We think of scars as something you get either through heroic battle, through horrific abuse or through tragic circumstance. There is, however, another way ...

The inescapable consequences of foolishness and shenanigans.

One Reddit user asked:

What's the dumbest way you've gotten a scar?

And these answers honestly remind me of my brother's little family motto for his four sons. "If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

We just ... I ... we have no words. Enjoy the responses.

Friendly Fire


I have a scar on my forearm from a weaponized paper airplane I taped razor blades to and launched with a rubber band.

Sadly, this happened when I was 22, in the Air Force as a 3D0X2. It sliced my forearm open on launch.

I enlisted the help of another member of our shop to help me destroy the evidence and drive me to the base hospital to get stitches.

- vnv_23

Lessons Learned

I was 7, mum said "don't use that knife to cut that orange"

I used that knife to cut that orange.

Things I learned: orange juice in a wound stings - but not as much as the knowledge that you can't go crying to your mum.

- Redditpbl2009

Ah yes. I also have a "sliced finger along with orange" scar. I had a strangely lucid moment where I stared at it and thought, "This is going to really hurt in a second."

A second later it started really hurting.

- LucidLumi

Tough Rubber

I have one on the back of my hand from rubbing the skin off with a pencil eraser longer than the other kid did. I was 13 and did it just to prove I was "tough"

- lilsaddam

We did this in primary school, i must have been 8 or 9, but we used coins. Every boy and some of the girls had horrific gashes on the backs of our hands. We called it 'chicken scratches'.

I hated it, but at the time it didn't feel like I had a choice!

- Leathershoe4

Family Resemblance

My brother, sister and I all have the same kind of scar in our left eyebrow and got them at the same age. My brother opened an empty dresser drawer and smacked himself in the face, my sister ran into a brick wall and I fell off the couch onto a coffee table.

- ac1dre1gn77

Coach Carter

I was in middle school and we were going to see Coach Carter in theaters with the boys b-ball team. Middle school me was PUMPED.

While in the shower I thought "Coach Carter eh, I bet they do push ups in that movie. Imma do push ups right now"

Tried to do a wall push up. Slipped, smacked my face on the edge of the tub, and split my upper lip open from mouth to nose. Needless to say, did not make it to the movie.

- lovesbreadtakesdumpz

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Party GIF Giphy

For my 8th birthday, a classmate got me something like a "grow your own stalagmite" kit you could buy at educational stores. Apparently, the purpose was to add water to some powder material, and use a funnel in the kit to drip it down to make your own cave features. Exciting, I know.

Anyway, I kept it and the other birthday presents I got in a cardboard box in my room. Evidently, at some point, moisture got into the box and the plastic the powder was in, and it began expanding. Having nowhere else to go, the "stalagmite" material oozed its way out through the narrow slits in its box, and hardened into razor sharp edges.

I found this out quite bloodily when I put my hand into my birthday box to grab another toy, and pulled it out with permanently altered fingerprints on my thumb, index, and middle fingers.

- Dahhhkness

The Big Boy Potty

I got hit on the bridge of my nose by a ceramic toilet seat when I was learning to pee like a big boy.

I was just learning to wee in the grown up toilet, and I thought I was clever. Went to my grandparents old clanker of a toilet without a step or anything. Tippy-toes to get any sort of bead on the target.

The lid was one of those that you think is going to stay up, but actually needs holding or it falls down. I didn't know this - it fell down.

Now I think about it - that's probably the best outcome there.

- oddball_bfi


When I deliberately cut myself.

Not seriously, I just wanted the word "Ninja" on my hand. So I carved it in there. Don't ask me why...

It was a long time ago, so you can't see much anymore. Now there's just one line of the first N.

- KittyPitty

A Penny Sized Hole

So, I broke my right arm when I was a kid and had a cast put on me.

My skin under that cast was so itchy, its like my skin was alive. After 2 month have passed, I couldn't take it any more and decided to scratch my skin under the cast using a pen.

While doing so, I accidentally put the pen further inside than I could reach. I didn't want to tell my parents since they would be mad. So I ignored it. For 2 months.

When it was time to remove my cast my mom noticed that my arm smelled rotten. When they removed at the hospital, they figured out why. The pen was penetrating my skin for months. The hole was now about the size of a penny and full of pus.

I didn't even feel a thing. The hole eventually became a penny-sized scar in my skin.

- santiago-supremo

The Reason For The Warning Label

Lazy me liked to iron clothes while wearing them when I was twenty years old. Pulled the shirt away from my body and ironed under tension. I failed Haha

My left arm can testify.

- sofiasofia10

So YOU are the reason for that ridiculous warning label! Lol!

- homemadehamburger

You are me. I am you. I have a scar above my crotch from ironing my skirt while wearing it.

- ShoshiMoshiM

Same, I was ironing a T-shirt while wearing it and for some reason my brain didn't equate that steam = scalding hot and I hit the steam button. My stomach can testify.

- lilac925

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