People Explain Which Hobbies They Will Never Understand

The hobbies people have are just as diverse as society itself. Some border on the creepy, bizarre, or dangerous side, however. Growing up as a girl through the '90s this writer succumbed to the porcelain doll trend. My mother loved them so I was happy to collect them too.

Except, the shelves lined three walls of my bedroom so all the dolls--a good portion porcelain clowns--were all facing my bed. In the shadows of the night, I swear they were staring right at you. I ended up hiding some of them in my closet at night as their smiling, unblinking faces became a bit too much. My mom couldn't figure out why I had insomnia at a young age...

Really though these are just some of them, excuse my 1994 home haircut while I'm surrounded by the demon dolls.

Wanting to hear what other hobbies people just don't get Redditor CanadianW asked:

What hobby will you never understand?"

If that balloon does not inflate then you just die.”

“No limits free diving. For those who don't know what no limits free diving is, let me explain. You take a deep breath and go down to extreme depths with a weight,(100-170 ft) and then go up by inflating a balloon. If that balloon does not inflate then you just die. Why would anyone risk their lives to do that.” Intelligent_Read281

Chasing that hole-in-one.

​“I'm a pretty bad golfer, showing no real signs of improvement, and I'm absolutely addicted to it. I have no explanation.” Klangdon826

Adam Sandler Golf GIFGiphy


​“Spelunking in remote cave systems, through crevices you must exhale thoroughly to somehow squeeze through. Read about John Jones' death in the Nutty Putty caves, if curious and not claustrophobic.” paul_brightside

Just plain rude!

​“As someone who has sold at craft fairs, I swear a huge number of people's hobby is to go to them and walk around judging everything and saying "Oh I could do that myself." And then go home with nothing and never try to make anything themselves.” errant_night


​“Collecting dolls. How tf do you sleep at night knowing Annie and the squad are planning your death upstairs?” sassy_possum_bastard

horror scary gif GIFGiphy

Child beauty pageants...

“Child beauty pageants. More specifically people who have this idea that they need to force their 5-year-old to get all dressed up and go on stage to be gawked at by a bunch of old men and feel no sense of disgust with their own exploitative use of their kid that could have had a more respectable talent that they actually chose to do. Maybe I just "dont get it" but theres something slightly menacing about the whole practice." jerrythecactus

On todays episode of hoarders...

​“My dad collects junk. He goes to estate and garage sales to spend money on things he doesn't want, need, or intends to use. His house is just full of unrelated knickknacks. They pile up on shelves, in closets, in boxes...He even bought 2 storage buildings last year to accommodate the amount of overflowing crap.”

“He knows he won't ever touch the stuff and that it's all worthless, but he can't go anywhere with junk and just not buy something. Here's a good example: last year he went to the drug store and bought me the cheapest, sh*ttiest Halloween mask I've ever seen. It was 2-3 weeks after Halloween...and I'm 36.”

“I told him that I can't handle storing anymore of his junk and that he should take it with him. He said he thought I would like it. Why? ‘Well, it was on sale, so I bought it.’. He says it's a hobby, but I think it's a mental disorder.” fappyday

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Do you wan to be cursed? Because that's he you he cursed...

​“Summoning ghosts/demons. Not sure what people are trying to gain from that.”swefoobar

How did this even become a competition?

​“Competitive eating. You know, how many hot dogs can one eat in x amount of time. Gross.” whiskeyknitting


“Sneakerheads. Like you're just giving Nike a lot of money for special sneakers. And usually the special ones are pretty ugly. I just don't get it.” Victor_Korchnoi

I don't understand but hey, you do you.”

“The whole self mutilation thing. implanting donuts in ones head or horn bumps, splitting the tongue down the middle, stretching out giant holes in various parts of the body, etc. I don't understand but hey, you do you.” original_4degrees

They do the math on these things...

​“Any hobby that seems like the effort+expenses to enjoyment ratio is too high. The two prime examples I can think of are polo and sailing.628radians


Trolling. I get it as an occasional decision, because sometimes people need to be taken down a peg. But as a full-on, actual pastime? Come the f**k on, people, how pathetic is your life?" ApexInTheRough

It’s not fair to the animals...

​“Exotic pets. Imbecile people who try to popularise it.” SillyDude93

Paper from more paper?

​“My boyfriend has just started making his own paper. From shredded paper.” kiwiscantfly222

Fun to collecting...

Funko Pops." hotdoggyloon

“I used to work at a place that sold them, and while I do have a few of my own and can understand collectors who focus on one or two franchises (like Harry Potter or Marvel), I have never and will never understand EXTREME collectors.”

“The ones who made me go up to our inventory shelves to show them 26 different versions of the same pop because the ones on the lower shelves had dime-sized dents in their little windows or closed with a .22mm gap between the box and lid. Or the ones who buy them just to have them, not because they like that specific franchise.”

“(I swear, they made that Ad Icon line just to sell more. Nobody wants them!) One guy came in and bought $700 worth of pops just to collect, not because he enjoyed them. So many kids lamenting about how they released new ones, oh no they can't afford the new line, not to mention the chases! Like, guys, you will never be able to keep up with what they release. Stop wasting your money!" ThatRohanKid


​“Those very loud motorcycles that make everything in the vicinity shake. How are the drivers not annoyed by this constant sound and shaking?”GlossyCinnamon

Action Bronson Motorcycle GIFGiphy

​Chronic redecorating...

​“people that entirely redecorate and refurbish their homes every year, costs a fortune time wasted and you never have a home you can live in as its always in a state of change.”creamywhip

Stamp collecting?

​“Stamp collectingTouchedbyshrek

“I used to feel this way too! Until I started collecting weird/fun stamps. I really only get ones that strike my fancy (like outerspace, science, fandom stamps). I don't care about the year they were produced or the history. They're fun to look at & some bring memories.” LusciousofBorg

While some of these are preference other at downright dangerous. Whatever makes you happy do it safely.

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