People Reveal Simple Things That They Still Can't Quite Do


I give up!

There are just somethings in life we are not meant to be capable of doing, no matter how insanely simple. Sometimes we don't even realize we're doing something differently, our body just innately chooses it's own way of performing. And often its a matter of the sparks in our brains just not catching on. All of that just makes us special, in a good way, for the most part. At least that's what I tell myself. That, and that Algebra will NEVER matter.

Redditor u/ItsOkayToGiveUp wanted everyone to rid themselves of shame and divulge.... What is the most simple thing you cannot do?

Maybe she has a "Cater-phobia"....


My wife, for the life of her, cannot actually say the word "caterpillar." It always comes out as "capertillar."

Our young daughter finds it hilarious, she once spent about 10 minutes going :

  • daughter: say "cat"
  • wife: "Cat"
  • daughter: say "er"
  • wife: "er"
  • daughter: say "pillar"
  • wife: "pillar"
  • daughter: say "caterpillar"
  • wife: "capertillar"

What makes it even funnier is that she is fully convinced that she is saying it correctly. Djinjja-Ninja

Just cut eskew....

Cut a straight line even if there are lines drawn. RuthlessRavenclaw

Yes! Gimme a ruler, An exacto knife, all the time in the world, can't do it. On an angle every time. RoxyFurious

Dribble Madness.....

I can't walk and drink at the same time. Just end up spilling tea or whatever all over myself like a toddler. aerae_cura

I assumed grown-ups don't spill their drink when drinking while walking cause they learn not to do so. random-Dutch

That's why straws were invented. BradC

Maybe we do need Geometry?

Estimate distance, that wall could be 20cm or 10m away. BuffDontNerf

Do you have bad depth perception, like can't tell how far things are relative to each other, or just don't really have a feel for how long 10m is? Rijonkulous

I have good depth perception but I just don't know how to measure distances in my head. SpoodyFox

But I'm Hangry!


Stop thinking about food. Apparently there are people out there for routinely forget to eat a meal, which is as mystifying a concept to me as walking on water. TheDoorDoesntWork

Learn the Shapes....

Whistle with my fingers. I've been trying to learn for years and I still cant do it. VanGoghsPbPaintSnack

So I actually learned to whistle from the last thread like this. I tried searching for it but I can't find it anywhere.

Basically, there was two main points that helped me to get my mouth in the right shape to whistle.

  • Your tongue is super important. Whistling isn't a case of blowing air through your lips, you want to blow the air down, across the back of your teeth, once you get better, you can try using your tongue for tone control, but for now, you want to tense it up with the point right below your bottom row of teeth.
  • Second, your lips, you need to make an 'O' shape with your mouth, but a small one, You know how someone looks when they whistle, you're probably already able to mimic this quite well.

The best way to get your mouth in this shape is to say 'Q' (in an American accent, my British accent didn't get my mouth into the right position at all). Make sure your tongue is tensed as you round out saying 'Q,' hold it as you're saying the 'ew' part, and blow.

It took me whispering 'Q' to myself repeatedly to get it, but you'll eventually get it, if you practice whenever you're alone for like a week you'll get it.

Just keep whispering 'Q,' KKKEEEEUUUUUUWWWWWWW, over and over. Remember your tongue needs to be straight and tense, with the point sitting at the bottom of your bottom row of teeth, and your mouth needs to make the 'O' shape. iheartthejvm

Just give me a fork! 

Using chopsticks, asking for cutlery in Japan was an experience. ThePhantomPotato

I spent six months in China with a group of students and my best friend. I was able to slowly eat with chopsticks, but still sucked at it. My friend decided he would use his chopsticks to steal the food from my chopsticks, until i got better at it. First week i barely ate anything. Second week i was getting better. Third week i was a pro.

A few months later i had an accident and wasn't able to use my right arm, so i had to ask for cutlery to use with my left arm, all they had usually was a spoon. Pelle0809

Practice makes Perfect.... 

Automatically know a specific letter placing in the alphabet I have to recite them lol. MewBerryBoo

If you don't drink, but if anyone ever pulls me over for a roadside sobriety test and asks me to recite the alphabet backwards, I'll be toast! JosephCornellBox

I see nothing! 

Those damn magic eye puzzles where you cross your eyes and you see a shape. Can't cross my eyes which makes them nearly impossible. I'm 100% convinced that those images are a lie and everyone is just in agreement to lie about what they see. dirtyoldsixofclubs

Just Blow....


I can't blow a bubble with gum. GreshamDouglas

Put the gum over your tongue like a condom and say s**t. I accidentally learned this way when I was 10. MuchoGustoMeLlamo


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