Admit it, we all at one time or another, over the course of life dream about a big payday. No, money isn't everything but bundles and bundles of it can make a lot of situations calmer and more tolerable. When one has an endless well of coin, life seems like an abundance of treasure and possibilities. Yes, life is already filled of treasure but, just imagine how much treasure would be possible with a bank account that has more zeroes than you have ideas.

Redditor Reddit wanted to know how everyone would splurge like crazy people with a limitless bank account by asking.... If you woke up a billionaire tomorrow, what's the most pointless thing you'd buy?



A second gameboy advance so I could trade pokemon with myself. Creepy_Carpenter

Someone's getting an Alakazam! nokittythatsmypie


One of those Roomba lawn mowers. If it's anything like the vacuum then I'm still putting in time watching it making sure it doesn't get stuck somewhere or need cleaning. Snacksmcgee07

Give the landscaping company something likes "mad libs" or "scenes from a hat" where they are randomly giving a bunch of elements and have to make it work as seamlessly as possible.

You'd get some ridiculous stuff, but there'd probably be some awesome gems as well. Considered_Dissent


I thought about buying the most ridiculous PC setup ever, but then realized I wasn't thinking big enough. As a billionaire I could instead buy a company to engineer PCs that would be obsolete in less than a year on my behalf. KillerRabbitX

I think I've seen a video before of someone playing on like a 20K desktop setup. They were in creative and purposely spawning stuff and doing things that would kill any server and handling it with ease. somedude456

Armored Dream. 

A genuine medieval suit of armor for my guy to put on display. PeopleAreIrksome

You can get a full set of functional armor for a few thousand. Check out the Armored Combat League.

This is my friend's youtube page with some videos of fights for those interested. The_R4ke



I'd commission someone to build me a superhero outfit just so that when I have kids and a family, I can have them 'stumble' onto it and pretend that I was a vigilante in my early years. MR-DEDPUL

Tonight's picture is.....

A 1950s style movie theater with balconies and ushers in pillbox hats and shiny brass buttons. It'd be enormous, to fit as many as possible in comfort, with a massive screen and top-of-the-line modern sound system. Tickets at the box office only, cheap prices for all but luxury balconies. High paid staff. Classic concessions, at low prices.

Movies shown would be chosen by me, daily. All my favorites. I'd record an introduction for each movie like Walt Disney, while sitting in a leather back chair in front of a fireplace, wearing a velvet smoking jacket and reading a book. With a corny "Oh, hello there. I didn't hear you come in. Tonight's picture is special to me because," etc.

We'd do theme days. Like Star Wars, in order of episode, on May 4th every year. Or Friday the 13th marathons on Friday the 13th.

Movie genres would be a big range (PG13 and R after 8), but as they would be my picks, there wouldn't be much drama, romance, or Oscar bait. Horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, and comedy though? Oh yeah.

It would operate at a perpetual loss, but I'm a damn billionaire, what do I care? Talmonis

Hear me out. 

A giant boulder.

Hear me out. Ever hear of Levitated Mass in Los Angeles? They brought in a 340 ton boulder as a permanent public art installation at LACMA. The project was estimated at $10 million. I'd like a similar boulder, brought in from a similar distance for my backyard.

I want people to wonder, "Why?" And "How?" Whenever they visit my home and see a large boulder sitting in my yard, serving no purpose but to make people wonder.

They'd have to dismantle pieces of my home, or demolish my neighbor's home to get such a boulder into my backyard.

Perhaps I'd use it as a cornerstone of my house, which would otherwise be made of modern materials, visible from the inside as well as out.

It's the most baller thing I could possibly do. Cho_Zen

A billion +....

I'd finally buy the $800 UCS Millennium Falcon. Then buy enough bricks to build the entire Death Star to scale with it. jonathanquirk

At first I was "oh cool." Then I took a sec to think about how big the to scale death star would be.

You may need more than a billion dollars. cheetosnfritos

Fresh Feet....

New pair of socks everyday. One of the best feelings in the world. 3RunHoHo

You may get sick due the potentially thousands of chemicals used in the textile manufacturing and coloring process, the pesticides the cotton is sprayed with in the field, the fungicides to keep fungus from growing on them in transport, etc.

There is a reason it is recommended to wash underwear before wearing it. marcelowit



A politician. Alideo

What do you do with the other $999,990,000? CakeAccomplice12


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