People Break Down Their Most Unpopular Musical Opinions
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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what they like and don't like.

The world of music is a big place, and some could argue that now is the best time to be a music fan, with the advent of streaming, the accessibility to become a musician online, all the way to the reinvigoration of vinyl and keeping personal music collections offline.

That being said, there's a lot of garbage out there, isn't there? And these people are here to share what they think is the worst of the worst when it comes to music.

Reddit user, ryuundo, wanted to know how your musical tastes differ when they asked:

"What is your most unpopular musical opinion?"

With so much music out there, in terms of on the radio, streaming, or just being discussed on social media, it can be easy to fall into a bubble of "everyone likes this music alongside me."

This is not the case.

Sometimes, There's A Reason It's Popular

"Popular music can in fact, be good."


"This metal head loves Lady Gaga."


"Yes, that’s why they’re popular a lot of the times. They just overplayed, so they have a far shorter lifespan for me than tons of indie songs or near mainstream, but still small artists."


Always Work To Keep Your Ears Open

"You can like older music without being a snob, contrarian, or member of lewronggeneration. The older I get, the more annoying it is to hear anyone sh-t on something they never listen to while crying they were born in the wrong era."


"I get mildly annoyed with people who rhapsodize about 70’s music. I was in high school in the 70’s. There was so much sh-tty music(luckily mostly forgotten by now). It’s like any other decade: a bit of great music, a bit of bad music, and a whole lot of middle of the road okayish music."


There's Too Much Out There To Be Bogged Down By One Style

"We live in the most interesting time for music probably ever. The sheer degree of variety and diversity coupled with access to unknown indie artists, superstars, and music from throughout history. All underscored by a rise in technical competency across the board. If you can't find something you enjoy it says more about you than anything else."


What about when it comes to the craft of making music? The bits and pieces that go into making something people actually want to listen to?

What If I Put My Hand Up To My Ear?

"Adding riffs and runs into every vocal line of a song does not make the song better. Occasional, well-placed riffs are great, but when the lyrics become borderline incoherent because the singer is too busy trying to run up and down the scale as fast as possible, then maybe it's time to tone it down."


"every singer that has ever sung the national anthem at a sporting event needs to realize this."


So Long As You Feel Something

"Vocal range is a useless measurement when determining who the best singers are. If said singer can’t make you feel something, then what’s the point?"

"Edit: Probably not unpopular, but seeing lists of the best singers of all time on Twitter, etc. they are almost all exclusively based on range."


"Music is about rhythm, if it's just screaming or talking with a monotone background beat that's not music and should be considered its own category same as how modern art that features a painting of one blue dot or a stick figure drawing should be labeled performance art since it's meant to elicit a reaction and isn't art in the sense of artistry."


Expressing Yourself With The Power Of A Wall

"I’m 24 and I play organ. The instrument needs to come back alive, they’re so versatile and sound so awesome."


"Big pipe organs are incredible instruments if you know how to use them to their full potential. I don't play any more, but when I did I thoroughly enjoyed it."


It's Kind Of The Perfect Instrument

"The banjo slaps"


"Bluegrass can be kinda amazing …"


"Bluegrass is fantastic. The fact that pretty much every song, everyone gets at least one solo, means the whole band has to be good. Can't just sit back and let the frontman take on all the spotlight. Everyone has to bring it."


And there's these, the fieriest of the fiery just waiting to burn away those who would dare disagree with them.

Then Again, Everyone's Going To Have Their Opinions

"The Foo Fighters are boring radio-friendly rock. Yes, I know that Dave Grohl is a pretty standup dude in real life, and I can appreciate that they seem to really give it 100% for their live shows, but I just can't seem to actually enjoy any of their music."


It's A Perfectly FINE Movie

"The music in Encanto was just okay and Frozen is better"


"Gonna have to agree with this. I don’t particularly care for Frozen as movies but both Movies had really excellent music for what they were. Encanto is… fine, but I just found all the music really typical of a musical and it didn’t really stand out too much to me."


It's A Lifestyle, Not A Sound

"Most rap sucks. Kind of liked rap when I was in highschool, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that rap artists are mostly great business people and very poor musicians. They sell their market on a lifestyle (And a pretty foolish one at that) that they themselves don’t live. It’s all fake. Guys like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane have more in common with the CEO of a small business than they do the average kid blasting rap music"


All Pop Music Is Just Pachelbel's Canon, Anyway

"Music copyright law needs to be way, WAY looser. Currently it's being enforced by people who really don't understand music theory and why exactly it's impossible for anything truly original to be written, which is beyond ridiculous. There are 12 semitones possible in an octave (setting aside quarter tones and other smaller delineations, as they're too subtle for most people to even understand, and also vanishingly rare in most musical styles). There are only so many ways you can arrange 12 notes, especially when adhering to a specific musical framework like is done in popular music."

"There should be enough copyright law to protect people from having exact copies of their music stolen, but other than that everything needs to be completely done away with. "But this SOUNDS like this other thing!" Nope. Doesn't matter. All music is referential. It's all the same stuff, just rearranged into different patterns that have all been done before."

"No pop star should ever be sued by or sue another musician unless the exact notes of an entire phrase of music including chord structures has been copied exactly. You can't copyright a melody that uses 5 notes that play over a I-V-I chord progression. You can't copyright a cowbell playing quarter notes for 4 measures. You cannot copyright a I chord with a 2nd suspension. Etc."


So long as your controversial takes don't dog on anyone else, then by all means, have at them.

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