People Gave Celebrities The "Bill Nye The Science Guy" Name Treatment—Here Are The Results

People Gave Celebrities The "Bill Nye The Science Guy" Name Treatment—Here Are The Results

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Bill Nye first came to national prominence on a children's television show about science. Nye began his career as a mechanical engineer for Boeing Corporation in Seattle, where he invented a hydraulic resonance suppressor tube aused on 747 airplanes. But "Bill Nye the Mechanical Engineer" isn't that catchy as a title for a TV show, especially one designed for children.

What if every person in the public eye needed to have a catchy nickname? Reddit users Kamehameha_69 asked "If every celebrity had a name like 'Bill Nye the Science Guy,' what would they be called?"

Here are the creative responses.

Jeffrey Dahmer...

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Jeffrey Dahmer the People Nommer

Sylvester Stallone...

[rebelmouse-image 18354306 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Sylvester Stallone the Slurred Monotone

Dr. Phil...

[rebelmouse-image 18354307 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Dr. Phil the psychobabble shill

Christopher Walken...

[rebelmouse-image 18354309 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Christopher Walken, pauses while talkin'

Tommy Chong...

[rebelmouse-image 18354310 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Tommy chong, the old guy with a bong.

Sean Bean...

[rebelmouse-image 18354311 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Sean Bean who dies onscreen

William Shatner...

[rebelmouse-image 18350227 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

William Shatner the Overactor.

Harrison Ford...

[rebelmouse-image 18354312 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Harrison Ford, the Reboot Lord

James Earl Jones...

[rebelmouse-image 18354313 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

James Earl Jones with the Vader tones

Bob Ross...

[rebelmouse-image 18354315 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Bob Ross the Painting Boss

Jackie Chan...

[rebelmouse-image 18354316 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Jackie Chan the does-his-own-stunts man.

Hugh Jackman...

[rebelmouse-image 18354317 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Hugh Jackman the huge jacked man

Tom Cruise...

[rebelmouse-image 18354318 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Tom Cruise the Scientology Ruse

Stephen Fry...

[rebelmouse-image 18354319 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Stephen Fry, the posh English guy

Paula Deen...

[rebelmouse-image 18354320 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Paula Deen the Butter Queen.

Weird Al Yankovic...

[rebelmouse-image 18354321 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Weird Al the Parody Pal

Snoop Dogg

[rebelmouse-image 18354322 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Snoop Dogg the Rolling Fog

Mandy Patinkin

[rebelmouse-image 18354323 is_animated_gif= dam=1 expand=1]

Mandy Patinkin that word does not mean what you're thinkin

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