People Explain Which Thing A Teacher Imparted That's Always Stayed With Them

Teachers are our heroes. We don't pay them enough. They dish out wisdom like candy and students have to be listening to receive it. Teach the children that. Be willing to listen. Our teachers are the gateway to the future. No, not every teacher is perfect, many humans are flawed but most teachers aren't trying to be perfect, they're just trying to be the best educators.

Redditor u/d1_light wanted to hear from everyone who has walked away from school with wisdom by an educator... teachers need to hear this most... so they asked... What did a school teacher say that stuck with you?



"Have I been respectful to you?"

Me: "well, yeah"

"Are you being respectful to me?"

Simple words. They have guided me so much. JustGreenGuy7

Good People. 

Ended every class with "You're good people." Atevs

My algebra teacher ends every class with "have a good day, be nice to people." Such a small thing but it's sweet. ararlynn


My teacher told me that I had a beautiful soul and mind, which I took as meaning that I was fugly and was being pitied, but later on realized that it was her way of showing me special attention because I was an introverted loner. korafay

So Young. 

"I know what it is to be young but you don't know what it is to be old"

I don't know why and how it came up, but our English teacher asked me if I understand that. It was the first year and I was 10, and I definitely did not understand. But it somehow stuck in my mind as the sound of the sentence, until I could decipher the memory in retrospect. sinabey



I once asked my teacher something about a subject. And she said, "I don't know, but I'll do some research and get back to you tomorrow." kskii_IV

only responsible for yourself.....

"When I seem confused, distracted, frustrated, or on edge, remember that I, as a parent, have to keep track of several people simultaneously, and provide for them, and I have to do that while anticipating the future and dealing with the consequences of the past. You, as a kid, are only responsible for yourself, for the most part". 0ttr

The 7th Grade. 

One day in 7th grade our principal came into the homeroom class and wrote on the board "$19.32" in big numbers. He got our attention and announced to the class: "This (pointing at the number) is what you are worth. Every day you come to class, the school gets $19.32 from the state for each of you. So if you are sick, you should still come to class, go to the nurse, and get sent home. That way the school will still get its $19.32."

That was the day I stopped caring about school. I'm pretty sure he was trying to increase attendance and believed what he said was positive. But when a person you're supposed to respect tells you you're worth less than a 20 dollar bill. Starlight_OW


First day off science class: "Many of the topics I will be teaching you this year will likely be proven false throughout your life." AlarmingNectarine

I love teachers that are honest with students. Simply saying something like "you'll never need to know this but it's part of the exam so we have to" is so much more likely to get me to learn something than just saying "it's important". Sounds like an ace teacher. TannedCroissant

Be a Knife?

"You're a spoon in a knife block" when asked why most of my friends were high achievers and I was only average. wildthings

I think that's low key what the professor was getting at? I hope so at least. School isn't about being smart. It's about being really good at playing a particular type of game.

It's honestly a fantastic analogy. You can cut stuff with a spoon; it just requires more effort. 100100110l

Armageddon Mom....


"Once you're an adult, you choose your own fate. Your mom won't control you anymore."

  • this came from a 9th grade Algebra 1 teacher who took the time to tutor me. My mom was/is a antivaxxing, cult following nut bag who didn't think school was important because Armageddon is coming. I was terrible at math until I met him.

It's been 25 years and I think of this teacher still, I am grateful. Don't talk to mom anymore, she got tired of me asking where Armageddon was. bluegoddess13


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