People Explain Which Things Instantly Make Them Hate Someone

We are human and we need to be loved.

Or so the old adage says. But some people make it REALLLLLLY difficult for you to love them.

It's hard to quantify exactly what it is about them that makes them so unlikable, but even sitting in the same room as them, you instantly feel the disconnection.

What is that about?

u/Creditfor1 asked:

What makes you instantly hate a person?

Here were some of those answers.

A One Way Convo

I hate when people are argumentative about their opinions but refuse to even process counter arguments. They either completely ignore what you say or they cherry-pick a phrase to misconstrue. In either case they essentially just restate their original argument.

This is all 10x more infuriating when they do this with an air of smugness or superiority.


It's Not A Sign Of Weakness

People who speed up when you put on your turn signal. Also people who don't use turn signals... you know what, honestly just people driving in general makes me hate them.


Not My Pig Not My Farm

People who try to befriend you by sh*t-talking others to create an 'us versus them' dynamic.

No, I don't hate Other Coworker because they were a bit grumpy one day or wore an ugly t-shirt. I do however now hate you for trying to drag me into your crap.


I Just Wanted To Connect And Now I Hate You

When I try to connect with someone over a shared hobby/interest, and they shoot me down with some superiority complex.

"Cool Darth Vader shirt, I love Star Wars!"

"You love Star Wars huh? What was Watto's cousin's teacher's home world's regional governor's bodyguard's name? YoU dOn'T kNoW?! WHAT A PEON!!!"


Complain Complain Complain

One-sided conversationalists.

Will never reciprocate a: "How ya doin?" Will take anything you are saying/doing as an invitation to talk about themselves. Will answer questions directed at you, as if it is normal.

Usually they're also massive complainers.

I have two people (friends of friends) that literally know nothing about me, but I know about the blister on their big toe, or everything about the person they hate at work.


I Just Wanna Go Home

Audience members or coworkers in a meeting who raise their hand to ask a question, but then launch into an unsolicited story instead. Especially if they wait until the very last second to start storytime when everyone else is about to go. It's narcissistic, boring, and unfair to everyone else.


Misogyny By Women

As a woman myself, I instantly hate women who treat other women condescendingly in a work environment, especially when there's a man – to impress – around. It's like people can only like and respect one woman at a time so there's a neverending competion between us females. These horrible condescending women talk and act in a disrespectful way towards other women and they usually do it with a smile on their faces, behaving in a passive aggressive way that men don't even notice = she seems normal and nice to him but a b*tch to her competion (other women).



As a white person living in the south, a lot of racist white people tend to try to make race jokes about black people to me because they automatically assume I'm fine with it. it makes me so uncomfortable and fills me with rage, miss me with that bs and lose my contact info.


Why Does It Take That Much?

Being late.

If it's my first time meeting you and you are not punctual, be damn sure that it will contribute to my opinion of you. Either you don't respect my time or you don't respect your word and neither of those things are good.


Nom Nom Nom

Chewing with their mouth open

I can love everything about someone but if they chew with their mouth open or smack their lips when they eat or slurp i won't ever invite them to my house or to hang out! I won't bother getting close to them or getting to know them better because I can't handle having a dinner party, bonfire, or holiday ruined by the sound of someone who can't figure out how to chew with their lips together.


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