you've sent for backup. Well done. Now I have to deal with a human person who thinks I'm either an imbecile or a thief for not being able to work what's effectively a bathroom scale with delusions of grandeur for the fourth time.


They're Always In The Way

Walking past a door handle to have your headphones ripped out. (yes I am poor)

Walking past a door handle to have your belt-loop snag and stop you dead in your tracks.


Door handles.


Get Out Of The Way

People who stop in doorways to check their phone. Or people at the gym that take 15 minutes between sets, again on their phone, whilst I'm waiting for the equipment. People who stop in the middle of busy side walks. People who talk on speakerphone in public. Or play music on speakers they walk around with. TIL I have anger issues.


I Just Wanna Shop

People who stop in the middle of a grocery store aisle to have a conversation with an acquaintance during busy hours. Lack of courtesy for your fellow man is inexcusable.


Up And Down

Dropping something, using all my effort to bend down and pick it up only to drop it again as i straighten out, rinse and repeat this process until you feel like exploding.



People who drive on the shoulder to skip ahead of traffic.

In general, entitled road behavior like that really grinds my gears. The rules are so simple. We're not animals, we live in a society.


Taking Others Down A Peg

When coworkers use something small and insignificant to tease, belittle, or "joke" with a tinge of seriousness towards someone at work.


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