People Reveal What Ended A Lifelong Friendship With Their BFF


Friendships can be unexpectedly fragile, and little things can end up shattering years of dedication. Cheating, stealing passwords, and joining pyramid schemes are only the tip of the friendship-ending iceberg.

Kindlegarten asked Redditors no longer on speaking terms with their former "best friend for life" due to one incident: What happened?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

MLMs are capitalism cults.

She stopped talking to me after I wouldn't buy anything from her for her MLM. She eventually escaped the MLM, but it's been about 8 years with no communication.


This happened to me too. A woman I became friends with through mutual friends started doing a jewelry MLM and was trying to get more business, so of course she asked a few friends who were pushovers to host her parties. After being invited to 5 parties in 2 months (I had only attended 2 of them out of feeling obligated), I told everyone I probably wasn't going to go to another one for a while and that I wasn't in a position to buy anything at the time since I'd just bought a house.

Well, about 2 weeks go by and I went to my friend's house for a little get-together and whadya know, this woman has her MLM all on display and I was tricked into having to sit through her sales pitch again. Which, whatever, there was free food and wine so I just flipped through the sales booklet and minded my own business. Soon after this woman got done with her pitch, I passed by her in the kitchen and asked her how she was doing and how her family was, etc. She answered with something to the effect of, "well I would be doing much better if SOME people would be better friends and host a party for me." She then went on to say that I was a sh!t friend and that the other girls were better friends because they hosted parties for her and I didn't.

I was dumbfounded. This woman was 40-something years old and talking like something out of a teenage drama. So I emphatically apologized and told her I'd been to 3 out of 6 parties for the same thing over the past few months and was broke as a joke from house expenses. Didn't phase her at all.

So I just stopped talking to her. Didn't come as a surprise that all of the friends who "supported" her business no longer wanted anything to do with me after that conversation so when they stopped reaching out, so did I. Sad, really.


Crazy is as crazy does.

Knew a girl for five years and every single time she broke up with whatever boyfriend she was dating at the time, she'd take it out on me. (That doesn't seem so bad, but she had close to six boyfriends a year or something like that.) The last straw was when my grandfather died and I was very torn up about it, but turns out she'd broken up with her boyfriend the very same day... So after telling me what a horrible friend I was, and how I am never there for her I just completely ghosted her. She lives one street over from me, so I constantly see her driving by and staring at me. Ugh.


I'm thinking it needs a Wile E. Coyote type sign too. "You thought your breakup was more important than my grandfather's death."


The deadbeat roommate.

Rented an apartment together. Went off to basic training and kept funneling money to him to pay for my half of the rent. He decides to move out and doesn't let the landlord know. I get a $900 collections item added to my credit report. We haven't spoken since he refused to pay it.


So you were giving him money for your half of the rent, and he wasn't paying anything at all? He was knowingly stealing from you? That's horrible


He was paying for the rent while he was living there using the money I was sending him. That's not the bad part. It was that he told me he was going to move out, but did not tell our landlord. So the landlord charged US for the next month even though nobody was living there.


Silly dads.

Our dads got in a verbal fight and we just kinda stopped hanging out. The worst thing is that our dads are cool now, but since I havent talked to this friend for years we are now strangers to each other.


The old folks know it's easier to forgive an otherwise agreeable person than it is to make a new friend.


That'll do it.

He knocked up my wife.


Now ex-wife, i assume?


Yep. They're married.


This wasn't a prank, just cruel.

Borrowed my PC, found all of my passwords autosaved in Chrome. He deleted as many accounts as he could, sent inappropriate emails to business contacts, deleted personal files. He did it out of nowhere and with no real reason. I just recall him saying, "I'm gonna play a prank on you at some point" and I just laughed. I guess that is what he was referring to... scumbag.

The worst part is that he is my cousin and he did this for no reason a few months after he borrowed my PC (he took a picture of the passwords).


Simple test... if you prank someone and, upon finding out, they laugh with you? That's a good prank. Well done. If they look pissed off or you have caused them any form of harm (physically/emotionally/financially) then you're an asshole and it's just called abuse.


Men suck.

She told me my boyfriend had been texting her and they had plans to meet up that afternoon to have sex but she couldn't and had to tell me. We went over to his place, she went in first, and I told her to text me when he started making moves. I get the text, knock on his door. He opens and says "You shouldn't be here" before slamming the door in my face.

I knock again and I say, "I know she's in there, we came together, it's over." We leave together and that was it for me and him.

It was over for her and I when she started dating him a week later. Seven years of friendship gone like that. She was a snake.

