People Describe The Exact Moment They Realized Their Friends Were A-Holes
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Everyone has friends who you become less and less close to with each passing year.

This isn't always by choice, though, but simply by circumstance, when your lives both take different directions.

In some cases, however, we do find ourselves making a very conscious decision to stop spending time with certain friends.

Owing to the fact that these people might not be our friends after all.

In certain cases, the communication ends as the result of one specific moment.

Redditor D1Tytos was curious to hear the triggering moment when people decided to end their friendships, leading them to ask:

"What's the moment that made you realize your so called 'friends' were really just d*cks?"

Lack of Compassion

"When I got cancer and they never checked on me."- justagirlx19

Being Taken Advantage Of

"Worked with and rented a large house with my friend group after high school."

"Dumb and inexperienced with life, I didn’t know they were lying to me about bills and making me pay more/whatever they felt like until a family member asked about it."

"Eventually they all looked at moving into a new place without telling me."

"I felt guilty and confessed they would basically steal my money to shop with and planned on moving out while I was visiting family so I came back to an empty place and responsible for everything."- dylandbloom

"I found myself getting irritated whenever they called/hit me up."

"Because every time they'd only ask for something , never just to talk to hang out."- ybbetter_ratio

Happy Birthday Indeed...

"The last time I tried throwing a birthday party for myself."

"It always seemed like the ratio of people who said they'd come to people who actually showed was...lacking."

"But my final attempt."

"I had 20+ people say they'd show."

"Exactly one actually came."

"I've never had a birthday party since."

"But I'm still good friends with the one guy who showed."- Lachwen

Unkind Exclusion

"They asked to not have one of the people in our group over."

"They didn't want to tell him there was no game, they just wanted him to knock and pretend no one was there."

"I wasn't very cool with this but they didn't want to be 'confrontational' with said person."

"Before the next week rolled around they were saying 'there wasn't going to be anything going on' that Saturday."

"I knew they were full of sh*t, but went by to confirm they were all there that Saturday, and sure enough they all were."

"Just dropped them like a sack of potatoes and never spoke to them again, no reason to."- MickCollins

True Colors

"Had 3 friends."

"2 I liked and 1 I didn't really like at all."

"Turns out they had a secret group chat where they just called me slurs and talked about me behind my back."

"The guy I didn't like sent me screenshots of this and me and him have been friends 3 years now."- c_a_t2·

Blurred Perceptions

"When I stopped drinking and realized that’s all we had holding our friendship together."- BillieBoJangers·


"I remember I was severely depressed and I called someone I thought was my friend."

"When he realized I wanted to talk about real sh*t he made up an excuse to hang up."

"After that he kept ignoring my calls."

"What's crazy is I was there for that dude when his wife left him for another guy."

"There were times where I wanted to escape his depressing stories, but sat there and listened because he was my friend."- horsetoothjack@ss119


"Couples retreat of 3 pairs, other 2 girlfriends flaked last minute, leaving mine."

"They still came, then had the nerve to tell mine the trip would’ve been better without her right to her face when I was out surfing."

"This was never established as a guys trip at any point."

"She fed them, organized the trip as a whole, etc."

"Losers."- SwingmanSealegz

Provoking Others

"Guy lies about his well-being being bad cus he loves how worried someone reacts."

"I called him out on it when he lied to someone else and he literally said 'I enjoy winding people up, I love how they react when I say x'."

"That's gross to me."- PastaNotFound

Ending a friendship is never pleasant.

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