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As you can imagine, it is incredibly exhausting to have to clear up misinformation about Covid-19 with everyday people. The number of blatant falsehoods and conspiracy theories is just too much. Yes, I'm tired. I'm downright exhausted, as a matter of fact.

"What are you sick of explaining to people?" –– This is today's burning question from Redditor samsonity and honestly, we can relate.

"I have a nice paycheck..."

Why I don't want to get a promotion at work.

I have a nice paycheck, full-time, benefits, etc. Taking a promotion puts responsibility on me that I don't want and I much prefer the steady 8 hours a day without having to think about the job for the rest of them.


"That just because..."

That just because I'm choosing not to be very talkative, doesn't mean that something's wrong or that I'm upset with you or something. I appreciate the concern, but it really isn't something you need to be worried about.


"We're REALLY not..."

We're REALLY not having kids and we're REALLY not going to change our minds.


"They decide the opening..."

Professional wrestling is scripted, not fake: They decide the opening to the match, a few big moves here and there, and the ending, but most of it is made up as they go, and while they are trained to avoid seriously hurting each other, it's still 300lb men slamming each other around on a canvas mat.


"A yield sign..."

A yield sign doesn't mean you always have to stop, it simply means you yield the right of way if another car is coming.


"Explaining to family..."

Explaining to family that insert this week's new miraculous anti covid drug claims should not be considered or used by the general public unless there's a regulatory institution supporting said claims after looking into the validating data.

If there was an irrefutably effective and cheap COVID preventive treatment out there, it'd be top news and not an 'insider secret' shared by some prodigious chiropractor you happened to find in some WhatsApp group.


"I'm sick of explaining..."

I'm sick of explaining to people that just because I'm an okay artist doesn't mean I'm going to draw you.



Yes, when I said I'm currently allergic to all food - actually all plants - that does in fact include fruit. And this vegetable. And that vegetable. And bread, and split pea soup, and yes that other vegetable too.

Yep, beans are plants. So is quinoa. Açai is a plant. Echinacea is a plant. Can you please stop naming plants now because yes, I can't have it.


"I'm an introvert..."

I'm an introvert so I sometimes take hours to respond or avoid you, it isn't because I don't like you. I just need some time to charge my batteries before talking to anyone.


"That depression..."

That depression isn't sadness. It is a medical condition which requires professional help.


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