We need hobbies to keep ourselves from losing our minds. Hobbies of any variety keep us engaged, forcing us to learn something new. However, one reason or another comes up and we never get around to them as much as we'd like. Time is a big factor, family and friends taking up spots, or, as is most often the case, you have no money to pursue your passion. But, what if there were no limits? What could you do?

Reddit user, u/NotSoHappyHamster, wanted to hear the wants and the possible options when they asked:

What hobby would you like to give a try but don't because of the expense?

Take To The Sky

Flying without a doubt. Would want to get a pilots license.


You should at least take a discovery flight. They are usually only $100 dollars or so. Its a lot like a drug dealer giving you your first taste for free. I did it once. 2,000 hour of flying later I finally gave up the habit.


Take To The Seas

Sailing looks fun.


Ah one I can help on!

Don't buy a boat.

Look into sailing centers in your area. You can get lessons, rent the boats, and even get into racing.

In my area (Boston) there's many of these places. You can go as small as a 1 person boat on the river or as large as a 6-7 person boat out of the harbor and into the ocean.

Relative to owning a boat- memberships are EXTREMELY affordable.

Best part is that if you decide you don't love it you're not 50k (or more) in the hole!


Just Like The People Of Yore


Not on a massive commercial level just a couple acre field but even that requires several thousand dollars worth of equipment to properly manage


Giant Helicopters

Rc attack helicopter models.

I don't mean the little ones, but the 1.5/2 meters in length ones.


Take To The Skies. Again!


I asked a fellow on here a few years back what went into becoming a falconer and he said it's a lengthy process that involves building an enormous enclosure for them to live in. I don't even own a house, let alone a yard big enough for that type of enclosure, so that ain't happening any time soon.


Take To The Open Roads


Restoring a classic muscle car.


Become The Next Grizzly Adams


Not just your casual hike but crossing glaciers, climbing with rope and reaching summits. Expect a big investment in gear, you'll want certificates so you'll have to pay for several two week all-in trips and many mountains can be summited seasonally so you'll need to take two weeks off at random times of your job, besides finding the time to train several days a week for a few months before departure. I guess I'll keep the 50k for something useful instead...


Gaze At The Night Sky

Astrophotography - both time intensive and expensive.


Do you enjoy the night sky? A pair of binoculars and a reclining lawn chair is a great start. You can practice finding messier objects, a good skill, or lie back and watch the sky after dark--things are always happening. Early in an evening you can count satellites, then as they stop reflecting the sun you can watch for meteors.

I started taking photos of the night sky with just a dslr + kit lens and a tripod. All used. My first telescope was also used, and in perfect condition, as most scopes rarely get used.

I want to encourage you, astrophotography is awesome and spending time looking up is rewarding.


Best Hobby? Be A Billionaire

Start my own private aerospace company like all the cool billionaires


But without all the pain of running a business and finding customers.


You Can Make Anything


3D printing.

If I get a cheap printer, I know I'll just end up jonesing for a more expensive printer, and pretty soon I'll be convincing my wife to let me buy $50,000 worth of plastic so I can print a new shed to house my collection of printers


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