Anyone who doubted the value a little piece of cardboard could carry should look around the neck of Logan Paul. Pokemon cards are still worth so much!

Not every guilty pleasure will manifest in the coming years as a financially viable interest. They do emerge in a number of ways, through the shows we watch or the music we listen to. There can be a bit of self-imposed resentment over the activities we enjoy. While today's modern internet sensibilities would say "life is short" or "like what you love," when it comes to the matter of money invested, that can bring about a whole other discussion.

Reddit user, u/SAWildDog, wanted to hear what you feel like you should dial back your spending on when they aske:

What is your guilty pleasure that you know you shouldn't spend money on but you do anyways?

Some guilty pleasures shouldn't be frowned upon, as at the end of the expenditure you get to at least walk away with something.

Game After Game After Game...

"Video games"


"Same. I have stacks I have barely played. Some I have never played but I still buy more knowing I probably won't play them either. But Hundle Bundle subscription is so cheap compared to the price you'd pay for that many games. I'm sure I'll find time to play them all. Ohh, look, 12 more games."


"...Keeps play same 3 sandbox games.."


Sending Shiver Down Your Spines

"Halloween decorations. F-ck, any and all horror / spooky stuff I got coffee cups, art, shirts, air fresheners, candles, blankets, that are all horror-related or spooky vibes. I'm just a spooky b-tch and I love it (:"


Just One More Notebook...

"Stationary and art supplies when I already have perfectly usable stuff. Daiso is my favorite store :)"


"When I lived in Japan, I hit Daiso at least once a week. Amazing place."


Some guilty pleasures can feel a little out of left field. An activity not everyone knows about, but one you enjoy regardless.

Creating Life

"plants 🌱 getting better at shopping clearance plants and bringing them back to life rather than buying new tho"


"Same, I like to rescue the cactuses on "death row" that are half dead and marked down for under a dollar. So far, all my rescues have thrived, been repotted a bunch, and some even had little cactus babies!!"


Gambling On A Way Out

"I play lotteries. Not because I think it's fun, but it's the only way I can think of to try and save myself from enduring office work for the rest of my adult life."


Making Your Own Life Sweeter

"Haagen Daaz and or Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, vanilla. Also Key Lime Pie. Good Lord do I love me some Key Lime Pie."


​And then there's these pleasures, which could be considered shameful by some, but remember, it's the age of the internet. Like what you love.


"I have a vast collection of the original 1998 special edition Furbys. I usually spend between $50-$200 on any of the ones I've gotten so far. All I need is 1 more and the collection is finished. wish me luck"


Different Ways To Play The Game

"Dice. I literally just blew $14 on a set of shiny click clack rocks because they had tiny penguins inside the clear plastic."

"Also yes I am in debt. But goddamn will I be the envy of the table when I bust out the penguin dice during D&D this Saturday."


One. More. Set...



"I can concur I definitely don't have the room for my sets yet, but I still keep buying them."


"I was gifted a set that is 3,500+ pieces. It's 8 boxes and I've spent about 6 hours on it so far, I am just getting started on the second box. It's very therapeutic for me actually. I catch up on podcasts, ignore my phone, I really enjoy it."


Remember, enjoy what you like. Just be sure you can afford your bills for the month and take care of those in your life who need it!

Otherwise, go nuts! Buy your Furbies and dice!

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