People Break Down The Exact Moment They Realized Their Friends Were A-Holes

Most people have friends they've been close to for most of their lives.

But at the same time, friends evolve, and everyone finds themselves losing touch with any number of people they at one point considered their friends over time.

Most of the time, this isn't intentional, but just simply happens.

On rare occasions though, people might realize that their friends were not exactly who they thought they were, and didn't like who they revealed themselves to be.

Redditor One-Refrigerator69 was curious to hear stories of people who realized their friends were not exactly the nicest people to be around, leading them to ask:

"When was the moment you realized that your friends are assholes?"

Compared to others...

"When I started hanging out with better people."- Darklink326

All It Took Was Getting My Life Together

"When I quit drinking ‘cos it was killing me."

"There were people I literally saw every single day who just disappeared as if by magic."

"12 years ago this week, as it happens."

"I’m not anti-drink, far from it."

"Some people, me included, just can’t enjoy it without it becoming a problem."

"Everyone is different."- bigdaftgeordie

A Little Perspective Goes A Long Way.

"After I realized that other people don't sh*t on each other on every possible occasion in their circle."

"And that it isn't right when a 'friend' uses every known insecurity as an argument against you when you do not behave the way he/she would want you to."- ViscousPlateman

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Lack Of Respect For Other People's Things

"I let my friend borrow my ps2 when I went to boot camp."

"When I came back, he said he sold it and gave me $50 I think?"

"This was in 2006."- madmike-86

Lack Of mutual Respect

"When he does sh*t to me and acts like it’s no big deal, then I do the same back and he gets offended."- Primary-Maybe-2749·

Constantly Being Taken Advantage Of.

"They only bothered with me when it suited them."

"I'd rather have nobody than have to deal with that."- zombi33mj

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When They Literally Revealed Themselves To Be Criminals

"When they robbed me at gunpoint."- Ok_Student8032

There Were Certain Things They Liked

"Fourth grade, when my parents economical situation went downhill and suddenly no one invited me to their birthday party."

"Until Seven years later no one had never invited me to their birthday, or to anything at all actually."- Justalittletoserious

Not Being Able To Get A Word In...

"When they tell me to shut up when I say anything."- the_golden_cheese

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Violently Playing With Emotions

"She got a boyfriend and would let him listen to our phone calls and not tell me, even if I was crying about personal stuff that I would only ever tell her."

"Then they both started lying to me about my crush liking me back, forcing both him and me into awkward positions, telling everyone we liked each other so they'd play along, swapping places constantly to make us sit next to each other, pressuring him into giving me a lap dance, making him kiss the prettiest girl in the room, etc, and encouraged me to shoot my shot more and more."

"All the while they knew he didn't like me, he had told them both directly."

"One night I was crying on the phone cause I was so confused why my advances weren't working, and they just kept explaining it away, blaming some other bullsh*t reason and telling me to try again."

"The next day they told me they were laughing throughout the whole call, because I didn't get it and I was so upset."

"I should add I had no dating experience at all and nobody had ever liked me at this point."- Juliemj

Unappreciated Nicknames...

"Call me slurs for a small misunderstanding."- nicolelovestyler

Not As Close As They Thought

"When she didn't invite me to her wedding."- ibuypaperbags

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If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

"When they would talk badly about other people constantly."

"You may think that they only say that about other people, but there’s a great chance they’re talking about you too."- Slight-Problem3455

Cold Comfort

I (21 F[emale]) told my friend how I don’t have a license because I lost my childhood best friend to a car crash and am deathly afraid of driving and causing an accident/dying in an accident."

'She said 'It doesn’t matter if you drive or not if it’s your destiny to die in a car crash, you’ll die in a car crash anyway'.”


Left Out In Plain Sight

"The moment that they made plans purposefully excluding me right in front of me."

"It was at a school ball and they ended up ditching me for said plans 5 minutes later.'

"Luckily one of the ex-members of the group saw it from afar and took me out for ice cream."

"still appreciate him for that to this day."- AnimalFusion

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Happy Birthday Indeed...

"A little late to the party but here is my story from my b-day party from yesterday.'

"Invited him to my b-day party."

'Came already smashed, brought me no present."

"I don't expect expensive stuff, my cousin gave me a rock with 'rock on \m/' written in sharpie on it for my 18th b-day and i loved that and i still have it."

"All I'm expecting is something to show that you actually give an f about me as a friend."

" When we got to the bbq place, he just went in a room and started drinking more, totally ignored me even when I was asking him something.'

'Didn't even wish me happy b-day, refused to eat anything."

"After that he ordered McDonalds, saying that he is hungry."

"Nearly picked a fight with a random guy on the way home and started calling me names for being friendly with that dude who was only trying to pass the time while in the bus."

"And then told me I'm entitled for getting mad at him ignoring me and choosing to drink his brains off on my b-day."- Mr_Zombie96

Whisper, Whisper, Whisper...

"When they just do everything behind your back, yeah I get it 'u don’t need to always be involved!'"

“'you don’t need to know everything!'”

"Yeah. I get it, but still its still upsetting watching your 'best friends' talk about how annoying you are."

"Quite upsetting."- ishipoumasailol

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Always Forgetting

"Had been best friends with the same small group of people for ten years, they still never remembered my birthday."

"I used to send them a text every year on their birthday at midnight, always gave them presents on the day."

"Yet they couldn't even set up a freaking reminder on their phones for a DECADE."- AboveTheMoonlight

Barely Making An Effort

"I lost my dad and my unborn son within 5 days of each other."

"Found out my pregnancy was over the night before my Dad's memorial."

"Fast forward a few months and we're back home and trying to pick up the pieces of our marriage and lives."

"We had friends across the street that we did life with and there was a UFC event on pay per view so we called to see who was hosting, what food we needed to bring etc."

"They said they weren't doing this event but maybe the next one."

"Cool, no worries."

"I got home from work and our entire friend group was across the street partying."

"I got out of my truck to say hello and these grown a** men and women went sprinting inside like they didn't want to 'get caught' even though I'd already caught them."

"I wasn't even mad until they ran inside and shut off all the lights."

"Who tf does that? "

"Especially to 2 of their own people whose world was turned upside down?"- GloomyEducation6110

It's always sad when our friends disappoint us.

But when our friends proved to be completely different people than we thought they were, it can be devastating.

As the saying goes, one never truly knows who their friends are.