The world is big and the population is tooooo big. There are certainly a ton of fantastic people but are most assuredly a bunch of scumbags that live to torture the rest of us and sometimes they're disguised as our loved ones.

Redditor u/Classy_deer_human wanted us all to chat about people we wish we could have no memory of by asking.... Who was the biggest a**hole you ever met?



I never met this idiot, but after my cousin died in a car accident where he was next to the driver. The driver survived, and came to my uncle's house few days afterwards and asked for cousin's guitar, since he won't need it anymore. BlueAngel209


My mom's abusive boyfriend we lived with for 2 years. Guy was one of those fake "pillar of the community" pricks in public, but behind closed doors he was a monster.

He finally got his comeuppance when my mom didn't call the police during one of his tirades, but instead called the pastor of his church who happened show up minutes later. His social standing was screwed and we moved out right away, scarred but still alive.

Damn that guy! brokenpinata

Drop. Dead.

My current boss. He is an old, rich, divorcee who takes pleasure out of insulting his employees. I unfortunately found myself in a situation where it appeared I was at fault, yet I hadn't done anything wrong; and after yelling at me, he said "you have a long life ahead of you, along with a lot of failure."

He's called other employees "animals, stupid," and once told a worker to kill himself. I can't wait for the day where he suffers a heart attack and drops dead. VirginiaMitsu

The Drama Queen. 

My step in crap sister. She posts stuff on Facebook just to make people angry and then goes crying that she's a victim and that we should all feel sorry for her. She used me for that drama and got her birth mother in on it, and then turned and did the same thing to her. Forget you, L. SailorVenus23

I hate you!


This fool who parks in between two handicapped parking with his old, crappy Mercedes. Dividebynegativezero


I went to school with this guy and almost everyday he would sneak into the girls locker room. One day we told a teacher and instead of him admitting it, he blamed me and my friends. The authorities were contacted, and every girl in the locker room had to testify against someone to the cops. I don't know how many years he got, but I hope he's still rotting. Diamonds4days1

Finder's Keepers. 

A guy that lives a few miles away from me. I was probably 9, riding my bike on the road (very rural). Anyways, my chain broke, so I walked back to my house to get my dad to help me fix it. come back, cannot find the bike. We walked up and down the road for so long thinking we missed it.

Sometime later, walking or on a scooter or something, I then found my bike, in the back of this guy's truck. I walked up to the door to let him know I was taking it. Long story short, he played finders keepers, berated me for being so loose with my possessions, and then showed me his gun. Eventually, my dad came and got it. Hate that guy. SilverCommon

Mr. Luttrell....

Marcus Luttrell, the Marine that the movie Lone Survivor is about.

He visited a hotel I worked at during football season. Granted, the prices sky rocket during game season and I definitely don't agree, but as a lowly desk worker, it's out of my hands. He asked if there was a veteran's discount and I told him that I apologize but during the game season we are not allowed to grant any sort of discount without managers approval.

He says some rather rude things about how ungrateful I must be that people died for my freedom to stand just stand there at work and then farts at the counter, turns to the girl he is with, and says, "That'll teach her."

To this day, no adult has insulted me in such a degrading, childish way. MsShevy

Don't Worry Jeff... it's not a loss. 

Jeff Daniels. I've met him a few times and he is unbelievably dismissive and downright nasty to his fans. The most memorable experience is when I was waiting outside of the stage door of the play God of Carnage (which also starred the very kind James Gandolfini and Marcia Gay Harden). He comes out first looking bored and tired and waves his assistant in front of him.

The assistant screams "Mr. Daniels doesn't do photos or autographs." No one was really there for him anyway, so no one really cared, but as he walked down the line he kept saying "no autographs" and wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. The best response came from the guy next to me, who turned to me and said, "was he dumb or dumber?"simplythebess

The Reflection...


My younger self. Was selfish and rude, and a liar. -John_Marston-

The Little Prick. 

A prick I used to work with. Skinny short guy with acne and glasses that was the biggest kiss butt I've ever met.

Our boss encouraged us to call him by his first name. This prick would call him "boss - "you got it boss" or "I'm a massive bellend boss hope you still love me boss."

Anyways, we both got in at 7 and everyone else started at 8.

It was a slow morning so we were both on our phones playing hearthstone.

At 7:55 our manager came in, I didn't see, but the prick did, I got given a little heat for being in my phone but it was nothing serious.

Prick then proceeds to say "sorry boss, I tried to tell him to not go on his phone but he wouldn't listen." Are. You. Trying. To. Get. Punched.

