People Explain Why They Walked Out Of A Job Interview


Job hunting is tough, and it gets worse when the interview is lousy.

Everyone knows the pain of filling out job applications and hoping for a response. When you finally do get an interview, the least you can hope for is for the experience to be professional from the employer's end. Of course, some interviewers prove to be unprepared, or even rude. The worse is going in to discuss a potential job, and the job is nothing like the description you applied for.

Redditor u/poolguy8 asked people, "What made you walk out of an interview?" and answers flooded in of all too familiar job interview horror stories.

20. Too stinky

"Interviewer farted and boy did it stink"


19. Being hired required a makeoverĀ 

"IT guy applying for a Job with minimal human contact. was basicly hired but then they got dead serious and told me 'only if you cut your beard and hair'.

I had my hair and beard done by a barber the day before, went from *** to shoulder length."


18. Switched up the interview

"During the interview they just told me I was getting interviewed for a totally different position. I just said no thanks and walked right out"


17. That was awkward...


"I was 15 and applied for a job at a restaurant. They asked me why I would like to have this job?

I told them that being a waiter just always was some kind of a dream. It was quiet for almost 20 seconds and then one of them said it's a self-service restaurant.

I walked out and deciced to prepare myself a bit more for a future job!"


16. They wished they walked out...

"I've been in a couple of interviews where I was under qualified for the job but instead of wrapping up the interview quickly the hiring manager clearly enjoyed putting me on the spot and grilling me with questions I couldn't answer. Unfortunately, I was too inexperienced the first time to walk out."


15. So edgy!

"Not me, but my sister had an interview for a bar managers job for this 'hip' joint in town. The owner did the interview then gave her an 4 page document that was like the bars mission statement. This statement was full of words like edgy, hip, urban and the like. She actually went back and counted how many times the word edgy was used, 47! Tried to take photos but was being watched too closely!"


14. They tried to get political

"In an interview, I asked if they provided benefits like healthcare and the interviewer (who would be my boss) invited me to debate him on why Obamacare was a good or bad idea. I said I didn't want to debate him, and so he just told me why he thought Obamacare was bad for 20 whole minutes.

When he was done, he asked if I had any questions for him and I just said, 'It's okay. I don't. We're done here.' It was awkward but I just thanked him for his time and I showed myself out.

He made my own interview about himself and I knew he was sure not someone I would ever want to be my boss."


13. "It's normal" doesn't mean it's right

"I applied for a position once and got to training. At the training they told me, oh btw you need to do these 4 other things aswell asn qw will most likely hold you over your 8 hours. I just said: I didn't sign up for this. They replied: it's normal. I just left"


12. The old bait and switch

"I applied for a 9-5 type of job while taking a year off university. Once I got there I waited for an hour before the person interviewing me called me in, only to then be told the job I had applied for wasnt available and that the only position they could offer was a part time overnight position. I wasnt about to be bait and switched so I just thanked them for their time and said I wasnt interested then left."


11. They asked illegal questions

"I walked out of an interview cause they asked me illegal questions. In my country its illegal for them to ask about your health and your pregnancy status. Its kinda screwed up, I know. I mean Id also like to know things like that if I hire someone.

Anyhow, even thou I had no problems there, it bothered me that they didnt respect that law."


10. The job didn't exist anymore

"I really wanted this job, I prepped for a week and a half for the interview. Go in, met with 2 people, it's going great, 45 minutes later they tell me that position had already been filled, but they liked me enough for a position that was part-time and half the salary, which also meant no benefits.

It was like going to a shoe store saying you need a 7.5 in black and the guy comes back and says, 'Yeah we don't have a 7.5, but here's a 12 in green you can try.'"


9. The interviewer knew nothing

"I was a crew chief in a warehouse at my previous job. The interviewer read this on my resume and thought it said crew chef and asked me if this was a joke. I politely corrected him and explained my previous position. He didn't believe me but continued with the interview anyways. As the interview went on i quickly realized that the interviewer was in fact one of the supervisors in this facility and that not only did he fundamentally not understand the freight industry but he could barely read or spell. I knew there was no way i could work under this guy so i stood up, thanked him for his time and left. He told me i was an idiot and was throwing away an incredible opportunity. I didnt even turn around to acknowledge him. It felt like a bad comedy sketch."


8. They weren't honest about the job description

"Turned out to be a door-to-door sales position. Just interrupted their pitch, told them I wasn't interested and left."


7. It's incredibly rude to call someone "sweetie"


"Back when I was doing hourly work I got a long voicemail from a retail store asking me to call them back to set up an interview. I called them back as soon as I could and explained to whoever was on the phone that I got a call about x y z and they transferred me to the manager. The manager gets on the phone and says, 'Hi, thanks for calling me back. Just so you know sweetie, it's incredibly rude to not ask for a person by name over the phone.' I cant even recall if this person stated their name in the incredibly long voicemail I got. I stopped her there and said 'sorry, I'm no longer interested in this position, bye'."


6. The charitable bank

"A competitor was trying to hire me away from my bank. The head of research asked me what it would take to hire me away. I said 'A lot more money'. He said 'I like to hire people who aren't motivated by money'. I laughed and replied that I wasn't aware his bank was a charity, got up, and left."


5. Multi-level marketing scheme


"I went into an interview with a company when I was in college because they got my name off indeed.

There was a room they filled with 30 of us listening to what could only have been an MLM scheme. After 45 mins of talking about how awesome the company is, how much fun they have, and how much money they make and without any talk of what the actual job was I stood up and was the first person to leave. About half of the room left with me."


4. When your boss really doesn't want to give you a raise...

"I requested for a raise and was invited to an interview.

My duties at the company were progressively changing and my tasks were becomming quite high tier - if I missed deadlines, it'd have a small impact on the company's income. I didn't think it was fair to give me tasks with such responsibility, without a raise.

The interview was a trainwreck. My boss' colleague kept walking on eggshells and avoided the subjects I brought up all the time. I got extremely fed up with it and walked out. Left my boss a 3.5 week notice (end of month) and said I had made my decision to pursue other options."


3. Bad office vibes

"Had an interview for a warehouse supervisor. Arrived a little early and front desk had me go over to the shipping department office and wait for the operations manager. Sat down by his office and over heard him having his meeting with other supervisors and leads. Heard screaming and throwing of stuff. Constant degrading vocabulary. Noped out of there quickly."


2. I've heard that one before...

"'So we expect our employees to go above and beyond!' and went on to say that basically everyone will work 60 hours a week, for 40 hours of pay.



1. Your office isn't a bedroom

"I noticed a sleeping bag and the interviewer said they get a lot of long nights and it beats driving home.



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