People Reveal How Someone Ruined Their Day With A Single Sentence


It only takes a handful of words....

It only takes a moment, a hand full of words and the intent, whether it be malicious or innocent.... we hurt one another on the daily. Words hurt and they can change the course of a life in an instant. We have to be responsible with our actions, they matter more than we realize.

Redditor u/BlueSJ999 wanted to hear about how some people's days were turned upside down in a simple manner by asking.... When did someone ruin your day in a single sentence?



Had someone yell "nice boobs" while driving past me in a car. I'm a male. TaintModel

Typical. You spend all morning on your hair and makeup and what do they notice? dlordjr

To prove What?

"I only had you to prove I was straight." - My lesbian mom to 10 year old me. The way she explained it to me was that her parents kept asking when she was going to have a kid, so she popped me out to get them to shut up. Buttbag14


My boss stripped me of $2 an hour for a single day, simply because I didn't remove a single paper towel from our company van. DavidDanielLynn

Sounds like something my previous boss would have done doing technician work in our vans.

What a di**head, I hope your boss falls off his ego and into a punji pit. ClicheName137

F Cancer! 

"Unfortunately, it is no longer in remission." GodzillasBFF

A friend of mine's husband has been battling it all his life. They have three children. Yesterday they got, "All tumors surrounding the heart and lungs have significantly increased. We don't recommend continuing treatment for the comfort of the patient."

Cancer sucks. Hang in there friend. Sending love because what else can I say. WalterWhitesHairLine

The Rainbow Bridge.


"The humane thing to do is to put him down. I'm sorry." 1knightinBangkok

Having to make that decision/lose a pet is the worst. However, I almost wish the two times I've had to do it that the vets were more direct. They basically refused to weigh in on the decision (one was kidney failure, the other was congestive heart failure) and so I felt like I had to make the choice all alone and was scared it was the "wrong one." The regret of "was it the right thing? was there something else I should have/could have done?" was miserable. mathematicalmetric

We're not okay. 

"I think they're going to all be okay, but there's been an accident."

They weren't okay. slice_of_pi

Near the End. 

Five minutes before end of shift: "Triple homicide, requesting crime scene unit." There was ONE TIME where I had a CSI-worthy remark. The case involved a body rolled up in a carpet. There were a bunch of officers around discussing some incidents leading up to the homicide, which was believed to be a surprise attack. I said "I guess they really pulled the rug out from under him."

Nobody got it. Sporkicide

You B! 

"You're pregnant in the face." Told to me by another pregnant woman after I just got done complementing her on how cute she looked... That b***h. titterhead2

Make me Punch You! 

Getting ready for a wedding with family, my husband commented that he had lost weight, my sister's response was, "yeah, and your wife put it all on."

Edit: My sister is honestly a really nice person who I love to death and we have since moved past all this. Thank you all for the kind and supportive comments. nonhalo95

Well then.... Bye Felicia.


I had just arrived at school in 3rd grade and was eating breakfast in the cafeteria. Sat down for a total of 5 seconds and some fifth grade girl (who I'd never interacted with before) sitting in front of me called me ugly. Older cousin in her grade told her not to say that. I got up and left on the verge of tears, heard the same cousin telling her "look what you did, you made her leave." JakoJustOneYesterday


"Your father's comatose he might never wake up." He died last week. He didn't even get the chance to attend my college graduation. glacialblue

Best Dad Ever! 

My dad when he said "F*** your mom, she could die for all I care, and F*** you! You can get out of my life!"

Really put a damper on my day. StolenBlackMesa

I Don't.


"I'm not coming to your wedding, because it isn't real." - my father. Monknut1

From their comment history:

"My father just told me my second marriage is invalid because I married an atheist not in a church ceremony. I'm pretty sure some people only think that what they think is right is the only way to live, and can't be happy unless everyone conforms to them." 2781727827

No Reservations. 

Working alone in a kitchen and someone says "a table of 40 just walked in." basshanthegrump

As a chef i can say been there done that and its awful. It would hurt less if the server kicked you in the crotch. elphoenixx


I thought I'd done really well on a skill performance in front of a class. A classmate gave the most backhanded feedback I'd gotten all year, along the lines of "This was a good one for you because you usually (and then described criticisms of me that I'd never been given feedback on before)." beandelabean

Bad Treatment. 

My best friend for years who I'd supported through their hardest moments, I made sure they ate when they tried to get away with not eating, I was always ready to support them when they encountered any problems, I knew they cut and tried to suggest therapy and support her in every way I could think of. In return she treated me like crap, I don't blame her for it she was in a terrible place so it wasn't her fault but I was becoming exhausted, I never reveal any emotion to others, people call me a robot but I was so so tired of always being insulted and put down even whilst helping her. One day she attempted suicide and failed without any side effects luckily, I called the ambulance and she was fine. After that I decided I couldn't leave her, it would kill her.

I remember the day it happened, it was a couple months later and we were alone outside just after school when I had been talking about something that annoyed me (probably maths) and she just turned to me and said "you get so angry all the time, I mean you say your a robot but you can't even be that! What could you ever be angry about anyway, you've never had a problem in your life!" I don't remember exactly what happened after that but it was the just the final straw to break the camel's back, I had to walk away to hide my crying (I know it's pathetic but it was just too much at the time) after that I never spoke to her again. She has other friends now and seems to be in a better place but still acts rude. artiguess

Eww to you.... 

When I was in 6th grade I had a huge crush on this girl. My friend at the time dated her friend for a while and so he was good friends with my crush. I decided to tell him about this huge crush because I trusted him a lot, after I did this he kept making jokes about it, one of which she was right next to us, and he was talking to his girlfriend while my crush was right next to her. Apparently my crush was talking some smack or something and my friend looked at me and said "Tell your girlfriend to shut up," and she replied with "Girlfriend? Ewww no!" I just looked away, my 12 yo heart being crushed. EDIT: Didn't expect this would get so many likes holy heck. DezPispenser

No Hablo Espanol.... 

i was speaking to a person in Spanish (which is my native language) and she told me to just stick to speaking English. It hurt mainly cause I told her before that my Spanish isn't as great as it once was and at the time I felt really comfortable talking to her in Spanish, so her saying that felt like a punch in the face lmao. aProGrammar

You Answer First....


Supermarket checkout lady looked me straight in the eye and asked me "Are you a boy or a girl?" NotUrPancakeLady


"I know things were bad in the past, but he promised to change. Things are going to be really different this time."

They weren't. The beatings started up again the next night. thudly

f you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at


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