People Imagine Which Illegal Things Will Likely Be Legal In 60 Years


A society should ideally always be moving forward, improving past what they were. If we're constantly stuck within the ways of the past then nothing new can be accomplished. Hopefully, we realize laws meant to protect people are actually outdated, hurting us more than helping. Things like alcohol, interracial marriage, and birth control all at one point were illegal before being allowed. If we want to improve our country in the next 60 years, things need to change.

Reddit user, u/josh_sm, wanted to know what to look forward to in the future when they asked:

What Illegal thing, will likely be legal 60 years in the future?


fully autonomous cars without supervision


I personally dont look forward to autonomous cars because I enjoy getting the idea of working on a car then driving it around and testing it, feeling the performance. I also do not like the idea of being stuck in a metal box controlled by a robot going 80 miles per hour down a highway


We've Walked Through The Gateway

Probably some harder drugs.


Honestly it's probably a good thing, if you look at countries like Portugal that decriminalized them (different than legalizing but still) the overdose and even usage rates dropped.

Plus you'd be eliminating drugs laced with other substances which are some of the leading causes of overdoses.


Batman, But With Rules

Vigilantism, but it'll require a master's degree and professional certification & licensing, liability insurance etc.


IMO that would make vigilantes less popular not as "legendary" as before.

Also, that just sounds like police with extra steps...



Hopefully homosexuality and gay marriage in ALL countries of the world.


Getting Crunk On The Road

Driving with alcohol in your car.


If self driving cars gain popularity and get safer, then driving with or under the influence of anything wont be an issue


Seriously. How Is This Still Illegal?

Donating blood as a gay man in the USA.


For Better And For Worse

Human Genetic manipulation


I am worried that there will be a new echelon of peoples, a group which will end up despising the non-augmented, disease-prone fools; in other words justified, objective racism. Oh, and this tech will be used by the rich and powerful first and foremost so have fun with the gap between the rich and poor becoming forevermore defined by what you are, not who you are.

You could grow up, live and then die under a ruler who would then watch your child grow up after you were gone. It reminds me of the quote;

"as long as men die, the power will return to the people."

Dictators will live longer, scheme clearer and won't have their reigns cut short by disease half as often - this terrifies me beyond all else.

There are always two sides to an argument and with technology like this the sides are more intense and important then ever; with all massive change comes massive risks.

The question "what is a human" also comes about and the ideal of an optimal man becomes more clear and sought after - gone will be the days where actual difference is celebrated.

I mourn the death of nature and difference quietly, as the pain this will alleviate is unbelievable, but I it mourn all the same...


We REALLY Want This To Happen

Shrooms and most other psychedelics hopefully


Fun fact: they became illegal in the first place because of a bunch of claims that people were committing murders/suicides while high on LSD. All of these claims were later found to be false.


SERIOUSLY. Make This Happen.

Psilocybin, the chemical component in various species of mushrooms.

Trials are being ran right now through Johns Hopkins University. It's showing incredible effectiveness used with psychotherapy, for curing treatment resistant depression, helping long term smokers quit smoking who have tried before, and more. The incredible thing is that some of these trials consist of very few actual drug treatments, such as 1 or 3, in the span of months (unlike nicotine patches or SSRIs, which need to be taken daily).

It's bizarre that something that could potentially and significantly lower the number of suicide, an average of 123 people dying every day in the United states alone, is illegal and not accessible.


The World's Oldest Profession

Weed is the obvious answer so I'm going to say prostitution.


I think prostitution will be legal and highly regulated. The government will get its whistle wet with weed and it'll want additional sources of revenue. I think it'll be a big money maker for everyone involved, but it's going to take a battle that the US isn't ready to wage.


The End Of It All



Probably the most important thing. Lots of people right now experiencing extreme suffering, begging for death, only to be forced to endure ever growing amounts of pain.

One of the most f-cked up things currently being done for the sake of "the greater good".


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