People Recall Their Ambien Horror Stories


Ambien has some serious side effects, to the point that people will actively go off the medication after a few days of insanity. These people have such crazy stories that we will take the insomnia, thank you very much,

u/goldenberryrae asked:

What's your Ambien horror story?

Here were some of the answers.

Fishpond Adventures

First bout of bad insomnia was my first year of college. I desperately needed sleep so I left a dorm party and took 2. I still wasn't asleep so I took another one. I went to sleep. I wake up in the morning feeling like s*** -- like I hadn't slept at all, and I feel hung over. I sit up in bed and realize Im wearing clothes... kinda -- it was a weird mix and match, and definitely not the PJs i had gone to sleep in. There are also random articles of my clothing all over the floor, and mostly sopping wet.

I talk to my roommates and they fill me in on what I did after getting out of bed and going back to the party on 3 ambien. Mostly a lot of nonsense, but I did fall in the campus fishpond. Twice. Apparently the first time I fell in, I blamed it on my clothes, went back to my dorm to change, and did the same thing in different clothes.

I still have no memory of that night.


The Ferris Wheel Of Medication

I took ambien while in the hospital to help me relax and sleep prior to childbirth. My husband put on south park shortly after I took the pill (very low dose)! I woke scream-crying that I was stuck on a Ferris wheel and couldn't get off. I remember calling for my husband to get me off the Ferris wheel and getting really pissed off when he told me I was lying in a bed. Realized at that moment ambien wasn't good for my marriage...


Aggressive Moments

My uncle woke my aunt (who was on Ambien) over some minor issue. My aunt then picked up a nearby letter opener and said "if you wake me up again, I will cut your f---ing throat" she had no memory of the incident later.

She also had another Ambien incident where she got in her truck and sat in the drivers seat not doing anything. When my uncle asked her what she was doing she just replied "the turtles are back!" She then attempted to drive the car through the garage into her living room but she couldn't get the truck out of park. After that she went back into the house and ordered five pizzas. Once again she didn't remember any of this. Needless to say, she now refuses to take Ambien.


Two Yous, Seventeen Mes

I got mad at my roommate about 5 minutes after taking ambien bc he was being noisy and decided to go to a bar that was a 3 min drive nearby ( in my rage I forgot I took ambien) I'm so lucky I knew most of the guys at the bar and I told one of them that I saw two of him. The physical him and his soul. I then demanded they touched my boobs to prove I don't have breast implants. I'm very lucky they knew I was f*cked beyond belief and decided to drive me home. They said I kept jumping out of the car of the guy driving me home to show the guy driving my car the "tricks" of driving my car. I was humiliated. For like a day.


Laser Show

Took 2 to help me fall asleep, didn't do anything, took 2 more. The walls in my room looked like millions of red and green laser beams swirling around. I found myself standing up trying to grab them. Hallucinated a face inside the hat hanging on my bedpost and had a babbling, one way conversation with it, came to in the middle of that as well. Never took ambien again after that.


Going South

Oh god.

So I have a lot of tattoos. Most of them I did myself. Had the kit and everything.

So I'm living in an old farmhouse with my kids. This was when my hip deformities really went south and my pain became constant. Back then, I was very anti-opiate. So my dr. and I thought if I could just sleep through the night, handling my pain during the day would be easier. I take my first ever pill and go to sleep.

Apparently... a bat woke me up. We did have bats in the house now and then. My kids found me trying to catch the bat, crying about how cute he was and he was going to be my friend, and eat all the mosquitoes and bugs in my room for me. I was eventually disarmed of the bat (released outside without incident and I didn't get bit!) and told in no uncertain terms to go back to sleep. Which I was rather salty about.

But then...

Then my son got up to go pee and heard a buzzing noise in the bathroom.

He found me crouched on the sink like a gremlin, naked, tattooing earrings on my ears. Just little black dots up each ear, like multiple piercings. I apparently attempted to fend him off with the tattoo gun but was once again corralled and sent to bed. But not before attempting to escape to "find my bat". Naked. Thank god the kids were old enough to take me down and we lived in the country with only one close-ish neighbor.

In the morning, I got to hear the tale, check out my new tats, fix the sh*tty job I had done, and then return the rest of the prescription to be disposed of at the pharmacy. But why!? they wanted to know. I showed them my ears, told them about my friend the bat and my poor kids having to block the door so nude mommy didn't go haring off into the night to find her bat-friends.

F*cking sleep aids. Never again. Now I just accept I don't sleep for longer than 4hrs and I nap a lot. Much less crazy.


