People Reveal How All Their Problems Could Be Solved With $5,000


Gimme all that coin!

Money makes the world go round... it's a sad but true fact. Even the fewest of dollars can help. Lord give me some dollars!!

Redditor u/Gunnrhildr wanted to know how far $5 grand can go by asking.... What's a problem of yours that would be solved if someone just gave you $5000?

Finish the Semester. 

I can't go back to college until I pay the $4500 I owe the university because I had to drop out of a semester (My car broke down, I had no way to get 40 minutes away, had to get a new job and everything.). I'm a semester away from finishing my degree. :( VanellopeEatsSweets

Months to Live. 

Dad is dying of cancer. Would allow me to take my family of 5 to fly to see him for a week including hotel and rental car. We've seen each other once in 5 years and he has less than 6 mos to live. Kids have also never met my grandma and most of my family including siblings that live there. SteamyPile

Credit Cards. 

I could pay off my business credit card and stop deluding myself that I can actually make it work. KittyCaughtAFinch

If it really isn't going to work then 5k of debt from it is better than 10k or 50k. Hot_Beef

Move Along.


Moving home. I need a lot of adaptations to any property I live in, and this would help me get much closer to being independent. FruitSnoot


Combined with an unexpected bonus (literally unheard of with my company before now), it would pay off a loan of mine. Freeing up $300/month to pay off the rest of my debts, allowing me to be debt free in roughly a year.

Just freeing up that $300/month would give me a shit ton of breathing room. bad_luck_dragon


Buying my insulin. $2,273 for a 3 month supply. Insurance restarts next month and I have to meet my deductible, then I pay %20 of that.

That's just my insulin, not test strips or pump supplies. Makes me wonder if it's worth it to stay alive at times.

Edit: I am type 1, not type 2, so not using insulin is not a choice and it's not based on my lifestyle. And, obligatory, thank you for the platinum! :) mel2mdl

Damn College....


College is withholding my transcripts until I pay $3000. IniMiney

This may or may not work with your college, but when I had the same problem I called up the registrar and they said they would send a copy directly to a company I was interviewing with so it wouldn't stop me from getting a job (and paying them back). It's worth a try if you're in the same position. leucrotta

This Stage. 

I'm at the stage of life where 5k is tough to come up with but getting 5k won't put a dent in my debts. Sin-A-Bun

I did manage to have $5k in my bank last year. Actually now I'm sad. grassy_pyramid

The Info....

I'd use it to cover about 95% of the out of pocket cost on reconstructive dental work I need to smile for the first time /ever/.

Edit: To clarify, I'm female, haha. Not sure of how to respond to requests for more 'info' as that 'info' isn't allowed on this sub...

I am truly touched by everyone's responses, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.



I, for the first time in a long time, don't have any major problems that could be solved with $5000. Thank you for getting me to stop and appreciate this. RedditButDontGetIt

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