Edit : I haven't been on Reddit long so I don't know if I should reply to everyone or post an edit here so I'll do the edit lmao for times sake. I had dated him for three years at that point and she vehemently hated him the entire time. I guess it was jealousy.. or maybe they had been hooking up together long before that... I'm not sure. They aren't together any more but they lead similar, unhappy lives. I am with a good man who loves me and we have been together 7 years now.


This just blows my mind. How does a conversation like that even happen?

"Hey I know I set you up and caused you and TreesToo to break up... but... wanna get together?"

He's so dumb for trusting her after that. You dodged two bullets!


That's some intense insecurity.

I lost 100 lbs. She didn't like that I was skinnier than her.


Sorry to hear! I'll be honest it's such a unusual reason that it's funny. Hope you're better off for it.


I remember seeing a video game ad in the 90s for an attack helicopter game and it said something like "some people only keep friends so they can feel superior to someone."

Video game ads in the 90s were brutal. Especially the ads for that fighting game, Brutal.


The sourest of grapes, and totally relatable.

She didn't like the guy I married... even though she introduced us.


She probably wanted him?


I think she wanted me lol



My dad died unexpectedly and she wasn't there for me at all. Her response was basically "aww. At least you have a boyfriend."


That's the kind of "f*ck you" that comes from deep within your gut. Like when you're taking introductory singing lessons. That's a "f*ck you" that bursts out of your soul.


I'm gonna need a pic.

His wife decided she loved me / wanted me. I don't blame him one bit for cutting ties, though I miss them both very much. We were all young and stupid and not up for maturely dealing with that situation at the time. To make it worse his last girlfriend (before getting married) made a similar decision.

A couple decades later we chatted online for a minute. It was like old times, same feel, same instant click, same easy conversation and understanding between us - and guess what! He was getting married again... he linked me their facebook page and they looked great together.

Without thinking, I said "She's really lovely, I can't wait to meet her!"

He went silent and then dropped offline.

Never talked to me again.

Still don't blame him.


Why, Amy? Why?

My mom went overseas for a year and before she left she gave me one of those yellow ribbon magnets that said 'Keep my mommy safe'.

I hung it up in my locker at school that my friend and I shared. One day it went missing and she never admitted to it but only her and I knew the combo to our locker. Did someone just run by the locker when it was open one day and snatch it for no reason??? I doubt it. She was a compulsive liar and most likely she got pissed at me for something pointless and threw it away.

Yes it's just a magnet but I was 16 and my mom was just sent halfway across the world to an unsafe country. Every single day I thought whether I'd ever see her again. The magnet meant everything to me.

F*ck you Amy!!!


Lmao, of course.

Had a huge friend-splosion which resulted in my wife and I losing several friends. I'll try to keep this simple (names changed to protect the innocent and the guilty).

We had a large group of friends from our church for several years. We hung out virtually every weekend, went to the beach, hung out at each others houses, etc. So one of the couples in the group (we'll call them Dave and Betty), were <gasp> a bit physically intimate without being married (note that: we're all adults in our 20s with jobs and stuff). Anyway, Betty's dad didn't like Dave, somehow Betty, Dave, and her parents ended up in church counseling to resolve these issues. At some point in counseling, it comes out that they're physically intimate and Betty's Dad blows up, demands she stops seeing him, makes a big deal about it to the pastor, Dave's a piano player in the church and they demand he stops playing, etc. So basically my wife and I were 100% on Dave's side in all of this, annnnnd no one else was. So we got Dave in the breakup/blow-out and lost everyone else.

Funny epilogue - a few years later it comes out that Betty's dad had been having a secret affair for years, so you know, he comes out super credible in his condemnation of his daughter's premarital sexual activity, but you know how that goes...


The friend bank is closed.

Whenever he would contact me, he would always want something. Usually money. He didn't contact me just to hang out or do something with our spouses. I began to dread seeing his name come up on my phone. One of the last times we did get together, he asked for some money and then insulted my wife. I have ghosted him, hoping he changes, but not feeling confident he will.



My friend was similar. The breaking point was when I hadn't replied to her latest plea for money, so she showed up at my mom's work place. I live 1000+ and heard the story second hand from a couple people and all the details were lining up. When I called her to ask wtf, she started saying she was a victim, my mom is terrible, they're all liars, and please btw i need $3k.

I can deal with most of it, but like... don't f*ck with my mama. She's a hard working lady, doing a great job, has taken in a couple of my friends when they were going through hard times. If she had come to the house to talk, my ma would have helped her out. But instead she showed up my ma's work, made a scene, went on a tirade, got cops called, and then tried to start shit with our other friends.

I haven't talked to her since, and I'm not entirely sure how much our mutual friends still see of her.


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