Trou Sprinting

Passed out in the couch at 2am after taking one while my brother-in-law was playing a video game. He went to the bathroom, and when he came out, I was gone and the front door was open.

Shirtless me decided to go for a stroll and when my BIL started to try to retrieve me, I took off running for a few block before dropping trou in the middle of an intersection to moon him.

He got my pants up, walked me back home, but before he got me inside, I started executing my flawless plan to get on the roof by climbing the chain-link fence to hop on top of the window-mounted air conditioner, and oil myself up via the gutter. Didn't get to, though. Ended up going back to sleep.

Doc pulled me off on my first follow up appointment.


The First Crazy Times

The first night, there was a stream of distorted color flowing above my head. It was like a tear in reality. Like I was in a time that was no time. Like the f*cking langoliers were about to show up.

My wife tried it too and ended up staring across the bedroom on all fours saying something about the wall being made of snow. I had a video of it as it was pretty cute/funny. She just stares at the wall before falling over on her side like a rabbit flopping over. I think she slept that way that night. Those stories only happened the first night we tried it but now, on the rare occasions when we use it, we simply go to sleep.


A Divide In The Times

i got into my boyfriend's ford bronco, drove 3 miles down the street, ran into an enormous highway light post. the thing buckled and fell right onto the roof, almost dividing it in two.

i walked away with a bruise on my forehead. the ambulance came, spoke with me, said i was ok to go home. the police gave me a ride to the police station, i filled out some paperwork, no charges were filed because i was completely coherent. no signs of drug or alcohol use. i guess they allowed me to walk home, because i "only lived a few blocks away" , when in reality is was over a mile - walking through chicago at 3am on ambien.

the next day, i saw the paperwork on the coffee table. i don't even remember getting in the truck, let alone taking the ambien. my boyfriend drove me to the police station that was indicated on the paperwork. we walked in and everyone - including the officer involved - happliy greeted me and asked how i was feeling. my boyfriend said the look of my confusion was 100% genuine, as i recognized no one.

no charges were ever filed, no fines for destroying city property. all was covered through spectacular insurance.

i will never take ambien again. that's some scary sh*t.


Pie Dreams

My wife has trouble sleeping. About 10 or 12 years ago the doctor gave her Ambien. About a week into it, one morning she was miffed that I ate all the pie in the fridge that she had just made the afternoon before, before she had a chance to eat any. She was stunned when I told her I hadn't had any pie and had watched her eating some for a midnight snack. She had no recollection at all of eating an entire pie, and she is about 120 lbs.

Not a horror story, but it shook her that she could complete complex behaviors and have no memory of it. She never took another one.


Shopping Spree

Ordered two expensive sets of luggage online from two different vendors. Then ordered two pairs of boots from one vendor. Went shopping in my PJs at a CVS. Bought a bunch of foodstuff and toiletries. Drove home with a carful of stuff. That was five years ago and no problems since.


Ordered, in one night, about $10000 worth of random shit from the internet. Woke up and checked my email and about had a heart attack.



That a doctor prescribed it to me in 1999 before I knew how addictive it was and that it basically facilitated fake sleep. Stayed on it regularly for about 6 years.

When I finally got off it and could fall asleep naturally I slept for just 4-5 hours straight but it felt like sleep that I hadn't had since I was a child. Its hard to describe, it was an amazing feeling.

The real sleep I started to get improved every aspect of my life. I can only hope the years I took it aren't that detrimental to me as I grow old.


Fam Fail

Was put on Ambien because of insomnia. I did not know at the time that my ENTIRE family on my mothers side has terrible reactions to Ambien. I did not sleep. I stood in my living room staring at a very old recliner insistent that it was breathing because I could see it moving. For hours. Eventually I was able to sleep after much crying and screaming. But I can still picture that chair moving and the sheer panic I felt. Very strange.

My grandfather was accidentally given Ambien in the hospital before any family members could tell them not to. He freaked out and screamed at my grandmother because he said she was a clone and not his real wife. He pulled off all his IVs and equipment. I heard this second hand and am glad I didn't have to see it.


Harry Potter Hallucinations 

I took one once to help me at night because I have a hard time falling asleep. After an hour or so I still wasn't sleepy but I had all the lights off in the room except for the glow of some weak cable box and computer lights. I saw giant, hooded, shadowy figures with no faces floating around my bed reaching out trying to grab me. I tried to blink them away because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but nope they were still there. Reminded me of pointy-hooded dementors from Harry Potter. I was too scared to keep my eyes open after that so I guess the Ambien did its job but holy shit never again.


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