Being part of a trend can be really cool and really fun, but sometimes the sheer amount of people participating is enough to make anyone crazy.

It's as if no matter where you go, you are unable to get away from the very thing that once gave you pleasure, but now simply sits at a distance, mocking you with each flash. You used to enjoy this, but now it just feels like hell.

What happened?

Redditor u/TheMiffey asked:

"What was ruined because too many people started doing it?"

Here were some of the answers.

Money Saving

"RetailMeNot and other coupon sites."

"Used to be a surefire way to save money while shopping, nowadays I can't remember the last time I found a useful coupon code online."

"That's if you actually find coupon codes. They're all just a list of the site's sales."-elderkstudio

Ah, Good Ole GeoCache

"I'm gonna drop my comment here - was a prolific geocacher in 2006-2010. Found over 1000 over the years, across several countries and had a great deal of fun."

"However over time it became more and more problematic."

"In the UK we suddenly had the self appointed Geocaching UK who started (almost) arbitrarily deciding on what could it couldn't be done. They started sucking the life out of it."-ConsciouslyIncomplet

You Revealed It Though

"NEVER share a hidden gem. Not with a friend, or family member. Hell maybe not even your dog who you think can keep a secret."

"At work I have a hidden bathroom. It's on a floor of the building that shuts down at 3pm. I happen to know the elevator code being IT and all and I work 1pm-9pm usually."

"That means any sh*t I have to take I get a whole building floor to sh*t in. in peace in a super clean luxury bathroom."-Stephenburnett98

Trends that go too out of control can actually have the opposite intended effect.

Poor Park Days

"Hiking the national parks. As an old guy I got to visit all of them in the 80s/90s. Back then you could enjoy the grandeur and solitude of nature."

"Now it's droves of people, people destroying the parks, hiking with Bluetooth speakers blaring and drones buzzing overhead."

"People have turned the parks and trail systems into a congested, trashed mess and I don't hike anymore because of it.."-Shakooza

Etsy Plus Covid

"My wife is an artist and smith, trained in jewel crafting and gem setting, not to mention stained glass, embroidery, soft sculpture... she handmakes everything."

"She's been selling online and to markets for a decade and a half, but every year the big markets are more and more full of just crap."

"Cheap materials and easy methods that result in junk jewellery and art that looks pretty for all of five minutes, until you use it for a few months and it turns to garbage."

"It makes it really difficult for her, because people will see some wire wrapped beads at a booth for $20, and compare that to her hand-forged silver pieces inset with ethically sourced gemstones for $100 and buy the crap half the time."-shaidyn

A Sight For Sorest Eyes

"A specific answer, Horseshoe Bend. It's a beautiful sight. You've got this canyon that's hundreds of feet deep and it looks like a horseshoe."

"It's somewhat remote, located way out in Navajo Nation. There's a nearby town, called Page, that's pretty small. People would stop by Horseshoe Bend because they lived close enough to take a day trip or because they were traveling past."

"In the age of Instagram, however, things changed. Now there are lines to take pictures in certain spots. People leave trash behind, or accidentally drop water bottles and sunglasses off the cliffs (also extremely common at the Grand Canyon)."

"And pretty recently they put in a parking lot and charge for parking. What used to be a hidden gem is now 'they paved paradise and put in a parking lot,' thanks to Instagram."

"It's not that the locals are visiting more, it's that people are traveling for the sole purpose of seeing the bend and taking pictures."

"Things got tricky in the time of Covid because Page has grown accustomed to the heightened tourism."

"This has led to the mayor making sh*tty comments toward the Navajo leaders when he tried to get them to reopen recreational areas in Spring 2020."-dudius7


"Joining interesting subreddits. First a small community is born, each post is great and high quality. It becomes popular because of this, and it begins to gain more members."

"These new members might not 100% understand the reason of the subreddit and might post something a little off topic or completely off topic."

"Soon enough, the defining reason for the sub is blurred and people feel like they can go as low effort or off topic as they can."-JDPhoenix-8632

What's worse is that it feels like your specific relationship with this thing is completely ruined because too many people all also want a piece of it.

Camp Or Glamp

"Camping. Last summer, camping was just about the only thing you could do pandemic-wise besides stay inside with family and watch the walls."

"Problem is, lots of people who headed out had little to no experience or knowledge of camping and the common practices and courtesies around food storage, fire management, personal hygiene, being a good neighbor, pack in/pack out, leave no trace, etc. Frankly, plenty of the people I saw didn't really seem to give a sh*t about any of that anyways."

"There was so much damage and so many law enforcement complaints that the National Forests are likely to be closed to any sort of dispersed camping (camping outside of designated campgrounds)."-RichardBonham

Hipster Capital USA

"Portland. Was an amazing city 10 years ago. Got too cool for its own good and got saturated with everyone moving there."

"Now every event in city is ruined because too many people show up, there's no parking anywhere and the simplest spontaneous idea to check something out becomes a stressful logistical nightmare."

"Glad i don't live there anymore. But I remember it at its prime which is why it's hard for me."-PersimmonFew8897

Truly Where I Live

"The town where I live. We were once a small town surrounding by hiking trails, lakes, rivers and mountains. Now people from Seattle and California have found our town and sell their house for an exorbitant amount of money just to buy houses here."

"Except when they buy the houses here, they offer cash and way above asking so now us locals can't afford to live here because sellers know they can get more money."

"I mean a 1 bed apartment is going for $1600 and an 800 sq ft house in a horrible neighborhood is $300,000."-AwakenWithin7

It's really sad when something we used to love gets ruined, regardless of the means.

But when we have forged a relationship with something that is fully out of our hands, we always risk losing it to a crowd, because it's likely that the therapeutic effect it had on us is something other people will always want a piece of.

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No one wants war.

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