People Recall The Best Decision They've Ever Made While Drunk
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Now for the most part, when making major life choices, being sober should be an essential ingredient in the process. But every once and a Blue Moon (and I do mean the beer with a shot) the choices we make while under the influence, can be some of the greatest decisions we ever make during the course of our lives. So cheers and enjoy that new car or vacation or moose you adopted.

Redditor u/Feerka wanted to discuss the times we've all lived our best lives after several rounds of libation by asking.... What is the best decision you've made while drunk?

Hi Molson

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I went to a party in college and came home with a cat. I was petting the house owner's cat and he asked if I wanted a kitten, they had found him outside and he was in rough shape. He is now 7 years old and appropriately named Molson.


All Aboard....

I booked a vacation to New Orleans at 3 AM while blackout drunk. I got awesome deals on airfare and a nice hotel. Even booked it to perfectly fit into my work schedule. I have no idea how I pulled it off, but it was like getting a gift from a stranger.


The Healer

We had a get together at my place a couple years ago, just me and 3 of my classmates. One of them recently broke up with his GF and was heartbroken.

We got quite drunk and they left the next morning, but said classmate came back for his charger and told me that thanks to what I've said the day before, they are getting back together with GF.

I was glad obviously, but to this day I have no clue what I've told him. I was very drunk. They're still together btw.



Licking Jackie Chan GIFGiphy

I made grilled cheese at 2 am once, but instead of using plain toast I made it with garlic bread.


Craving Water

I've left (and continue to do so) a pint glass of ice on my bedside table so I can't drink it immediately, but when i wake up with that 4am cotton mouth thirst:

Big glass cold water waiting, no getting up.


This is why I keep my water bottle next to the bed. My mom's cat knocked a glass of water over my head when I was a teenager (had one of those beds with the little shelf in the headboard). Not fun at 3am. My cat will still knock over the bottle, but at least there no mess.



Dude, my last 3 vacations and skydiving trips were all planned completely hammered. The first time was so successful I almost believe I plan better. Since July Ive been skydiving twice, kayaking, saw all the San Diego zoo, got a sunburn, went camping, went fishing, visited old friends across the country. If I plan sober i worry about money and all the legwork to plan/pull it off.



I got really hammered one night and started missing my mom (even though I talked to her regularly) because I lived very far away so I didn't see her often. Apparently I called her and spoke to her for about a hour (according to my phone log). The next day when I called her to apologize for whatever dumb sh!t I said, she told me that it was the most wonderful conversation she'd ever had and that I made her feel so proud to be my mom.

I have NO CLUE what I said to her and I never had the heart to tell her that I couldn't remember the call. She died 2 years ago and I never did find out what I said to her. Just gonna ETA to say how wonderful it has been to be able to share memories of my mom. She really was wonderful and I'm so glad for any chance I have to tell people how much she meant to me.


On the Road

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My friend and I were drunk when we decided to do a 2000 mile motorcycle trip. We did it a few months later and had a blast. We now have a rule that if we both agree to a ridiculous trip while drinking, The Agreement must be Honored.


The Final Moments

I used to deliver small airplanes as a sort of side-gig. The best part for me, was simply being by myself, often for days, and just enjoying leisurely flights over the US.

One evening several years ago, I'd had a few too many and invited my dad to join me on a 3-4 day trip to deliver some guy's new plane from the Northwest.

Disclaimer: Although I care about him, dad can be very stressful to travel with on long trips. So the next morning I was a little annoyed with myself for doing this.

Due to medical issues, that turned out to be the last vacation he ever had, and we had a great time. I'd hate to have missed that week with him.


A Special Treat


Nine years ago stumbling to the pita shop after the bars closed with my friends, I drunkenly ordered a falafel pita instead of my usual. Blew my mind and changed my life.


The Carpool....

