People Reveal The One Mistake That They'll Never Make Again

Life is full of mistakes but, like any good mentor from a cliche filled action movie, it's what you do after them that matters. You can learn from it, grow with it, and start making better choices. Or you can keep making the same mistake again and again, akin to pounding your forehead against a boulder in the desert. Either way, these people wish they could take that one mistake back.

Reddit user, u/mediocrejointsmoker, wanted to listen to the worst mistakes when they asked:

What is one mistake that you will never make again?

Learn And Grow


Stealing from cars.

I had a whole operation going. Knew it was bad, didn't care in the slightest. Now I spend my time talking to troubled kids and helping them to not make my mistake, or anything similar


Time Is Everything

Trusting someone I've known for less than two years.


You Know What? Size Is Everything, Too

Being in traffic and flipping someone off that is clearly larger than me, no matter how stupid they are driving


Everyday Shouldn't Be A Fairy Tale, But...

Marrying someone i wasn't excited about spending the rest of my life with


I'm not even married and I say don't do it. being in an unfulfilling relationship is in a lot of ways worse than being single because you feel trapped. At least if you're single there's some hope of a romantic spark at some point.


Never Backslide

Sleeping with my Ex


Yep. Same here.

Never ends well. One of you is probably going to end up catching feelings again and then it becomes breakup 2.0


My Literal Nightmare

Going to the toilet without locking the door


People on airplanes make this mistake way too often


Give People Space

not giving someone space when they need it to calm down.

it doesn't matter if your approach to difficult situations is a pro-active talk-it-out one; if they need time to calm down and let it go then that's what's best for them. poking it further will only make the situation worse and worse.


Believe Them

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." -- Maya Angelou

I ignored the wisdom in that, and it's a quote I'd known for a good while before it would have relevance to my life. If only I'd have paid attention.

"Oh, I wont do it again, I swear."

"That guy? No, he's just a friend..."

"Sorry I was home late last night, got stuck at work..."

Those were all the things he said to me after I'd already found out he'd been cheating on me and we (rather, just I) had resolved to try to fix it.

I should have heeded her words the first time he showed me who he really is.


Sounds Like One Long Day

Eating 3 fiber one bars.

I wanted a snack, they were very tasty, it's been 24 hours and my stomach [still] feels like there's a boulder in it.


Why Not Let That Sit For A Bit?

Opening a pressure cooker while it still has steam in it.


Honesty Isn't Always The Best Policy

Telling my teacher : Dad did my homework for me so that's why everything is wrong.

Since then, i've never ever blamed my dad.


They're There, Right There, Next To You

Take what I have for granted.

Long story short, I lost my step mom to breast cancer when I was still in high school. NEVER gonna make that mistake again.


I Feel Like This One Is More On The Parents Than Kids

Dad bought a toilet tleaner called Harpic. It comes in a colorful blue bottle. My 5 year old ass thought that it was a fruit juice. I drank a sip. I passed out as a result of instant stomach pain. Woke up in a hospital. Mom scolded me all the way to home.

I can say now that I've been "cleaned" from inside.

Really? Third Grade?

I'm never going to mess with third graders again.

They scare me too much. Recently I met the most violent little kids in existence, and I am still shocked about it. I nearly got stabbed, and it was not fun.


Never Waste More Than One Second

investing my time in people, who clearly do not deserve that (:


It's Like You Learned Nothing From "Scarface"

Doing cocaine, never again. Me, my brother and cousins were hotboxing in a car last summer while bar hopping. One pulls out some coke and I take a snort.

I'm the kind of guy who's not super expressive emotionally and tend to bottle things up. So when I got high I immediately got pent up in a rage. I felt pretty strong too and punched a metal circuit box to try to dent it. My brother and cousins were standing there worried but I eventually snapped out of it. I woke up the next day with the worst hangover of my life. Felt like my skull was chiseled open.


Take Some Time, People. Think About It.

I will never take a job that wants to hire me on the spot. I've done this 3 times. The first 2 times, it was a BS gig, but it paid really well and didn't take up much of my time or energy, so I didn't mind. It's now the third time around, and it's a batshit crazy job. I can't wait to leave.


Always Ask


Mistake a dog cookie for a real one.

Who even makes dog treats look like chips ahoy?

Stupid corporate.



I will never go for a run wearing only swim trunks. I did 5k on a treadmill at the gym after a swim. About 2/3 of the way in, I started feeling...numb down there.

9/10 of the way I look down and I'm covered in blood. The swim mesh had cheese grater like properties, apparently.


Always Check The Greens

I will pickup the dog poo before I cut my grass. One day I was lazy and didn't pick up the poo. Weed eater launched poo right in my mouth. NEVER AGAIN.


What's the one mistake you promised to never make again? Let us know all about it!

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