People List The Things That Used To Be Dirt Cheap But Are Now Way Too Expensive


Who can afford that now?

How in the world do somethings cost what they cost? It's of course understandable that prices will rise with the culture and the economy but there is no way to connect the soaring thievery of something that once cost a penny. Lord knows the prices of rent are a joke but movies for $25? I think not!

Redditor u/angel--cakke wanted to know where too many benjamins are being spent by asking.... What used to be dirt cheap in the past but is expensive nowadays?

Front row & Center....


Front row, center seating tickets to theater/opera. They used to be super cheap, because the chandeliers were located right above it. And candles of the past weren't the good, non dripping parafin based candles we have today, they were wax candles and they always dripped. So people sitting in the front center always had hot wax dripping on them.

Then with advent of technology candle chandeliers were being replaced with lightbulb chandeliers, and suddenly front-center seats became the most expensive ones cause you can see the play/opera the best from them and there are no downsides.

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I came here looking for this answer. Before it became so popular I used to get them for .99lb or less. We would buy 3 or 4 and throw them in the deep freezer to smoke later.


Higher Ed. 

College. Runaway tuition inflation has made it extremely costly.


I still think this is a good example of why subsidization of things rarely works well.


Things to Live...



Not just insulin, but most medications that are granted a monopoly (usually those for more rare diseases where only one party is needed to produce it thus gets the monopoly).



Chuck Taylors. When I was growing up they were $15 and made in the US, lasted forever until you had so many holes in the canvas that they wouldn't stay in your feet anymore.

Now, made in southeast Asia, $60+, and 5he soles split and open up before all of the felt has worn off the soles.




College in relativity to minimum wage. My teacher was an alum of the school and she said when she went there back in the 70's it was like $12/credit hour, and minimum wage was like $3 or $4. Now, it is like $250/credit hour, and minimum wage is $8. So to compare, back in the day at min wage you only had to work for 3 or 4 hours to pay for a class, and now, you would have to work for 10x as long.

This was for a community college too. I can't imagine how drastic the change would be for a university.

And even worse: college is so much more of a "requirement" than it was back in the day. I have an associates degree and can barely even garner interest from the most boring of fast-food jobs. I'm willing to bet even after I get my bachelors' I will be unable to get anything other than a horrible McJob.




Poor people rode those and rich people drove cars. And now poor people drive cars and rich people ride horses.

How the stables have turned.


The Meat is Gone...

Jerky... what the heck happened?


Meat got expensive. I started making my own and it's no cheaper (I do it cause most store brands have a lot of sugar, and I REALLY like beef jerky, and I REALLY like not jacking up my A1C).


So Smart...


Personally I enjoyed the rise of smart phones having this added effect of jacking up the price of "aux" cables. They're just 3.5mm audio cables. Barely 5 USD of materials. But you'd see them in the big box stores with fancy packaging labeled as "aux smartphone cables" for 20-30 USD. Very silly.


Sky High Living....

Real estate and rent. It's ridiculous how much prices have gone up in the past 2 decades (in some regions) .


My parents moved to the outskirts of Vienna in 2004, initially paying ~700€/month for a 140 square meter, newly renovated flat.

This summer I moved to my own flat, 10 minutes from my parents', yet paying 890€ monthly for 72 square meters. It was one of the cheapest options.


The Buffalo....


Chicken wings. It use to be the throw away part back in the day.


Back in the late 80s you'd get a free case of wings with every 2 cases of chicken breast. Until the Bills Superbowl run they were mostly just used for stocks.



Champion branded stuff. Champion used to be the offbrand you would find at goodwill. Now it's everywhere.


Fun fact, I live in Uruguay and we have a tendency to call some objects by their most popular brand name. Sport shoes are unanimously called "Champions" because of that brand. You go to the store to buy Champions, literally. Nike branded champions, Adidas branded champions or whatever.

Bonus language quirk: Razor blades are called "Gillettes."



Pistachios. I remember we would always get huge bags of them for the holidays, back when they still dyed them red and green. Seemed like to you could get them on sale for next to nothing, now a tiny bag costs like $7.


The Meat. 

Many cuts of meat due to the rise in popularity of grilling and smoking.


Easy solution to this: Take up hunting.

In most of the South there is a feral pig problem which can often be solved in delicious ways. Venison is a staple in a lot of rural households for this reason.


The Golden Arches....



At least in Sweden. It's almost as expensive as ordering a burger from a real restaurant.


Is it a government measure to reduce consumption of unhealthy food? I personally don't even like it, but for some reason so many people still enjoy it. And so often there are other options nearby.


The Studios....

Studio apartments, gasoline, higher education, property, my girlfriend's taste in anything I'm paying for.


Where I live studios run about $200 more month than a damn 1 bedroom that's twice the size solely because people are willing to pay for the big city feel.


Yummy Caviar....

I remember eating a jar of black caviar with a spoon as a small kid (you could get it for cheap on the black market in ex-USSR countries). I haven't tasted it for ~25 years, and it now costs ~$1000 per 100 gram.


I used to get my caviar from some nice Russians who had a boat named the Caspian Queen down at the harbor. The whole operation went down though when they got caught selling bootleg DVDs.



Breakfast food at cafes. It's way too expensive now.


There is still a small restaurant in my town that does $2.99 breakfast. 2 eggs, ham/bacon/ sausage, hashbrowns, and toast. They don't have a menu, just that one breakfast option, and it's always packed.



Seemingly everything. My wife and I can't leave the house without spending $20.


Same. I'll go to the grocery store for one ingredient I need to make dinner or whatever, thinking I'll spend a dollar or two. Oh wait, I also need toothpaste, gum, maybe something for breakfast tomorrow.... before long it's $10-$20.




Rock and mineral specimens. Now everything is CRYSTALS CRYSTALS CRYSTALS. Like damn, I just want to build my collection.


This is exactly why I've stopped collecting rocks, minerals, and the like. Some of the more common items are being sold for 10x the price without supply being affected, making it unreasonably expensive. Then, on the off chance someone looks through my collection, they try to tell me what "benefits" my hunks of odd earth have.

Unless I beat an intruder out of my house with one of my rocks, all they are are rocks that I perceive to have value with no use other than looking at them and cataloging them. I used to love finding new and interesting rocks to add to my collection, but the crystal trend ruined it for me.



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