People Reveal The Moment They Knew They Were Getting Old
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Though both are inevitable, old age is worse than taxes. It sneaks up on you like a terrible fiend in the night, haunting your lower back and preventing you from fully understanding what Fortnite is. Don't worry though, you're not the only one, as evidenced by the people below.

Reddit user, u/gud_spelller, wanted to know the most memorable of moments when they asked:

When did you know you were getting old?

When You're Older Than Retirement...

the guys retiring from sports team are younger than me


When It's A Whole Day Thing...


When my hangovers ruined my entire day.


Wait till you get older and it affects the day after that too.


When You Care About Things You Never Used To...

When I complimented another guy on his yard.


What do you have out there? Kentucky Blue Grass? God, that is lush!


Seriously. When You Care About Things You Used To Never

When I bought a new zero turn lawn mower and I wanted to tell everyone.

I've never been so excited to cut the grass!


When You Can No Longer Eat Anything...

When I had to watch what I eat at dinner so I didn't get heart burn and indigestion all night long.


When You Have No Idea Who Ariana Grande Is...

When I stopped recognizing musicians and entertainers on awards shows


When you recognize lots of people at the awards shows, but from the "In Memoriam" reel


When The Parents Make The Most Sense...

When I started agreeing with the parents in kids movies


Yup, watched the little mermaid recently and the part where Ariel goes "I'm 16 dad! I can do what I want" and I laughed and was like calm down you're the little mermaid, not the grown up mermaid.


When Sleep Is So Important...

when a good nights sleep became more important than sex.


Every night we basically fall asleep on the couch before we can have sex. We're 31.


Gamertag = Birth Year?

When I see people with their birth year next to their gaming nicknames like Slayer2004, etc.


Where The Grass Is Green

When my younger sister asked to turn off the oldies as I was rocking out to "Paradise City".

This was in 1998...😥


Meanings Over Time

When snow in the forecast stopped meaning "a day off" and instead meant "you're driving to work in this crap."


Do The Drunk Giraffe!


When the actor who played Doctor Who was younger than me (Matt Smith).


What Does It Mean!?

Having to google the definition of modern slang words such as "yeet"


Mega-Evolution Human Being

When I realized that I reached my "Final Form". Sort of like a Pokemon creature. I've pretty much peaked about 10 to 15 years ago but didn't realize it then.

Right now I've accepted that I'm never going to look better or be healthier. Sure I used to look better and I used to be healthier but right now I'm pretty sure that it's all downhill from here and anything I do to get healthy is just going to be a "holding pattern" rather than having any long term effect.


Keep That Music Down

I yelled at people my own age to shut the f-ck up from across my apt balcony because they were making too much noise at 9pm on a Friday and i was trying to sleep...


To Never Know How To Bowl Correctly...

It's probably too late for this but yesterday I had some family stay with me, and when my little cousin was bored she said what should we do? And because we have a wii in our house I said "let's play the wii"and she said "what is a wii?"

Man did I feel old


You Monster

On Sunday I ordered a McDonald's Happy Meal for the first time in years but I did not open the toy, I just threw it straight in the bin with box when I got home.


When You're The Mentor, Not The Main Character

When High schoolers started asking me for advice. They'd ask me stuff like "How was school in the early 2000s" or "What is college like?" Or "Is it weird when you hear people say that they were born in 2005?". My favorite is when they ask me how long it took for me to grow my beard out and if it looks like they're growing one haha.

It blows my mind that these kids look up to me now. They come up to me and are just so excited to be around me and tell me about sneakers they're excited about lol. Definitely takes some getting used to, having to be a mentor sort of figure now lol.

Also the fact that my school peers are getting married and having kids gave me a reality check on my age lol.


When It's No Longer Funny...


I slipped on ice and fell in my butt in front of some teenagers.

They let out a concerned gasp in stead of laughing.


When Injuries Aren't What They Used To Be...

Got a workplace injury a while back that took a few weeks to recover.

I have an office job.

I just sat down wrong.


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