Be responsible.

Probably tell my friend in high school that he really needs to wear his seatbelt and give him money or punch him in the face or threaten him or anything to make it sink in so he doesn't die when I leave for college.

Always keep the receipts.

Break up with Karen in time to change the plane ticket and resort reservation to someone that wasn't a damn **.

Ah Bitcoin... so confusing.

When I decided not to buy or mine Bitcoin at $20.

If only...

I go back to my brothers 18th birthday and tell him not to go to his friends girlfriends house. This would stop him from getting murdered.

There's so much more to see.

Not moving directly to DC after I graduated college.

Hit the books!

I'd go back to the beginning of last year, my final semester in college and I'd try a lot harder to get job offers instead of just accepting and settling for the place I had my internship at. I knew I wouldn't like it here, I knew the benefits were garbage, but I took it anyway because I was afraid of not getting any other offers if I passed it up. Everyday I sit in this office I wish I could go back and do it again.

Just do it!

Ask out the most beautiful girl I saw in my university course about 16 years ago. I found out much later on she liked me too.

Don't be so negative.

Slap my dumb, idealistic, delusional self in the face and major in finance instead of polisci. The world is crap, you're not gonna change it, study the most profitable thing possible.


I choose not to talk to the crazy hot redhead.

Invest in weed.

I'd go back to the day when I decided to buy my first pack of cigarettes as a teen. This way I would have more money each to buy something more useful and less harmful.

Money, money, money.... it's a rich man's world.

When I changed my major from accounting to marketing. I love marketing, but I'd be making WAY more money in accounting.

Say yes always! Say no later.

Take the offer from a girl I was close with to go out with her in 8th grade.

I have regrets, and there's a lot of things I dislike about my decision, but that's one that which could've solved a lot of problems for me down the road of life.

Don't rock the boat.

None of them. For better or worse, every decision up to this point has made me who I am.

Maybe if I had made a different decision many of the things that have lead me here would have never happened.

I've thought about this before, everything you do and decision you've made has lead you to where you are, changing may not only affect that, but affect those around you.

Think about it, you go back and change a decision you made, maybe that slight change makes you not meet up with a friend, which sets off the original timing and prevents them from meeting their future wife/husband or prevents them from getting through an intersection right before a semi-truck randomly loses control and barrels through it taking their life. Little changes can have large effects.

Use your hands.

I would go back to the end of my senior year and try to get an apprenticeship with a custom furniture maker. Hind sight is 20/20.

Get off Tinder.

When I had a meaningless one night stand while being in a relationship with the women of my life. I would pay any price to undo that.

Think ahead!

The start of high school. Puberty done me good and I had no idea how to handle the attention. I became slutty, bratty, stuck up, careless. Thought I was too hot. I was really smart too, but I let it go to waste. Now i'm jobless, pregnant, and have herpes. Haha karma really showed me

What's in a name?

Buying the stock of some company with a stupid name right after it went public. Google.

Be kind, rewind.

Go back to the day I yelled at the guy at work who had just found out that morning he had terminal cancer (I learned later). And speak calmly instead of yelling.

It was the only time I ever lost my temper with someone at the office. He wasn't the easiest dude to work with, but I made the wrong choice.


I'd go back in time to the point where I was given the option to go back in time.

Stick with water.

I'd tell younger me to not try the tequila dad kept in the freezer. Pretty steadily downhill after that.


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