People Gave Celebrities The "Bill Nye The Science Guy" Name Treatment—Here Are The Results

Bill Nye first came to national prominence on a children's television show about science. Nye began his career as a mechanical engineer for Boeing Corporation in Seattle, where he invented a hydraulic resonance suppressor tube aused on 747 airplanes. But "Bill Nye the Mechanical Engineer" isn't that catchy as a title for a TV show, especially one designed for children.

What if every person in the public eye needed to have a catchy nickname? Reddit users Kamehameha_69 asked "If every celebrity had a name like 'Bill Nye the Science Guy,' what would they be called?"

Here are the creative responses.

Jeffrey Dahmer...

Jeffrey Dahmer the People Nommer

Sylvester Stallone...

Sylvester Stallone the Slurred Monotone

Dr. Phil...

Dr. Phil the psychobabble shill

Christopher Walken...

Christopher Walken, pauses while talkin'

Tommy Chong...

Tommy chong, the old guy with a bong.

Sean Bean...

Sean Bean who dies onscreen

William Shatner...

William Shatner the Overactor.

Harrison Ford...

Harrison Ford, the Reboot Lord

James Earl Jones...

James Earl Jones with the Vader tones

Bob Ross...

Bob Ross the Painting Boss

Jackie Chan...

Jackie Chan the does-his-own-stunts man.

Hugh Jackman...

Hugh Jackman the huge jacked man

Tom Cruise...

Tom Cruise the Scientology Ruse

Stephen Fry...

Stephen Fry, the posh English guy

Paula Deen...

Paula Deen the Butter Queen.

Weird Al Yankovic...

Weird Al the Parody Pal

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg the Rolling Fog

Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin that word does not mean what you're thinkin

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