"When they go low, we go high."

Mighty words spoken by Michelle Obama.

That sentence has become a mantra.

Sometimes the stronger path is the one where you just move on.

But that can be a difficult pill to swallow.

Revenge is tricky. Often you can't control it.

RedditorLivyzmywanted to hear about all the times revenge got out of control. They asked:

"Have you ever purposefully tried to get revenge on someone only to realize it hurt them way worse than you intended? If so, what did you do?"

I'm trying, Michelle, but the devil is always ready to tempt me.

Family Ties

siblings fighting GIF by sam maurerGiphy

"Every sibling on here has at least one story where you def didn’t mean to push them/hit them/throw that thing that hard."


Bad Kids

"My friend was on the bus waiting to leave school. Younger kid was being mouthy and pissing people off so my friend said something along the lines of 'God, your parents must hate you.' Turns out the kid was an orphan."


"In school there was a kid I was friends with. He had a foster family. Can't remember what he did, but he pissed me off and I called him a b**tard."

"He then said something, like, 'yeah I don't know who my father is.' I felt bad over it, but I had used the b**tard as just a swear word and hadn't meant the non married parents definition. The dictionary even gives one definition as, 'an unpleasant or despicable person.' Either way, I tend to avoid using that word now."


“Now I’M the boss!”

"My brother is 7 years older than me (female). He was always way too rough and wild with me. One time when I was 6 and he was 13, we were playing cops and robbers. I was the cop and thought, 'Now I’M the boss!' So I took that opportunity to put him in jail- which was in the basement- by Sparta kicking him square in the back from the top of the stairs."

"He had to jump to catch himself so he didn’t break his neck. His foot hurt for several days but my mom told him to walk it off. Yeah… he broke his foot. I still feel bad about it."


Sorry, Ben...

"This kid named Ben kept winning at crap. He was smart as mess with math. I was jealous because my parents really wanted me to be good at math and I had a very difficult time with it. He also got to be patrol captain and even though I applied I didn’t get to be one. I was a short kid, like third shortest in the class."

"It was elementary school so people care about that. So we had this exercise where we practiced compliments. I said to Ben 'I like you because you make me feel tall!' He cried. It was his birthday. Sorry, Ben, I hope you don’t remember that."


Drink This

Choking Cbs GIF by HULUGiphy

"My sister was being a fool to me as a kid, so when I next gave her a glass of milk, I put some kernels of corn in it, thinking it would gross her out. It didn't. It choked her. Cut to me giving my kid sister the Heimlich, and apologizing for years after."


I never drink anything offered by my siblings. I've learned.

The Lark

Rap Rapper GIF by Lil DurkGiphy

"A band once wrote a diss track about me. As a lark, I made a video for it and claimed their band name as a domain to host it. I shared it to Petty Revenge and then Reddit doxxed the band. Felt awful."


Root Beer Concern

"So when we were kids, my little brother loved root beer. Had as many as mom would give him every day. When I was 10 & he was 8, he did something particularly annoying, and I pulled him into a room and told him, very seriously, that he had a drinking problem. He was super confused and didn't know what I meant. I told him, Craig, root beer is roots and BEER."

"And you always want more. You have a beer problem. Now, we didn't know until later, but my brother is super autistic, and he believed me very literally. About 6 or so years after that, we went to a family dinner at my mom's favorite Mexican restaurant and were ordering our drinks. My mom asked my brother why he didn't want the root beer, he used to love it?"

"They have a really good one on tap. My poor, sweet brother looked at my mom so earnestly and told her that he can't have root beer anymore because he used to have an addiction, so he can't ever have root beer again. My mom immediately knew that I was behind it, and I still haven't lived it down."


Caleb from town

"I was in Grade 8, we had this new kid named Caleb move to our town. He came from a rough home in a different city and had been sent to live with is aunt and uncle in our small little town. Anyways, he managed to fit in pretty well and became friends with most of the boys in fairly short order."

"So, one day at recess, all the boys are playing basketball outside on a cement pad with hoops at either end. Caleb, hoping to show off how tough he is, decides to start not playing by the rules. He's committing hard fouls, literally punching other kids in the arm when they went up for shots, he missed one time and punched a kid in the face."

"And he says 'what, we're playing by street rules?' A couple days later, he's still doing this and still using the same excuses. We've all told him to stop and play normal, but he won't. So I decide it's time to teach him a lesson. I get the ball right under the hoop, fake like I'm going up for the shot to get him off his feet. Then I bend at the hips and get really low."

"His knees basically come in contact with my side and he does a full flip and lands flat on his a**. I stand back up, make my shot, and say 'street rules, right?' It's at this point I notice he's actually in quite a lot of pain. Turns out he broke his tailbone. But when he recovered, you better damn well believe he played basketball by the rules."


I know I failed

"We had one person in our group in University who was not pulling his weight. He would submit things translated from different languages that were not in English, he would submit them without any references and he would never attend meetings. Looking back he was probably just out of his means but it didn't feel like he was even trying."

"My group decided, on a day he didn't come to class to (we assume) purposefully avoid a meeting we had planned for right after, to tell him we had had a very large test that day he had missed. We just sent some messages in the group chat saying 'that was a hard test' and 'does anyone know how much that was weighted? I know I failed.'"

"One look at the course outline and you could see we had not had a test. He dropped the class the next day."


Hard Kick

kick in nuts GIFGiphy

"One time my brother poked my sides while I was washing dishes… I retaliated by donkey kicking his groin with all my force. I’d never done that to anybody before.. and I learned to only do that to my worst enemies. (Sorry bro)."


Go High. Just try. Deep breathes. Revenge never makes you feel the way you think it's going to anyway...

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