People Imagine What Their Warning Label Would Caution Others About Them
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We live in a world where pretty much everything has a warning label - except maybe the thing that needs it most ...

Other. People.

Admit it, you're exhausted dealing with people who appear to be one thing but turn out to be something wildly different. Even worse - people who are totally cool until you find out they have one seriously major deal-breaking "quirk." Mine was a guy who was awesome until you were in a car with him and found out he would swerve all over the road to purposefully try and hit iguanas.

He didn't care that he was putting everyone else on the road in danger, he didn't care how upsetting it was for his passengers. He felt it was his "duty as a patriot" to kill them since they are invasive to our area.

I'm pretty sure everyone would have 100% appreciated a warning label on THAT guy.

Reddit user Mypulse asked:

From now on, everyone has a warning label displayed over their heads. What does yours say?

People's responses were surprisingly honest!



"Will probably forget your name"

- SpudeGG

Just Awkward

Warning: Appears indifferent to everything you say but is actually just socially awkward.

- jaleneropepper


Warning: Can be very condescending! (that means he talks down to people)

- Demondujour

May Be A Vampire

Warning: Do Not expose to light or hot temperatures.

- TerpNinjee



Warning: Pisses self when laughs too hard.

Kegles ladies, kegles.

- Scottstot2013

Do Not Attempt

Warning: Thinks it's existence is a burden on others. It has very low self esteem, do not attempt to praise it.

- BerdFan

Closer Than It Appears

Warning: B*tchy side is closer than it appears.

- Dotdotdotcharming

Do Not Disturb

Warning: Crippling ADHD. DO NOT DISTURB.

- CeasarSallad


Warning: Probably has no idea what you just said so feel free to repeat yourself.

- PokyCivi

Look Away


Warning: Dance moves are too fire and will burn you if you stare at them too long.

- Broccoli_Sucks


The girl who read Percy Jackson in fifth grade and thinks she knows everything about Greek mythology.

- Oliviasneezes



- Justherefordamememes

No Decaf

Warning: Unstable when decaffeinated. Proceed with caution.

- eternalrefuge86


Warning: Overshares, contains anxiety, struggles with self worth and fears panic attacks or any situation that could cause panic, hates driving, don't you hate it? Been in like six accidents. When I was younger I used to...

- Clearlynotahobbit

A Safe Distance


Beware: Klutzy and Uncoordinated. Maintain distance.

- cocktail_adventures


Warning: releases noxious greenhouse gasses after consuming dairy.

- WTFishsauce

Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory

Explicit Lyrics.

- Benjimima

In Song Form

Warning, will talk about themself, in SONG form.

- anadacragamakala

No Hablo Ingles

Warning: I will pretend I don't speak English If I don't know you.

- WholeWheatPretzel

Every Dog


Warning: only discuss politics if you're open to civil, impersonal conversation. And; she must stop to pet every dog she sees.

- helloth3r33212

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