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According to one misguided interpretation of The Clown Prince of Crime: "We live in a society."

This "society" can dictate a lot of our actions if we're not too careful, dragging our decision making away from critical thought all because we see it as "glamorous" or "vogue" or "something all the cool kids are doing."
However, if you remove yourself from the situation, take a look at it with an objective mind, you'll actually see what you're doing is not glamorous. It's toxic. And wrong.

Reddit user, u/Bootyshortsforcorgis, wanted to know what you shouldn't fall for when they asked:

What's something that people glamourize but it's actually just extremely toxic?

Just when you think you're doing something with a positive impact on someone's life, turns out you've gone and made the wrong decision.

Be Selective With Whom You Tell This To

"Be yourself", "You're perfect just the way you are", and "Never let anyone change you" are double edged swords that enable horrible people to justify continuing to be horrible or continue destructive behaviors that harm themselves or the people around them."

"Sometimes people need to change."


"It's also a cheap way out of growing yourself."

"I like 'be the person you want to be' much more than 'be yourself'. It recognizes that yeah, we each have our own shortcomings, and we shouldn't just accept every single bad trait, but at the same time, we can also accept ourselves knowing that were taking steps towards improvement."

"Especially when it comes to dating, you often get the advice that 'hey, just be yourself and talk to her/him'. That isn't really helpful if someone's 'self' is an awkward, nervous wreck. I think that telling someone to just accept who they are and their feelings in the moment is far better advice, because it recognizes the problem, and the fact that it's natural to be a bit on edge in that situation."


"Creates the sort of people sharing memes like "if you can't handle me at my doodliest, you don't deserve me at my diddliest"


Treat Them Like Who They Are: People

"Treating disabled people as if they were there just to inspire non-disabled people. Just let them be, it's not their job to inspire you"


"As a disabled person, I've lost count of the amount of times I've been called "inspirational" purely for still existing. Like, I'm just alive, I've done nothing spectacular."


Think About What You're Really Saying

"Glow ups" usually meaning someone just lost weight and became more of the conventional standard for being attractive."


Interesting Take

"Daddy issues.
Daddy issues has been made to look like a choice, or just being freaky in bed, or made to look like merely a sexual preference.
Whilst having daddy issues feels like constant torture. You blame yourself for what your father failed to reach or give you when you were younger.
It hurts all the time."


Developing a misguided work ethic can come without much self-input. If you're working on a team, surrounded by people chasing that "hustle," then odds are you're going to be staying late, working overtime, and ignoring the people you have waiting for you at home.

Completely Devoted To A "Company"

"Working long hours"


"I worked for a manager once who, while bragging about his dedication to the company, proudly declared that he hadn't spent Thanksgiving with his family in 11 years. Sorry, dude. That's not something to be proud of."


People Describe The Worst Adult Tantrum They've Ever Witnessed | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

"Adding to that, misplaced loyalty to a company."

"I had a part time job at Tesco's once as a student (supermarket chain in the UK). This particular branch was a Tesco Express, which is very small like a corner shop or bodega."

"The manager was a horrible woman in her 50s called Andrea who would try and boast how she had been working at Tesco since she was 16, she seriously saw herself as a huge success because she'd gone from a shelf stacker to manager over a period of 30 years."

"I would have felt a little sorry for her if she wasn't such a total B*TCH all the bloody time."


Killing Yourself For The "Hustle"

"Working overtime on a daily basis."


"I see this a lot with new hires, who think that working themselves to death will impress the company and help them advance."

"Too many good people have burned out on lack of sleep, rest, and too many energy drinks, just to try to impress an uncaring boss."

"Sadly, so many of them don't listen."


Get Those Late Hours, Bro

"Being sleep deprived"


"Just had a conversation today with a colleague about how the worst thing you can do to yourself is deprive your body a good night rest. He looked at me like a grew a 2nd head when I informed him I prioritize at least 8-9 hours of sleep daily."


Seriously. Just Relax.

"Hard work."

"I see people working overtime for free, accept horrible working conditions, sacrificing time with their loved ones then falling depressed because their work is exploiting their hard worker attitude. Then a year later that same employer lays them off without a thought and then they feel betrayed after all their personal sacrifices they made for that job."

"In the end majority of employers are more concerned for their bottom line and if you are in the way of that they will let you go no matter what sacrificase you made and how hard you worked for them."

"I have been there myself I went through a phase in my early 20s where I wanted to keep that image of a hard worker, it got me no where."

"Be a smart worker and unless you are extremely fortunate and work for yourself or your job genuinely brings you joy, remember that you are there for a pay check to support and pay for the more important things in life."

"Do not let your work consume you and don't let your hard worker attitude be exploited by others."


This has already proved to be a big issue with the inexperienced-in-love group. When you don't have proper guidance, or gentle experiences, most of your knowledge about being a relationship can come from movies.

Which isn't great.

Screams Loud And Clear

"People that describe their relationship as "when it's bad it's bad, but when it's good it's like nothing you've ever known" (or some variation of this). Like nahhh, that screams abusive to me."


"That's called a trauma bond"


Don't Burn The Ones You Love For 'Likes'

"Tiktok trends that challenge or test trust in relationships. It's not funny or cool to mess with someone's feelings and trust just for more views."


"If a girl locked me outside the car and started threatening to go through my phone(a trend right now), I would pretend to be okay with it, let her do the snooping to clear her pretenses, then immediately break up with her. If my affirmation is not enough for you, either our trust or your insecurities are not ready for a relationship."


I Love You Debt MUCH

"Huge weddings you can't afford"


"I honestly hate that too! Bride and groom are left broke, and both the families are showing off photos of the reception"


"I only have one thing I tell people when they get engaged : Don't get a loan."

"Everytime they've laughed in my face but then, six months down the line I can see they're deep in the fog and think three grand on an expense for one day "isn't such a bad deal! It has to be perfect!"

"Don't start your marriage in debt for the wedding."


Fighting For No Reason

"Starting arguments with your significant other cause you're bored. People glamorize this a lot actually and that sh-ts annoying no one wants their peace disturbed just because you wanna be immature"


All Together: "No Means No."

"Pursuing a romantic interest after they've turned you down"


"THIS. I was on a discord server during quarantine where amongst many other great people I got to know this guy who took an interest in me, I didn't take an interest in him though so I turned him down. At that time I didn't know yet that before we started talking he started being really interested in another girl who turned him down as well."

"After I turned him down dude started getting obsessed over her again, tried "wooing" her all the time even though she explicitly told him she doesn't want to have any contact with him several times and blocked him on every form of social media. The cherry on top was when several months later he randomly sent flowers to her house on another continent WITHOUT HER EVEN KNOWING HE HAS HER ADDRESS. She told us and someone gave him so much sh-t for that and he just wouldn't see how wrong and creepy that was."

"That was just a fraction of the sh-t he did btw but let's just say I'm pretty glad I didn't start a relationship with him. Real life is not a movie people. When someone tells you to leave them alone leave them the frick alone."


Be aware of what you're doing. Think through your actions. Be considerate of how what you do impacts others.

You know, kindness.

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