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Do you have a love/hate relationship with the United States, especially as a citizen? Many people out there do. And one of the better things about living here is our freedom to criticize it and our leaders. What if you could rename the country to reflect its values?

When Redditor BigOl- asked the online community,

"What would you rename America if you could rename it?"

people were all too keen to offer their suggestions, and in some cases share how they really feel.

"...just because..."

"Aremica just because I think it's a minor enough change that will cause the most chaos."


You monster! Society would absolutely fall apart!

"I'd sell..."

"I'd sell the naming rights to the highest bidder, which I think is pretty damn American."


Touché. Now there's a brilliant suggestion. We bow down to you. So where does the bidding start?

"So I'd go with..."

"It was named after Amerigo Vespucci. So I'd go with his last name and call it Vespuccia."

[User Deleted]

"It's what some native people..."

"Turtle Island. It's what some native people called America, also the world. Also it's a cool name."


"I think I read somewhere..."

"Usonia!!! I think I read somewhere that this was an initially pitched name for the U.S, but got turned down for some reason, I would love it if we were called Usonians instead of Americans, as that leads to confusion regarding fellow non-U.S. Americans."


Fun fact: Usono is the name for the United States in Esperanto. It makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?


"Collective Habitation of Interior North America.

Or CHINA for short."


"Because let's face it..."

"The North Korea of the Americas

Because let's face it we're fed propaganda about how great and wealthy we are while most people deal with conditions most of the developed world thinks are draconian, and either laugh at our selfish ineptitude or pity the deluded masses suffering because of their government

Yeah, it may be worse somewhere else but the point is, the USA is still trying to ride the wave that is the actual best place ever.

Source: USA native since I was born."


"Too long, maybe?"

"The United Government of holding Americans hostage in their broken two party system. Too long, maybe?"


"...and yes..."

" and yes I live here and probably am going to go into deep debt because I have an emergency hysterectomy next month. Medical care here is a joke."


This is a vast country, home to millions of people with multitudes of opinions. It's a complicated place, but it's our home. We've earned the right to rib it.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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