Kisses are like fingerprints - everyone can do it, but no two people do it exactly the same way. And for many, the first kiss - either in life or with a special someone - is one of the happiest memories they have.

CaptainRiege05 asked: What was your first kiss like?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. Classic rookie mistake.

It was nice. Me and my girlfriend were at a cliff embracing each other. When I decided to go in for the kiss, I missed her lips and hit her nose. I was too embarrassed afterwards to attempt it again.

My girlfriend got impatient and decided to go in for it herself and we kissed. She liked it so much that I presume that I got my 100th kiss that day, too.


9. Practice makes perfect.

Went to a girl's party in grammar school, ratio was 2 boys and about 17 girls. They decided to play this game where each girl would choose which of the boys they would rather kiss, then we made out behind the garage. I made out with about 9 girls that night and never kissed a single girl before that. First one was awful, but I got much better as the night went on.

Edit: Sorry Donna that first kiss was so bad.


8. Karma?

Awkward. We were about 13, riding in the back of her mother's Cadillac. I remember the exact spot on the road where it happened. She kissed me. Her brother pipes up from the front seat "I saw someone kissing!" Her mother told him to shut up. That was 60 years ago. Her brother now has a heart transplant.


I feel like that last line is very important but I don't know why.


The brother must have had a change of heart by now dont you think


7. The first Frencher.

It was a dare. Was playing truth or dare with some friends (this was in high school) and got dared to "aggressively kiss" this one girl. She was really cute and I wasnt upset at the idea of kissing her, but I'm not exactly a prize of a guy and felt really awkward and was waiting the inevitable "no thanks I'd rather die" response. I wanted to chicken out to avoid the embarrassment of being rejected but no one else backed out of their dares so I didnt want to either, so I waited for her to do it for me. But she came and sat next to me and we kissed for a second or 2. It was pretty great and mentally I was checking "kiss a girl" off of my bucket list.

Then someone in our group shouted "aw come on that doesnt count as aggressive!!" And everyone agreed wed have to kiss again. I was petrified, I'd only JUST kissed a girl how the f*ck does one "aggressively" kiss? We locked lips again but just pressed together a little more. Then I felt this weird, wet thing at my lips and realised it was her tongue. I opened my lips a bit and greeted her tongue with mine. I had no f*cking clue what I was doin and just followed her lead, a bit of lip biting, and we went for a couple minutes. It was pretty hot and was pretty much the best day of my life up to that point.


What happened after that? Did you get to do it again? Did you go out with her?


Honestly, nothing. We never even talked about it after the fact. We didnt end up dating or anything. She was interested in another guy and I was interested in another girl. We just got pushed together for that one moment. Things were a little awkward for a day or 2 afterwards but beyond that everything went back to normal


6. Surprise smoochies.

I was caught off guard for a few seconds since I didn't expect her to initiate it.

I have massive nose so I think my kisses are weird because you have to turn your face more than usual for them to work. I also didn't expect it to be as wet as it was but I liked it, I could also feel her heart pumping extremely hard during it so that was cute as well, she also raised a solid 900,000 degrees in temperature while doing it.


Dang that's pretty hot. Big congratulations.


5. They can't all be cute.



Sounds about right.


4. Too relatable.



The closest thing I've ever had to a kiss was in a dream; typical Redditor :(


I had a teacher who went around asking everyone what their first kiss was like. It was so akward for me.


3. Smooth.

Mine was pretty nice, which after reading these replies is a bit surprising to me now. Granted I was 20 when I got my first kiss, but I was leaning back against her car and she was in front of me. I was about a full foot taller than her so I was leaning down to be at eye-level and had pushed my hat up to be out of the way. I was way too nervous to try and go for a kiss but she suddenly decided to go for it. She left shortly after to go home and I walked away light-headed... I told her later that I was setting her up for the kiss if she wanted it, thinking I was being smooth af... She was perfectly aware of what I was doing the whole time...


This is cute.

Hope you're not suffering from the Ebola virus btw.


I hope I'm not either, otherwise I should get my affairs in order... My brother is not getting my stereo.


2. You wore a tracksuit in June.

It was end of my sophomore year. Back then in 2000, I was one of the elite (along with Diddy and Jay-Z) who wore Addidas Tracksuits to school... and paired with my Addidas Superstars, I was unstoppable. I was sitting outside on a cement bench in the hot sun for what felt like hours for my ride home. Sweating like crazy.

About 20 min before I get picked up, this girl I was crushing on the last month sat next to me on the bench. After a few min of talking, she confessed she too had a crush on me and we ultimately made plans and exchanged home numbers, all while feeling streams of sweat running down my back and legs. After everything, we both leaned in for my first kiss! It was amazing...and I was sweating like crazy.

Maybe a min after the kiss, my Dad rushes to the curb in the minivan and yells out the window it's time to go. I snap out of it, wipe the streaming gallon of sweat off my forehead and tell her I'll see her soon. As I leave the bench, I look down to get my backpack and realize.. I have the sweatiest ass print on that damn bench.. two perfectly outlined cheeks..wet. At that moment, she realizes it as first reaction is to try to sit my ass back down to cover that sh*t up, but my dad whos in a rush is yelling at me through the window to pick it up.. the 20ft walk to the car was unreal.. wondering how my wet ass looks that huge on a bench..vowing to never wear a tracksuit in June ever again.


Was there a date afterwards? Don't keep us hanging.


Ended up dating her for a year. She cheated on me with some college guy. I took her back and she cheated on me again.

Good times!


1. Love is possible anywhere.

First kiss was in the parking lot after my SO (which I met on Reddit) and I finally met for the first time.

13/10 best first kiss.

That was over 2 years ago and we are still together!


On which sub did you meet?

Or just tell us the story.


We met on a writing subreddit, and just sort of hit it off. I wasn't too sure about a relationship or anything, but I liked him a lot. After about 4 months of talking/Skyping, and me still being unsure about meeting "an internet stranger" (which he wasn't a stranger at this point, and I REALLY liked him at this point- but I've always had the "internet stranger" thing drilled into my head by my parents) he asked if he could come up and take me out to dinner. He said, "I just want to take you out to dinner, and if afterwards you aren't interested, I'll go home and you never have to see me again."

I agreed, and a week later he drove 7 hours to take me out to dinner. We were both incredibly nervous, and I had to take some hints from Leslie Knope's first date topics (electricity, dolphins, Ferris wheels...) to talk about. But honestly, it was the best first date I've ever been on.

When we finished dinner, we walked outside to the parking lot and kind of stood halfway between our cars. He asked if I wanted to do something else, like a movie/bowling, and I couldn't make up my mind (because I am awful at making decisions), so after a moment, he said "well maybe this will help you decide" and he tilted up my chin and kissed me. It caught me completely off guard, but it was perfect.

He stayed the weekend, and now- 2 years later, we live together and have 2 fur babies! ❤️


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