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There's something about logic and social skills that just don't add up when I am playing board games. Put a board game in front of me and I freeze up and I can't seem to remember rules or know how to make decisions to save my life. What the hell is up with that? Not that I'm incapable of playing and enjoying a board game, but my friends have certainly had their patience tested when I've been in the room! I suck at it, and it's okay. I just have fun regardless.

People had plenty of things to mention about themselves after Redditor RufusInBoots asked the online community,

"What are you exceptionally bad at?"

"Thinking of something to say..."

"Thinking of something to say when people tell me to say an interesting fact about myself."


"The humans I've drawn..."


The humans I've drawn are comparable to the symbol that indicates a women's restroom. That's how bad they are."


I feel this.

Don't ask me to draw anything... unless you want stick figures.

"I don't think..."

"I don't think I'll EVER get any better at mornings."


I'm not a morning person either... I feel this. I have suffered through this for years.

"I worked at my last job..."

"Directions/navigation. I worked at my last job for over a year and I still needed my phone GPS to get there every single day. Even on smaller scales, playing games with my friends becomes a hassle any time there's a large map involved because I WILL get lost."



"Opening an envelope. I can't just use my finger to smoothly open it. I end up having to tear the flap into tiny pieces."


Are you me?

I think we are the same person..."

"You'd be wrong."

"Time management. I always underestimate how much time I'll need to do something. By a lot. You'd think I would learn. You'd be wrong."


I'm the opposite. And when I've lived with people who appeared to have no concept of time, it would drive me up the wall.

"Even then..."

"Flirting. My first boyfriend had to announce to me that he was flirting. Even then, I didn't know what to do."


This demands a sitcom.

Give the people what they want!


"Visualizing 3D shapes. Like when you see those questions that say "What would this shape look like if you flipped it over?" I'm terrible at those."


"I've had severe..."


I've had severe insomnia as far back as I can remember. It gets completely ridiculous at times."


Ummm... you might want to get that checked out, friend.


"Sticking to a project.

I have more ideas than I have time so I end up jumping from project to project... art, music, stories, design... I don't remember the last time I completed something! Yikes!"


There's something to be said about knowing your flaws. It's not the end of the world––there are no doubt plenty of other things you are good at. You are no doubt the object of envy for someone out there!

Have some weaknesses of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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