People Break Down How They've Improved Their Quality Of Life
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It doesn't have to take much to completely alter your life.

What can happen is you get into your own head, thinking there needs to be some grand, sweeping act that shifts your entire life's direction. Without this large gesture, then there is no change.

Really, all it takes is a commitment to something small and the results can begin showing up sooner than you think.

Reddit user, u/colorfulsoul_, wanted to know the secrets to turning your life around when they asked:

"What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?"

There might be a way to make your life better, today, right now.

Just go to sleep.

Nothing Good Happens After 11p

"Sleeping when I'm sleepy"


Who Knew Laundry Could Weigh So Heavily?

"Throwing out ALL my socks and buying a single type."

"No more looking for pairs."


"This, and buying a mesh laundry bag with a zipper."

"when it comes time to fold your clothes, no more looking for that missing sock - they're all in the bag!"


When Are You Seriously Going To Talk?

"Deleting all the people from high school I don't see anymore from social media"


"I did this too. Was one of my best decisions. Social media has never been a kind place for me."


Or Really Any Online Toxic Culture

"Stopped playing league of legends"


Physically, there's a lot we could all be doing. While the thought of going to the gym feels like a death sentence to some, in ten or twenty years that sentence could be paying you back with interest.

Let Your Mind Clear While Clanging And Banging

"43y.o. Started exercising regularly again. 4x a week. Forget the physical benefits for a minute, the mental benefits outweigh the "gains" all day."


"This is exactly why I finally took up exercise. I've never considered myself a FITNESS GIRL by any means, but last winter my mental health took such a hit that I had to try something, and I liked it so much I'm still sticking with it."


It's Probably Easier To Walk Up The Stairs Too, Huh?

"Quitting smoking. I couldn't imagine life without it back then. But man is life better without a constant need like that, not to mention all the health benefits."


Get Into Nature

"Hiking in mountains. It's quite hard to explain why. It just feels like finally I've found some sort of peace or some sort of home. Or probably one of the most important parts of self."


You Only Get The One Set

"Flossing. I never saw the dentist as a kid, and no one really pushed me to or cared about my dental health."


"As an older redditor who had poor dental hygiene growing up: keep at it."

"Getting old sucks as it is but its even worse when you have a problem that could have been avoided."


Invest In Your Body, If You Can

"Bought an expensive (think: 1000 Euros) office chair."

"Now neither back nor butt hurts after 10 hours of home office work."


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A New Way To Get To Sleep Faster

"It's something I did when I was younger, but life kinda got in the way........I just recently started again and am so glad I did. Swimming. It is such a stress reliever and makes you tired in that way you sleep like a log at night."


Not everything is physical, and not everything is going to happen today, but real change begins to slowly unravel in time.

No, You're Not JUST Tired

"Eating healthy. It's amazing after you realize how much you feel like sh-t after you just took down a double cheese burger, extra large fries, and a large coke, but at the time, you don't realize it and just "think" you're tired. Good eating habits and exercising changed my life."


Learn To Do What You Love Because You Love It

"To do the things that I love without being desirous of superficial success. This lesson largely sprung because I was into writing fiction, and as we all know it's not that financially rewarding. When I got over the fact that not everything has to eventually have a financial outcome, and that it needn't necessarily to turn into a career, I leaned towards many things in my life that made be a better person - things that a stable job could never hope to provide."

"And this eventually led me to have better relationships, make braver decisions, and stand up for myself."


Just Say, "No."

"Learning to be okay with saying "no" and starting off all relationships (personal and professional) with healthy boundaries. You don't ever need an excuse to say "no" to if you don't want to do something."

"Don't feel like going out with friends that night? No thank you."

"Don't want to work an extra shift at your place of employment if it's not mandatory? No thanks boss!"

"Boundaries are amazing, and when set from the beginning, they are much easier to maintain for your own mental well being."


To Quote: Just Do It

"Making decisions without constantly overthinking about them."

"I was in a dreadful, toxic work environment. I loved my peers but management significantly impacted my ability to maintain my aspiration to grow with the company. My mental health started to suffer, began drinking heavily, gained lots of weight and could not wake up in the mornings to drive to work. All of this toxicity for a close to minimum wage job."

"I was always overthinking about quitting and my fears of not finding another job. Not being able to pay my bills. What my girlfriend at the time would think of me if I was jobless."

"One day, I decided to take a calculated risk and stop overthinking. I quit, with no back up. I decided I would go back to school with my small savings and get a proper education. In hopes that I would have a stable salary."

"Once after taking that leap, my college professor knew a tech recruiter that worked at a massive organization. I was quickly recommended by the professor, got the job, and am now financially stable. Most importantly, my mental health is back in a steady state."

"Sometimes, you just have to trust that the universe will guide you through all these deep and dark paths, so you can arrive at your blissful destination"


It's Not As Important As You Think

"Letting my pride and ego take hits. I used to have been such a 'me, me, me' person in my early life. When I allowed myself to be taken down a peg or two, I started having new perspectives on life and people around me."


"It's a great lesson for young people: If you're wrong about something, don't double-down on it, just admit fault, learn, and keep it movin'. We all make mistakes, let's quit pretending we're somehow "better" than everybody else!"


There can be real change in your life so long as you stick with, hold it in your life every day, and work towards something. Trying to be better is enough, and we all deserve it.

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