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As the republic continues to crumble, nostalgia has never been more in.

This is exemplified by the theatre marquee at Edwards Cinema which features a list of movies that will have you checking the date to make sure you're in the right decade.

The picture of the marquee shows the films Toy Story 4, Men in Black, Godzilla, Aladdin, and Child's Play—all of which had wildly successful iterations in the 1990s.

Devon Sawa—himself a 90s heartthrob—tweeted the image with the caption:

"Dear children of today: Like it or not, you're really 90s kids."

The films are still a little different than their original counterparts: Pixar's animation has grown by leaps and bounds since the original Toy Story's release in 1995, Aladdin is a live-action remake, This decade's Child's Play revolves around technology rather than voodoo, and Men in Black now features a woman as the lead.

Nevertheless, the marquee had people hella disoriented.

Some lamented that the nostalgia is actually a lack of originality.

If that doesn't overwhelm you, The Lion King will be arriving to theatres next month.

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