It's difficult living with regrets. They, unlike many literal plagues, are impossible to get rid of. They're part of your history, a moment in time when you could have done something, did and/or didn't, then life moved on. It's gone. That moment is etched forever and it's too late to go back.

These are those moments.

Reddit user, u/Snowaa, wanted to know what they wished they started when they asked:

What's something you wish you started doing earlier in life?

Yes. For Longer Than 20 Seconds.

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Brushing my teeth :( no one made me when i was too little to care and by the time i wanted to do it for me the damage was done


I've always been a pretty religious brush teeth before bed-er BUT I wish I would have always done it at wake up too. Twice a day brushing is a good habit I wish I would have developed much earlier in life.


You're Not In As Big Of A Rush As You Think

Working out what I wanted to do with my life.


I'm 40 and have no idea.


Being Open Together

Saying yes more often.

Once I started doing it, I began realizing how much fun/great stuff I had avoided because of prejudices or lack of good will.


if We Could Turn Back Time

Buying Apple stock in 2002.


Or bitcoin in 2011.


You Don't Have To Adapt To Others

Being myself more. I remember I constantly changing my personality based on the friends I was hanging out with which made me very unhappy. But now that I started being myself around people that actually like me has made much more accepting of myself.


Inhabit Another's Soul

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Reading, it's like being able to steal years of people's life experiences in just a few days without having to go through any of the bullsh-t


I'll add to this: Writing.

The typical response to this question is "working out and flossing", but a lot of us already do that, or know that these things are important.

A few years ago, well seven now actually, I made a New Year's Resolution to write every single day—journal style. I surprised myself by sticking with it. The next year, I did the same. After the third or fourth year, it was a habit, a hobby, and a passion.

Writing is the single most therapeutic activity I do. It's better than running, or hiking, or lifting. To put your problems on a document marginalizes them. It makes (almost) every problem immediately more manageable.

Also, it's like a little time capsule. I can go back to this day five years ago and see exactly what I was doing. Even if I didn't write about the entire day, a paragraph contains enough information to kickstart the brain into filling the gaps.

So reading, yes, but writing as well!


Starting The Day Before Everyone Else

Getting up early and just doing what needs to be done in a day instead of putting it off forever

Update: I've been how I do this or how I got started. Honestly I got started by getting up early for work. Slowly it became my new norm to get up at 7am on my days off. The getting things done part was trickier. I guess I started by doing small things like cleaning or doing errands right away. Like if I was washing clothes, I wouldn't let them sit in the dryer. I would take them out right away and hang them up. Eventually it just became a routine and part of my life.


Even The Smallest Contributions Make The Biggest Impact



"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

It's never too late to start working out. I've been working out three times a week since February 2017 and am in the best shape of my life now, at age 45. 25-year-old-me couldn't do a third of what I do now.


Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Not worrying about having lots of friends. In my younger years I tried to be friends with too many people at once and didn't have any solid friendships. Having a few really close friends is far better than many wishy-washy friends.


Start Young, Build It Strong

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Being honest with the people around me, and not lying to myself about who i am.


This one resonates. I'm trying to figure out how to do this more because it seems like so many of my problems are caused by a fear of saying what I want or don't want in a situation. It's like a fear of confrontation.


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