People Explain Which Things They Consider A Total Waste Of Money

Not everything is actually worth your time or your money. Actually, some things are specifically designed to waste both of those things.

But as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. It's a great thing for some and a total waste for another. Some people prefer to pay for comfort over quality. That is fine too. But it certainly is not for everybody.

So when u/Candid-Equipment-923 asked:

"What do you consider a big waste of money?"

Here were some of those answers.

Imagination Is The Real Toy

"Lot of baby toys. You spend hundreds on certain flashy, expensive gifts that just sit unused in the corner, and then they play with that knick knack you picked up from the dollar store all the time."

"I know it's a bit cliché, but my experience so far is that kids often just want to play with the cardboard box, so to speak. You don't need to spend hundreds on a 1-3 year old in terms of toys and games."-Naweezy

Actually, Most Things For Children

"I think it's asinine to drop $100 or so on Nikes your toddler son is going to grow out of 3 months. All I think about is how much my kid actually wears his shoes. He's barefoot most of the time."-jessness024

Ah Yes, The Laundry Scam

"I live on an apartment without washer dryer hook ups. I don't pay for water, that is part of the rent. So I bought a small portable washing machine."

"Only does one load at a time (small load). Cost me less than $100, and bought it over a year ago."

"I figure that based upon the money it costs to wash clothes in the apartment Laundromats, I have already paid for my washer and now washing clothes only cost what I pay for detergent."-GreatJanitor

So now you can start actually saving money with these recommendations.

Streaming Has Become Another Cable

"Cable. Once some couple of years ago it was cheaper to bundle internet and tv cable."

"Now if you unbundle and only want to keep the internet, it's twice as much as it was before. $70 dollars for internet ?! Or bundle and pay $115 for Tv and internet."-Imaginary_Style9723

Cars Are Already MAD Expensive

"Having just purchased a new car, 90% of what the dealership tries to up sell you on."

"VIN etching. Seat/paint protection. Nitrogen filled tires (helps with tire pressure when temperatures change, but they try to convince you that it gives you better mileage)."

"Extended warranties. All of it is just a money grab and adds nothing to the value or functionality/safety of the vehicle."

"Just say 'no.'"-CajuNerd

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At A Certain Point, Wine Is Wine

"Those monthly subscription boxes. Sure you may get one thing you like but you are stuck with a lot of other stuff you couldn't care less about."

"Why not go and just get that one thing you may like yourself? I get that a lot of the times it's things you wouldn't normally know about or think to get but still."

"You probably didn't know it existed before so you probably didn't need it in the first place."-F1x1on

Smokin' Jamokes

"Working in a gas station and selling cigarettes has really reset my value of a dollar."

"I've seen so many people come up to this counter with armfuls of snacks and candy and go 'oh, and a pack of Newports in the box' and then the price more than doubles."

"You can buy a 12-pack of soda cans for less than a box of Marlboros. You can get five different bags of chips and it costs less than a single pack of American Spirits."-Backupusername

And now you can also redirect your spending into something that will actually do you good.

When I Say "Shotgun" You Say "Wedding"

"Indian here. My cousin's family is rich (like, multi-millionaires) and they spent a ridiculous amount of money on her wedding."

"The entire family (we're talking about ~300 people) was flown out to Bali. The elderly relatives also flew first-class, because they didn't want the 'discomfort' of flying business class to Bali."

"My cousin's family also booked out two entire wings of a posh hotel in Bali, so everyone had their own hotel room/suite."

"The wedding was basically a week-long party, with endless dinners, cocktail parties and dances. I have never been to such an over-the-top, lavish event."

"I'm almost afraid to get married, because I don't want to plan such a huge event. I'd rather have an epic honeymoon, travelling across Europe."-FauxPoesFoes228

Being American....

"The Health Insurance Industry"

"Pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for 'coverage,' then when you actually need medical care you find out it wasn't covered for some bullsh*t reason and you've gotta come up with $6k on your own."-crucifix_peen

Maybe Fuel Is On The Way Out

"Putting higher Octane (premium) gas when your vehicle doesn't require it. If your vehicle requires regular, put regular. If your vehicle requires 89 Octane put 89 Octane."

"Your car won't go any faster or get better fuel economy just because you added higher octane fuel over the manufacturer recommended Octane for your vehicle."-throws90210

So there you have it. Were any of these tips you needed to hear to save a little bit of extra cash to live your life?

Hopefully someone out there has spent this money already so that you don't have to and learn the hard way.

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