Not to carpool with my homie after a huge mansion party, where we all got drunk. I had done it before but got some smart impulse not to this time. After I took an uber and got home to sleep, I woke up from my alcohol induced sleep and found out from his mom, that he ended up flipping the car into a canyon, the roof caved, he broke his neck, and ended up with (what luckily turned out to be) temporary paralysis. As thankful as I am that he's well and walking now, and just as functional a person as he once was, I'm glad I didn't take the car ride with him.



cookie monster cookies GIF by Sesame StreetGiphy

I wrote "get with the cookie delivery guy" as my entry on the "Goals for Spring Semester" list we posted on the wall in my college apartment. Then we invited the cookie delivery guy up for a party.

That was almost eight years ago. We got married last October.



A friend and I were very drunk and I was talking about how I wanted to get a dog. I've had them my whole life but never one of my own. We browsed the local shelter's website and I found one that looked and sounded perfect.

The next morning, we went to the shelter. We were both super hungover, so much so that my friend threw up in the corner of their outdoor area.

I met my future dog, played with him a bit and told them I would be back the next day to take him home. And if I'm being honest, I was in that half drunk/half hungover phase.

I went back the next day and picked him up. My friends kept asking if I was rushing into it and I just brushed them off.

7 years later, we've moved 5 times, including across the country, and he's been my best friend the entire time. He's been the one constant in my life since I got him.

Although I personally regret nothing, PLEASE do not get a dog on a (drunken or sober) whim unless you are 100% dedicated.


Leaves it here....

Decided that maple leaves look like little hands and proceeded to high five every tree I saw. Happiest night ever. Still high five cute leaves sometimes and give myself a good chuckle (Always wondered when I'd stop being a lurker and finally be compelled to comment. This is apparently it.)



When I was 21 I was quite the alcoholic and I had started using drugs quite frequently. It started to develop into an addiction as I was doing it alone at my house on a daily basis.

One day I was drinking alone at home and went to the gas station to pick up some smokes. On the way back, a high school friend of mine was walking his dog, and I picked him up.

He wanted to smoke and so we went back to my place. He started talking about how he just got out of rehab and was telling me about how bad addiction was, all of the signs, etc. He had no clue I was usingg.

I very emotionally opened up to him and ended up throwing it into the trash. Haven't touched the crap since. To this day the decision to go to the gas station to buy cigarettes when I was drunk was the best one I have ever made.


Happy Endings

just married love GIFGiphy

At the end of the night I asked out a girl from our work group who I thought I would never have a chance with.

That was almost 3 years ago and we just got married last month.



I bought a mascot sized Pikachu costume from China. Didn't even realize until a few weeks later when I started getting angry emails in Chinese chasing me for payment. It's quite fun though, I tend to dress it in other costumes and take it to conventions. Here's me attending UK Comic Con as Pikachu Thor.

EDIT: forgot about this. Here's an interview I did with a lovely person about it all. Skip to 7:20.


Thanks Me....

An Amazon box was delivered to me with a SNES classic. Had so much fun with it. No memory of ordering it. When I checked my email it was ordered at like 3am on a Saturday. Thanks drunk me, I finally got to play through Super Metroid.


Damn You Bacardi!!! 

Hosted a massive college house party and I was extremely intoxicated and made the decision to steal my roommates Bacardi O and mix with orange juice (definitely should have stopped at this point). I don't remember much, but I remember pouring about a shot of orange juice and filling the tall glass with rum until it became clear. I woke up the next morning next to the very large empty Bacardi bottle and feeling wonderful - however remorseful that I stole from my best friend.

I profusely apologized that evening (when friend finally recovered) and committed to replacing said bottle - but he broke out into a uncontrollable laughter (to the extent it caused him to dry heave). The bottle was destined to join our many decorative liquor bottles and had been filled with water accordingly. I never lived down my night of binge drinking Bacardi H2O!


Dr. Drunk

grey s anatomy GIFGiphy

Quit my job. I'm now half a year from graduating medicine.


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