If you ever get a chance to speak to a couple in a happy, long-term relationship, they'll typically retell the moment they knew their significant other was "the one." Most times, it's not any one single moment. Relationships that endure are built on multiple instances of commitment and love. Occasionally, you will find those paramores who can pinpoint on the love map when exactly they knew, "This one's for me." That's all it takes, just one single instance to commit yourself.

Reddit user, u/flylikefree, wanted to hear about when the doubt was erased when they asked:

What is the moment during your relationship that made you decide "I will marry you."?

Putting Everything Else Aside

When he dropped everything to get me to my grandmother's when I was told that she might not live much longer. He refused to let me be alone that night and had me sleep at his place. The next morning he calls out of work, packs a bag, swings by my place to help me get my stuff, and then drives me 450 miles over a mountain in the middle of winter to let me see my grandma one more time.

To see the amount of support he gave me told me that I had found the person who would always have my back.


Not Afraid To Perform

When he was reading to his son (my stepson).

I was in the lounge so could hear him, and he put did all these zany and goofy voices for all the different characters. Totally unabashed and just wanting to do a good job for his son.


"Just kick me to let me know."

The first time I had dinner with his family, we had just gotten done with a hike and his dad texted him to invite him and told him he was welcome to bring me. I was hot, sweaty from the hike, dressed like a hooch in a muscle tank and cut off shorts, and was like do I have time to shower or change?

And he said no, but if I was uncomfortable at all I should just kick him under the table and we could leave. It was so simple, but I'd never felt so thoroughly supported or accepted and I just knew he was my person. Five years later we're two months happily married.


Able To Handle Your Mom At Her Worst

I already had a feeling, but when my bf met my mom for the first time. She and I are really close. When we got to her apartment and had some wine she started getting really chatty as she is wont to do. She started telling my boyfriend all about her dating problems and failed relationships. He was so patient and really listened to her, asking questions offering input every now and then.

It was slightly embarrassing because she was clearly tipsy, but I loved how natural it felt to be sitting there with my two favorite people in the world just chatting about life. I just remember getting up to go to the bathroom so I could have a small cry in private because I knew he was the one.

We are getting married next fall :)


Having The Ability To Go For A Drive

When I had my first panic attack in front of him and I thought, thats it, he's seen my crazy and I've blown it. I ran to my car and cried. He came to my car, told me to move to the passenger seat, drove around until I was okay to be in public and took me out for lunch and to a bookstore. Reading calms me.

I never knew what true loving consideration was before then. That feeling of real, unpretentious and unwavering love was just so much for me in that moment.


Sometimes You Step Up In The Best Ways

My Grandmother was in the final moments of life from pretty severe lung cancer. Bed ridden, home health care, body getting pretty stiff already.

That man changed her diapers. Cleaned her, cared for her. I've never seen any one just do the right thing without being asked, without questioning it, without hesitation. Any second thoughts I had about him vanished. Someone so inherently good from the core is so rare.


When Silly Actions Become Romantic Traits

She randomly got up when we were watching tv and ran to one side of the room. "I love you from here..." she said as she ran to the other side of the room. Upon reaching the other wall she looked incredibly upset and looks at me "oh.. I ran out of room."

I was pretty sure I wanted to and was debating proposing to her but that was when I knew that I was going to marry her. The words "I love you from here..." are inscribed on my wedding band.


Sandals Are The Worst

Mid conversation on our very first date we each said, "I f-cking hate sandals!" in perfect unison.


Never Leave Your Side

She stuck with me through cancer. I knew after the first month of treatment I would marry her.

Edit:I told her about this comment blowing up and she said "what was I supposed to do? I love you."

Thanks so much for all the amazing wishes and happiness sent our way! For anyone dealing with that or anything else, please make sure you talk to someone. It helps, I promise.


F-ck this is awesome. I really hope you've passed remission and lived happily ever after


We are doing well now, thank you!


Something So Simple

When I realized we had fun without having to go anywhere or do anything. It just all came so naturally.


Not a stupid question, but what's the difference between this and just normal friendship?


The intimacy shared.


H/T: Reddit

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