People Reveal The Hardest Thing They Have Ever Had To Say To Someone


There is no easy way to say this....

The truth is a difficult thing, Nine times out of ten it maybe the best course of action in the long wrong but that doesn't take out the sting any less when the truth is harsh. Lovers are going to leave. Sometimes the diagnosis does mean your life is about to end. And sometimes the truth is a simple yet uncomfortable moment.

Redditor u/deepwoodnight wanted to know what conversations in life they wish they cold've never had by asking.... What's the hardest thing you've ever had to say to someone?

No Easy Way....


Telling my 3 stepsons that their mother had died. And then telling her parents was no damn picnic either. ccrawsh

Rotten in Denmark....

I used to work at Starbucks and we had a new employee who was pretty new to the U.S. She was sweet and quiet but had overwhelming body odor. It was so bad that myself and her other coworkers were getting headaches and nausea. Finally our supervisor (also originally from another country) took her aside and had the deodorant talk with her. Nothing changed. Two weeks later the supervisor had another talk and this time gave her a stick of deodorant. It worked and the employee eventually became a supervisor herself. cdgoco

Let's discuss diet....

I have a friend who is morbidly obese. He weighs around 650 pounds or so. At the time I was renting an apartment. Due to his extreme weight, when he would come over he would break something. He broke a toilet seat, 2 of my steps, cracked some boards on my deck and broke some of my furniture. I had to tell him he couldn't come over anymore because I couldn't afford any more repairs on a property I didn't own. VonMeatstein

Silence is deafening... 

Had to help my dad tell my niece that her dad (my brother) had died that morning from a heart attack. We went to the same school, and I had to avoid her the whole day because no one from her side of the family knew as yet. When we told her that her father had had a heart attack that morning she asked us if he was in the hospital. We had to tell her that no, he was at the funeral home. It was heartbreaking. NyxIncarnate

I'm sorry you're offended....


Someone wanted me to apologize for something without saying what it was that I should've apologized for.

I'd been trying for about a year to even make contact with them, and when they didn't want to talk about what happened (if anything) I blew up at them.

It's been a few years since then and I have not reached out, even though I've been tempted to. The hardest thing I've ever had to say was nothing at all. Pretty ironic, now that I think about it. symbiosa

So many babies.... 

Telling the guys I liked at various times about me not being able to get pregnant and therefore not keeping their family-line intact if it should come that far with the relationship. And hoping they would be all for it about adoption like myself. BibliophileGirl92

The End is Near.....

I was an oncology nurse at the time. Our doctor was away and nurse practitioner was uncomfortable giving bad news to a patient she didn't really know, so she asked me for help. I had to tell a 47 year old mother of a teenager that her metastatic cervical cancer had progressed, that she had failed treatment, and that her body was too frail to continue with any further interventions. It was time for hospice. She was a kind and determined young woman, and her desperate need to survive for her son made the whole thing that much more heartbreaking. DanielleLea

A Mother's Love....

Telling a mother that her 3 year old had just been hit and killed by an SUV. I can't forget the sound out of her mouth after that. Horrifying. That is one of the reasons that I am happy to no longer be a police officer. Judoka229

Seek Help... 

"I'm depressed, I need help."

That was about four months ago, and now I'm starting to get the help I need. the-witty-one

Admitting to your own depression is a very brave thing. Getting help for it, even braver. Currently going through my 4th bout of depression, so I know how it feels the first time you admit you need help. Now when I start to see the signs, I get myself into the doctor to try to nip it in the bud. Good for you for making that giant decision. Things will get better. emjaybe

The truth can sting...


"I'm guilty your honor." gramirez95113

Just plead insanity, always works. GARFIELDLYNNS


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