A series of YELP reviews can make or break a business.

Part of the anxiety in owning a business is the uncontrollable and lasting feedback from online reviews. One employee's off day mixed with a cranky customer can lead to lower ratings and even lost business. It seems like even the worst behaved customers can get away with anything.

But Redditor u/sam123786 wanted to turn the tables, and asked people to imagine a a reverse YELP where customers are rated, and people shared the reviews they would leave.

20. Cheer up!

"0/10 did not smile"


19. These dramatic customers

"The couple that spent most of their visit at the restaurant kissing and cuddling. Their food's obviously gone cold but they've eaten almost all of it, leaving a tiny bit of peas and fishbones on the plates. Asked for a dessert menu and went to the terrace to smoke, came back after good half hour, plates taken away and table cleaned. Got furious saying 'how could you take our food away, we're not paying the bill'. Literally 5 peas on the plates. 0/10"


18. People act very differently when you're not face-to-face

"Racist, insufferable client attacked me over an issue I was helping him/her fix, insulted my English and generally was a xenophobic and racist person. 0/5 would not recommend.

You really don't know how trashy people can be until you're tech support. Not seeing your face makes them a heck of a lot more rude and racist."


17. Max was a good man

"When I used to work at my parents deli a few years back, our deli's neighbor, Max, used to come in to the store at 5 AM and make himself coffee, untie the newspapers, and ******** a bit with dad. This guy also taught me about baseball and the Yankees when I was a kid. He also showed me how to play golf. He was the grandpa that I never had in America. RIP Max. 5 out of 5."


16. The entitlement is real

"I worked at a bagel shop in a retirement community in Arizona and it was snowbird season (snowbirds are retired people from colder places who spend the winter in Arizona). A lot of our customers were... I guess entitled is the right word to use. I had a man lecture me and my manager for a good 20 minutes about how the tomatoes on his sandwich weren't ripe enough. I had a woman who made us remake her sandwich 5 times because the bagel wasn't toasted to her liking."


15. This disgusting customer

"Customer **** on the floor and some people fell in it. Not impressed, had to clean it up."


14. New gloves weren't fresh enough


"I told customer that he wasn't allowed in the store and he pushed past me then complains to me about not being smart enough about the coronavirus after I put on a fresh glove. He didn't even tip. 1/5"


13. Budget for tips

"Our number one rule - always tip well. We are teaching our kids if you don't have enough $ for the tip - get fast food or eat at home."


12. A desperate customer

"She pried open two sets of doors after we had been closed for 30 minutes. 0/5 stars for being unable to read the print on those doors that say when we close."


11. They didn't understand fractions

"'A lady became angry and confused when she was told that a half pepperoni, half vegetable pizza still costs as much as a whole pizza. 0/10 brain cells.'"


10. Most parents wouldn't do this

"Her kids dropped the popcorn so she asked me for a broom to let them clean it up themselves. I said it wasn't necessary but she insisted that she wanted to raise them to be conscious of the fact that when they make a mess someone has to clean it up. Nice lady. 5/5"


9. A handsome guest


"I stayed at an AirBnB in China and my host reviewed me.

Google translation: 'Very Handsome Big Boy'"


8. Kindness matters

"This girl was clearly having a bad day. She seemed really angry and upset. I tried my best to help, but there wasn't much I could do. I took her order, served her as usual. She got a call and walked out of the restaurant. I went to the table and found a 50 dollar bill and a sweet little note about how her husband died and she really appreciates my patience. 5 stars, best customer."


7. Cashiers don't control the price of milk

"The lady who yelled at me on the second day of my first job over the price of milk can have a solid 1 star."


6. The model customer

"Came in. Ordered. Ate their food in silence. Left minimal mess and a reasonable tip. Then buggered off.

My perfect customer.

5 stars."


5. The police had to get involved with this one...

"Drunken fool tried to return half bottle of booze because it 'tastes off.' Watch him get in his car and promptly called police to report drunken driver."


4. A repeat offender

"A customer walked in the front door of my very closed, curbside only pub today and asked if we had any steak. He had to ignore a giant sign saying PLEASE STAY OUTSIDE WE WILL BRING YOUR PHONE/ONLINE ORDER OUT TO YOU. Zero out of five stars. I almost had a rage stroke."


3. Not a pervert

"Nice, pleasant man. Always orders the same sandwich every time, making preparing for him simple despite the complicated sandwich. Tips well, never talks longer it takes to complete his order. Also, the only male regular over 50 that doesn't leer at my coworker. 5 stars."


2. Just tell the truth!


"She lied about her hair history, wanted white blonde in one session on her 'virgin' dark hair that the strand test determined was a lie. Said she could do it herself at home, turned hair orange instead. Came back to get a color correction and after explaining why she couldn't have blonde she said she'd settle for anything but orange and lighter than the dark. Gets a beautiful chocolate/caramel color and cries because it's not blonde and too expensive, and also leaves no tip. -5 stars, not worth my time"


1. This customer wanted VIP access

Guy comes in in the middle of the festival, no reservation, by car, and blames ME because it took him 2 hours to go the entrance of the city to my hotel because there are 200,000 people walking around the streets, and police barages to help the flow of pedestrians.

Then he blames ME again because he did all of this for nothing because we're full. What did he think would happen, walking-in with no reservation during the city's largest festival?

1 star, would not recommend.


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