People Reveal How Far They've Taken An Argument With Themselves


We all argue with ourselves from time to time - and it can be really therapeutic. But which side of you wins? And how far do the debates go?

Durzo asked: How far did you take an imaginary argument whilst showering?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

When it takes over your shower, and you still leave dirty.

Like, all the way to the point where I had argue my innocence in court because the other argument had escalated so quickly. I forgot how long I was in there and definitely didn't wash at all.


How are you writing this from prison?


Tfw you're imagining yourself enjoying your first shower as a free man, while in an imaginary prison shower, while in an actual shower at home.


We never left the Shoney's!! I repeat, WE NEVER LEFT THE SHONEY'S!!


Practice pays off.

Me explaining to the person about how I foresaw all of their arguments because I already thought about them in the shower.


"Imagine if the argument actually goes exactly like I'm imagining it now and I have to explain to them that I thought this all through in my head beforehand, but then I also have to explain to them that I foresaw myself explaining to them how I foresaw myself explaining to them..." /aneurysm


Picking your battles carefully can prevent a lot of stress.

I had to start being selective about my arguments. I discovered that having such arguments in my head with friends or family was ruining my mood, and making me annoyed at the people in question. Since that time, I tend to think about more pleasant discussions with them.


THIS. I try now to have meaningful discussions with people in my head now, because arguing with them was making my anger towards them bleed into how I treated them irl, and that was silly.


Even fake arguments need support.

Acted like a lawyer. With "evidence, and witnesses." The whole shebang. Audibly saying "Your honor" brought me back to reality.


"I object, Your Honor!"

"On what grounds?"

"Because it's devastating to my case!"


Excuse me, this is private.

I'll start mouthing the stuff I imagine myself saying while half pointing at the person I'd be saying it to. I'll get halfway through a long winded speech before I realize that if anyone could see me I'd look psychotic.


I quit arguing with others when I was a teenager because I got to mad and raised my voice and my family took me to a shrink.


You know what they say about assumptions...

Had a meeting planned with someone, I was expecting arguments and imagining different ways our conversation could go. It got heated and I said something that I instantly regretted. It was very personal and unnecessary.

The guilt was so heavy that I postponed the meeting because I couldn't face that person that day.


Imagine explaining to him why you cancelled: "yeah so I was having an imaginary conversation with you in the shower and..."


Ha ha. Even worse,"so I was thinking about you in the shower..."


Dude what'd you say?


"You are failure as a person, a failed Entrepreneur, a failed son, a failed brother and now a failed father."

Just thinking about it makes my heart sink. I can't imagine if I actually said that to him, would I ever have forgiven myself.


Seeing both sides is productive.

Getting audibly frustrated by a counter argument.


Critical thinking!


I too am smarter than myself.


Don't worry, you're not alone.

I thought I was crazy, but this thread is making me feel normal.


Ditto. Didn't realize it was this common to have imaginary arguments with people you know all in your head.


One day, it'll happen.

I quit my job in the shower every day before going to work if that counts.


No wonder you're always late.


And the boss is always early cause he imagines firing everyone in the shower.


When you just won't let yourself win or lose.

The argument lasted all through the shower, through dressing, getting to work, and until at least lunchtime. It's no way to live.


Yes, I have been there. The clothes you put on get all soggy, your lunch washes away, your fingers get all pruny...


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