People Recount The Craziest Ways Underage Kids Have Tried To Get Served Booze


Young people are certainly not as slick as they think they are. Least of all when it comes to being served alcohol underage.

Fake IDs are one aspect of this supposed foolery that they think they're pulling over on liquor store employees.

Newsflash-you aren't pulling anything over on them. Sometimes they're just nice. But if your excuse sucks that much, you're not getting away with it.

u/FallingStar2016 asked:

Liquor store employees of reddit, what is the craziest instance of underaged kids trying to get booze you've ever encountered?

Here were some of the answers.


I used to work at a bar. A girl came in and gave me an ID. I asked if it was hers. She said yes. What she didn't realize is that the purse she stole the day before, and the ID she was now using, belonged to one of the other bartenders. Calling her over to "look at this" was a satisfaction I haven't felt before or since.


Take And Run

At the gas station I worked at this kid walks in--no way he's more than 16--heads straight to the beer cooler as my co-workers and I stare incredulously.

He grabs a 12-pack and as he's approaching the counter, I ask "Can I see your ID?" He looks me in the eye, says "Nope", drops a $20 on the counter and walks out.

We weren't sure what to do after that, because he didn't exactly steal anything, but we also couldn't just accept the money, because that would be selling to a minor.

I left it for my boss to figure out.


No Questions

I had a guy come in to try to buy booze with an absolutely terrible fake tattoo (tattoos and alcohol have the same age restrictions here). I'm guessing he thought that if he had massive tribal tattoos down his arm we would just assume that he was old enough. He'd clearly done them with a felt tip pen, but it was a hot day so the sweat was making them drip down his arm.


Don't Be Cool

Two guys tried to buy beer. I asked them for ID, they legit gave me their actual IDs. Like a vertical ID that had their dob clearly making them under 18. When I told them no they were like "really man, can't you just be cool?" Like their whole strategy was to hope that the clerk would just be a cool guy.

Hey, at least they were honest.


U R Old

Here's an opposite one: I carded a guy once because I thought he was underage. He laughed this dejected laugh and gave me his ID (which WAS legit after careful inspection). He was about 10 years older than me...

A living breathing man-child.



In college I worked at a liquor and beer place adjacent to a grocery store. Lots of regulars and people from the neighborhood. For several weeks I had been serving this one guy: pleasant, polite, early 20's, 6'4", maybe 260lbs. One day after he left, this older dude who was in line came up to the counter and said "you know that kid is only 16, right?" I couldn't believe it. Apparently he rotates from store to store until he gets caught. Sure enough next time he came in I asked for ID. He just said "g*ddammit" and stormed out of the store.



Not really crazy but he came to the counter with a bottle of something.

I asked him for ID, he's reply was something like "is this how you treat all your customers?", in some kind of tone like it was insulting to ask for ID.

I said yes.

We both kind of stood there for a few moments and he asked if I wasn't going to sell him anything. Not without ID, and then he walked out.


Strict Laws

So here's the thing. In Texas, if you get caught selling to a minor, you are personally liable for the sale. That means you get a criminal charge and a fine to pay. In addition to that, the store you work at can also receive a (much larger) fine or lose their license. There is no "definitively legal" form of ID and it's up to the individual making a sale to determine not only if the ID is legal, but also if the ID is legitimate.

To put it another way, the "best way" to discourage selling to minors is to take a minimum wage employee and make him responsible for it at the threat of $2,000, unemployment, and incarceration. Meanwhile it's not illegal to attempt to purchase while underage.

So the TABC (Texas Alcoholic B*tch*ss Beverage Commission) likes to run stings. They'll get a person under the age of 21, usually the child of a cop, to attempt a purchase of an alcoholic beverage. In their defense, the child is usually very young, like 12, though they occasionally love to use a 20 year old with grey hair.

Well, one day I'm working and get a phone call from a neighboring store down the road. They warn me they had a sting come through, so be aware. A few minutes later this like, 10 year old kid who can't see over the counter comes up and tries to make a purchase. "Nah dude, gotta be 21". Kid leaves. Coworker and I look at each other and are like "Yeah... got eeem. Nobody has their lives ruined today. Woo." And here's where it goes crazy.

The cop in charge of the sting was in line behind the kid. And he loses his shit. He's in my face with his badge screaming at me and threatening to arrest me, demanding I tell him who tipped me off to the sting, saying it's illegal to refuse to answer questions, and just generally making a huge scene in my store.

Meanwhile his kid is just standing alone outside.


A Little Beard Solves All

I used to look quite young for my age in my late teens, early twenties, so quite often when I went to buy alcohol (back then it was 16 for beer and wine, 18 for everything stronger, but now its 18 for any alcohol) I was told that they wouldn't sell to me because I was too young, most times people would accept my ID or passport, every now and then there was some back and forth before they eventually accepted.

One person said he'd call the police, I told him to do it, I could wait. I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Thankfully when I started growing some facial hair this all stopped quite quickly


It Only Works If You Try

When I worked at Publix they would do stings at other locations to ensure compliance, and would always use underage employees (i.e. me) to do it.

The problem was I had never had alcohol and also was 5'9 120 lbs so when I awkwardly walked up to the counter to try and purchase Jack Daniels the clerk and another customer saw me, looked at each other, and just started laughing their *sses off. I was too embarrassed to even try to convince him and walked out of there dejected.

They never asked me to go on a sting again.


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