People Reveal The Time They Were Genuinely Scared For Their Life


This is nothing like the movies!

Life is unpredictable and can take a turn at any second. It can be a sudden celebration or a dark, festering fate. We will all find ourselves in situations that leave our nerves on edge. Life is fleeting, be grateful, another second is never guaranteed. And that is scary.

Redditor u/Br0cc0li_B0i wanted everyone to share about the times when life took a darker turn by asking..... When have you been genuinely scared for you life?

Auntie Em....


Caught in a tornado, outside, no cover, just laid down in the mud and prayed. Trees fell all around me but I managed to stay put and none landed on me. It was nuts. Gyrovague_Greyling

Bless the Heart. 

I lived on an artificial heart for 11 months. It was battery driven and at night I had to plug everything into the wall. The terror was real. I had a thick cord exiting my abdomen attached to a computer that controlled the pump inside my body. The computer failed on me twice and I had to swap it out myself. When the computer unplugs, you have no blood flow. I had to experience this twice.

Then I had a heart transplant. That was far less terrifying than the artificial heart. Odd_craving

Cancer Sucks. 

When my oncologist stopped saying "the growth" and started calling it "the cancer" and followed up with "now I'm gonna have to figure out how to save your life." Fortunately for me, he figured it out. zerbey


Aged 8 or 9, I went on a field trip to a waterpark. The main attraction was the wave pool, and it was severely over-crowded. When the bigger waves came in, I went under and about 5 others people landed on top of me, effectively pinning me underwater. A life guard saw it, luckily, and saved me, but holy crap I'll never forget that sensation of helplessness as I drowned

EDIT: TIL A lot of people almost die at waterparks and swimming pools and holy crap this blew up overnight. I'm glad you're all still alive lol. FavorsForAButton



Almost crashed in a helicopter.

When the pilot started to freak out, that's when I knew we were in trouble. ggfergu

Not Asleep...

When I was 11 I experienced anesthesia awareness during a surgery on my mouth. I was "under" but I wasn't. I could smell and feel everything and I was hallucinating from the ketamine they gave me. Thought the doctors had killed me and I was in hell.

Edit: Since everyone is asking the full story is as follows. I was told I was going to fall asleep and when I woke up the surgery would be over. I went completely under then all of a sudden I smelled blood and burning flesh from the sutures. I could hear the doctors talking but the anesthesia paralyzed me and I hallucinated ants crawling all over me and into my body. All of a sudden a wave of pain came over me and I could feel them slicing open my gum. The rest is kinda blurry cuz I went in and out of being aware. And yes I have ptsd from it. SumAngrySalmon

Thumbs Up. 

Was going to a market, gave a thumbs up to a dude in a nice car. And he pulled a pistol on me. I was maybe 12. Nice. They put the gun away sped throw a red light then I spent the rest of the day at Blackbush market and vomited from sunstroke. Thanks for asking. TorrontesChardonnay

Ice Path. 

On a tour in some mountains in Scotland. Very nice guy driving me up a mountain. It's icy as hell. All going well until the car swivels out of control and starts to pendulum towards a tree. Genuinely thought it was it. Somehow the driver stops and we just about miss the tree, crashing into a ditch.

He asks me not to mention it to his boss. I tell him to drive on. VillageHorse

Play Drunk.


My friend and I were eating burgers in a darkly lit area on a street in Seattle when a man walked straight up to us with his hands in his pockets, gesturing like he had a gun he says "Give me your money."

I immediately pretended to be drunk and got all "chummy" with him and said "If I had money that would be amazing" And the guy looked around and then walked off.

No idea if that was smart or incredibly stupid, but I definitely realized in that moment that when your mind is in "fight or flight" you have little control over what your brain is going to do. coscojo

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