Tears can mean so many things in the complex human emotional spectrum.

A person may cry because they're overjoyed, or deeply sad, or grieving, Tears may fall over a lost dog, or a found dog, or losing the 90th round of Tetris attack in a row.

Crying happens.

u/nocturnalfetish asked:

How did you make someone cry?

Here were some of those answers.

Happy Tears

I heard it second-hand from my mom, but I made my grandfather cry (in a good way).

I had taken him for his monthy doctor appointment in the big city. My cousin just had a baby girl, so he was showing the nurses photos of her exclaiming:

"I'm a great grandfather!"

I turned to him and said

"You were already a great grandfather."

He didn't say anything but later, Mom told me he cried when he got home.


Assuming The Worst

I worked at a dq. As we had a new employee at the time (someone who had gone to the same school as me) I was telling my coworkers who the new employee was. (I said her name out loud.) she had been the lobby, just out of sight, heard her name, and assumed I was talking bad about her. Started bawling and walked out on her shift. She did not last very long after that.


Mean Without Reason

In 3rd Grade someone in my class told me to ignore a friend of mine for a whole week to see how they'd react. I was a baby-back jerk in 3rd grade and normally just did what people asked of me, so I went ahead and ignored my bro in class, recess, and on the bus... it hit him hard to the point that he had a full on breakdown. Actually still friends with the guy to this day, not sure if he remembers this incident back in 3rd grade (like 15 years ago). But I still think about it occasionally, might bring it up next time we hang out and see what he says.


Something Else At Play

I work at a theater. A guest had their cell phone on with max screen brightness and they were sitting in the lower rows so everyone behind them could see it. Naturally, I asked them to turn their phone off or stow it completely. They instantaneously started crying instead. This guest was a woman in her early 20s.


Done Their Best

Casual acquaintance in my friend group in high school cut her own fringe. It was so bad I laughed. I genuinely didn't mean to 'haha' in her face it just slipped out in my shock at how bad she'd botched it. I felt so bad about it I took her to my hair dresser after school and they tried to fix it. There wasn't much they could do...



We were doing that thing where you give a gift to someone else, and they do the same, don't remember what it was called. I was gifted one of those stamp collecting "books" (more like a magazine). It was a really cute girl and i really liked the gift so with excitement when i received it i asked "Where did you buy this?!?" Which apparently she thought was me making fun of the gift, so she cried. I just wanted to know where she got it so i could get the stamps to complete the collection. This was before highschool and to this day i cringe when i remember trying to explain myself and no one would listen. I never even found out where to get the damn things so i had to throw it away.



I graduated high school. That's obviously not special, but the year before I graduated, my brother was involved in a serious accident that left him quite crippled. He put off getting his degree/GED, so now he'll never have it.

My dad cried big time when I walked across the stage.


Sweet As Pie

I was in the vet with my 12-week old kitten and my really stressed out husband because my kitten was peeing blood. There was a bunch of other stuff happening in our lives and everyone was really stressed. We were waiting for the vet to come in and I was freaking out over the kitten (I thought he had urinary crystals like my older cat) and I was holding him and crying and I was talking about how if he had urinary crystals he might die because he was so little and my husband was basically like "nothing is going to happen to him, he's our baby" and started crying. It was actually super sweet because we had just adopted out his mom and sister and he was the last foster (saved his pregnant mom from the street) and that was pretty much when my husband decided we were keeping him.

He was ok, btw. The vet couldn't find any sign of infection or crystals and just kept asking me if I had dropped him. I told her no, but that he threw himself into the ground pretty hard a lot while playing. She was kind of giving me the side-eye and then he tried to get down off the exam table, tripped over himself and fell down. She was basically like, "yeah, clumsy little ahole bruised his bladder, he'll be fine". He was, other than the fact that he's still clumsy over a year later.


Unwitting Feelings

I unknowingly friend-zoned a girl hard in college. I didn't find out until a while later, but she had a bit of a crying freakout during class shortly after and ran out. I only know because my now wife was in her class.


Reasons My Child Is Crying

During my pediatrics rotation in medical school, we spent a day at a day care. I was chaperoning a bunch of preschoolers on the playground and one of them asked me to push her on a swing. While doing so, I decided to make small talk since I had no idea how to interact with children (still don't). I said "So, about to start elementary school huh? Which school are you going to?" She had a look of complete shock, stopped the swing, and screamed "I don't know!!!" then broke down in tears and ran away from me. My instincts kicked in and I immediately walked in the opposite direction nonchalantly so the employees wouldn't suspect me. I didn't go into pediatrics.


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