People Imagine How They'd Mess With The Paparazzi If They Were Famous


Never from the left!!

Who hasn't daydreamed here and there about what it would be like to be famous? First it means you have an admired talent and then there are fabulous clothes and houses, cars, vacations, the paychecks!!! However there is a dark side to it. THE PAPARAZZI! Watching them torture the famous for sport has been a lesson in be careful of what you wish for, although maybe there are ways around that trap.

Redditor u/Reubend wanted readers to let everyone in on some creative fun by asking... If you were a celebrity, what creative methods would you use to annoy the paparazzi?

Keep it old school...

Drive a mundane car. Not like oh mundane but still expensive no I mean $300 of Craigslist. southparkdudez

Buzzfeed would still turn a 1 year old Corrolla into a story though.

"/u/AllGarbage is super famous and has a net worth of $35 million, but you wouldn't believe what car he drives!" WorkNoRedditYes

Keep them on the payroll...

Copyright my face and name as a brand. Anytime TMZ wants to mention me they'll owe me cash. Plus I'd give the paparazzi so much of myself, I'll become worthless in their eyes. I'll be the celebrity paparazzi are sick of getting easy photos and video of. I'll treat them like my own camera crew until they just run while I chase them yelling "Wait! Look! I'm eating spaghettiO's in nothing but an apron!" 420Ska*kHunt420

What's good for the goose...

Hire people to follow and take pictures of them. Have them go and take creepy pictures looking into the house etc. Paparazzinception... ObiMemeKenobi

Then they go sue you for hiring people and having their privacy violated. MadMrCrazy

Post about the photographers on social media, tag them as producers on your films, thank them in your awards speech, MAKE them famous. Then do the creepy picture stalker thing on them. TheMauveAvenger

I wanna hold them like they do in Texas please...

Just stand there with a poker face looking at them saying nothing. I wanna know how long they stay if someone just stood there blank face at them how long it take before they left. GoldPastures

I always thought about this too. Like what if you stood there for the paparazzi every time you saw them. Would you be able to make pictures of yourself nearly worthless due to the sheer number of them available from various paparazzi? ncf13b

So many options... 

I would wear only copyrighted branded clothing that they would have to blur out. And have a legion of skunks that patrol the edges of my property. I'd hire look a likes to meet me in public washrooms and we would disperse in separate directions. I'd wear reflective jackets to show them in the pictures and blind the ones using flash bulbs.

I'd have an army of drones that rain down on them with water guns with staining dye in them. N3Wm3r1c

Clown people....

  1. Hire a clown to follow me around whenever I go outside.
  2. Become known as the celebrity who always has a clown following him.
  3. Employ dozens more clowns, each of whom wander different areas of the city.
  4. Replace the original clown with an exceptionally attractive woman wearing very little clothing.
  5. Start dressing as a clown.
  6. Hire dozens of attractive women to follow the wandering clowns around.
  7. Quietly move to Scotland. RamsesThePigeon

He beat you there... 

Wear the same outfit every day. callmeEmz

The Daniel Radcliffe strategy.

edit : Someone asked for sourcing. doublestitch

Beat me to it. Really pissed them off when he did it. SuperHotelWorker

Disguises by the ton...

Wear bad disguises. Like a fake nose and an orange wig. Get to be known in the business as bad disguise guy. Get my celebrity friends to wear bad disguises. Get my non-celebrity friends to wear bad disguises. Hire some regular people to wear bad disguises. Soon the paparazzi will have no idea who they're following because there are hundreds, ney thousands of us! Everywhere you look there is a bad disguise. Is it someone famous? Should I follow this bad disguise or that bad disguise? I don't know and I'm so incredibly annoyed by this whole thing! 1214161820

Seeing Red....

A cap and necklace with ultra bright infra-red LEDs, which will completely overpower today's digital cameras. Infra-red light is not visible to our eyes, but digital cameras see them. So the photos they take will be a bright light blur. tinkrman

This is cool to mess with. I first noticed it with the Wii sensor bars and the Xbox Kinect. wheregoodideasgotodi

Take back the power!!

The simplest way would be that clothing that reflects the light back.

Most creative way, livestream Instagram or some social media platform whenever paparazzi is getting pictures of me, beat them to it. letsgetreadytoroomba

The Instagram idea sounds great. Not only are you taking away the exclusivity, you can show the world your followers how scummy those paparazzi are. _ak


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