People Imagine How The Internet Shutting Down Forever Would Impact Their Lives

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Some of us remember a world before the internet took over. We survived, we played outside, and we developed deep meaningful relationships. But imagine if the internet went away, how would your life change? Obviously no more streaming porn, but would you be better off? I think so.

plasticsoda asked, If the internet shut down permanently, how would it affect you?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

No more distractions at work, but also likely no more work.

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Con: lose the thing that keeps me from losing my mind at the job

Pro: lose the job too

This is your warning, you're gonna have to buy physical copies of games. The horror.

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Do we get a warning? I just got a new pc and my steam library hasn't been installed yet.

Good luck understanding most of them without Google.

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I would go back to reading all of the ingredients of my shampoo while making poops.

No more instant information - back to books. Sigh.

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Become less knowledgeable about random stuff.

Forgot the name of that guy in that movie? Too bad. Want a new recipe for potato salad? You're stuck with yours and your neighbors. Curious as to what percentage of the galaxy is Dark Matter? Gonna have to drive to the library and try to find a recent book or paper on the subject.

No more instant maps, and no more jobs making instant maps.

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I make Google maps so I'd be out of work.

Pencils, maps, and probably a compass. Like an animal.

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My glovebox would be filled with maps again.

So much time, so little to do.

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I'd probably have a lot of time on my hands.

Back to real school with real people.

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I work in web development, so I'd have to be re-educated somehow.

Admit it: Google is the smart one, we just regurgitate.

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My perceived IQ drops 80 points. People who thought of me as even vaguely intelligent would see me for the Google reliant sham I truly am.

Is it porn's fault? No more dating apps with no internet.

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My income would increase astronomically. I'm a dancer, and if people couldn't watch porn, there would be so many more people at the club.

What's a book?

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I'd have to start buying physical books again.

If showering is an issue, maybe the internet isn't for you anyway.

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I'd probably finally graduate, read all those books I haven't finished, shower and accomplish many things.

You mean like... meaningful interaction with other people?

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I feel like my life would be better overall, but boring as hell and much more complicated.

No more social media. That would probably save us.

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Lots of folks talking about porn and whatnot, but I think I'd be just at a loss for basic information.

I know the big picture of my life, and the lives of those I love, but how to get into contact with them, what they're actually up to, those sorts of things my brain has offloaded to those peoples various social media platforms.

I think it would polarize me, and everyone I know, into focusing on just those people who surround us and really ignoring anyone who is not already directly connected to us.

And maybe that's not a bad thing.

Are they really friends if you only know them through the internet?

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I'd lose contact with all my friends I've made over the years :/

Publishers would probably be very happy. Back to newspapers and magazines.

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I work in print media, so aside from getting images, fonts and communication, my life would get better.

"Build another one." I like the way they think.

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As a technologist, it would double my workload as my primary focus would be to build another one.

Same goes for most Millennials. We'd sure miss it though.

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It wouldn't. I'm 61. Made it well into adulthood before computers, mobile phones etc.???????

People should go outside more. No internet would ensure that.

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Maybe go outside more, MAYBE.

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