Little prick. infantthrower

Damn Roommates. 

One of my roommates (Roommate #1) in senior year of college. He's born and raised in on Long Island, NY and his family is from a very conservative region in Pakistan. He embodied every single quality that Fox News presents Muslim people to be. He detested Jewish people, Hindu people, Christian people, and the very most, he hated all women.

It was so disheartening because my other roommate was Turkish (Roommate #2) and Muslim as well, without embodying any of the hatred that my horrible roommate did. Roommate #2 constantly called #1 out on giving Muslims a bad name.

Roommate #1 strongly believed women were meant to serve men ("and stay in the kitchen") and when I called him out on that, he accused me of attacking his culture and being brainwashed by being Indian (I don't consider myself "Indian" but he sure did). He made all of my female friends extremely uncomfortable by making very subjugating or awkwardly inappropriate comments towards them. Genuinely bad person. unbroly

Find an EMT.


An officer in the fire department. I was an EMT student at the time, and I was going to a graduation. In the middle of it, two guys drag a barely conscious girl over near where I was sitting. A few people got up and walked over to her, and I also went up to help. The girl's mom was sitting next to her, and I introduced myself as an EMT student, and asked if I could help (she said yes).

At this point, the girl was awake, and seemingly okay. (I was able to get a pulse and respiration count that were normal). One of the people who got up to help turned out to be the school nurse who went to get some Gatorade and ice packs. After she came back, I asked if there was anything else I could do, and she said that she was good, so I headed back. I thought I handled it pretty well, but I guess the officer felt otherwise. I saw him inside after the ceremony was over, and he started glaring at me.

He said that he saw the whole thing, and he said that I lied about my credentials (I didn't) and that he was giving me a warning. I wasn't thrilled with his reaction, but what makes me more mad is that he saw the whole thing, thought I was messing up, and didn't intervene in any way

Edit: the guy is an EMS officer at my company, and I knew him. Just wanted to clear up any confusion. Supreme_Eugene

'"B" Personality.... 

I understand the plight of single-parent families, but I knew a guy who was raised by his mom, and his mom was definitely somewhere on the Cluster B Personality Disorder continuum. She imparted all of her pathological behavior to her son. This dude was a very timid in person and has literally never thrown a punch in his life.

But he is the cruelest, most monstrous person in "hidden" ways: gossip, passive-aggression, manipulation, triangulating, backstabbing, betrayal, mind games. I would've literally killed him a few times if it wasn't for the small speck of pity I still have for him. I have noticed, though, that every 5 years or so his antics come back and completely upend and destroy his life. So his behavior is its own punishment. ChanceGuest

Better you than ME.

My neighbor that lives behind me. A minor tornado hit our neighborhood around 15 years ago, and my house got hit the worst of all the houses. After the storm ended neighbors came over to check on us as a tree partially fell and landed on my house. He comes over and looks my dad in the eyes and says "I am glad it happened to your house and not mine." Eckst

Evil is Close. 

My third grade teacher was really nice and I learned well in his class. My brother enjoyed his class. Three years later he was arrested for child porn. He was a Boy Scout troop leader, the wrestling coach for the lower grade levels, as well as an elementary school teacher.

Then there's the asshole who claimed he murdered my friends mom (she disappeared 10 years ago) and then recanted.

Also the guy who drove a dead body in a freezer in the school parking lot. All in one town. GrayMatters0901

A Tesla Thing. 

The narcissist crap who frequently wears the "It's a Tesla thing, you wouldn't understand" as if trying to flex his superiority over the rest of the class, to put it simply he is a power-hungry, "I'm better than everyone else" type kid who probably has about two brain cells swimming in his tiny brain. JosephiKrekowski

I Hate Them. 

My ex. Threw me out 5 months before we were due to move to the other side of the world together, after we had been together for three years. And then almost instantly started dating the girl he told me wasn't a problem for the whole three years.

They're moving over together now, this Thursday. Hopefully London's so big I never have to see him or hear about him again when I move over next month. F him. F her. F them both. poppyjack16

So much Halloween candy....


My dad. There isn't even a close second. He used to keep two bowls of candy on Halloween, an expensive bowl and a cheap bowl. Good candy went to white kids in nice costumes. Bad bowl went to everyone else. tweak0

Karma. That is all. 

My ex boss. I wished him dead for a year. Then I came to work one morning and was told he died from a heart attack that morning.

Have zero sympathy. Zero remorse. He was a sexist fool and deserved his fate.

Wishes do come true. Keep wishing. milehigh11