People Explain Which Things Get An Unnecessary Amount Of Hate


Life is short, yet people allow themselves to get angry over the silliest things.

Ever wonder why people hate things that other people like? If something becomes unprecedentedly popular, there's always a group that goes out of their way to hate it. So much so, they fight people over it, and will do their best to ruin it for everyone.

Redditor u/musiclover1998 wanted people's opinions on... "What's something that gets an unnecessary amount of hate?"

20. Our president...

"Donald Trump. I know most people don't like him, i don't agree with some of the things he says but frankly i really don't give a ****, to the point, i just get annoyed when there is a question like 'like what shouldn't have been created' and someone says Donald Trump, its a band wagon that everyone jumps on that isn't really necessary anymore."


19. People brave enough to wear speedos deserve respect

"Speedos and speedo bros (such as myself)... I just mean... DAMN

If me being comfortable bothers you (haters) that much... good."


18. Girls just wanna have fun

"Females trying to have any kind of fun on the internet"


17. The most... unique looking fish in the sea


"Blob fish. Common! If you think about it, they're actually cute. Just laying around, waiting for some food to drop from the sky. Awww :)"


16. Unfamiliar politics 

"Anarchism, it's merely an idea that a society can exist free of hierarchy and oppression, a truly democratic society where people defend and support eachother."


15. Remember the Bieber hate?

"Justin bieber used to. When i was a kid i hated him and didnt know why"


14. People who are different...

"Trans people. Why do yall hate us so much? Who hurt you?"


13. Imagine if VR was more accessible? 

"Virtual reality. Virtual reality gets a lot of hate even though it really is cool. The only problem with it is that it's pretty expensive. Other than that virtual reality is a great way to leave the stress and physical limits of the real world. Virtual reality is also known to help people with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. But yet it still gets a lot of hate."


12. Follow the patent!

"Toilet paper rolling under instead of over

I feel like its discrimination agaisnt cat people"


11. "Ice Age Baby" is the latest victim of the internet

"The child from ice age; Now i'm not saying he isn't ugly, but he never done nothing wrong tho so calm tf down y'all."


10. There's no age limit for fun

"Old people doing young people trends. They just want to be a part of the fun."


9. On that note, "The Lighthouse" is a masterpiece 

"Robert Pattinson. Sure, he got famous for the 'Twilight' movies, and no, they're not very good; but all of the weird independent films he's made after that really scream that this poor guy just wants to be appreciated as an actor."


8. I'm a big Triple D fan

"Guy Fieri"


"He seems like a genuinely good person. In 2017 and 2018 he cooked for thousands of victims and first responders affected by the California wildfires."


7. It's just a word


"The word 'moist'. I'm just describing this nice cake I'm eating and you're acting like I'm reciting ancient curses from the satanic bible."


6. Just hating things to hate things

"Bandwagon hating on something in general is a huge problem.

I try to make a point to have a full explanation of why I dislike something before I go hating on it. Also, I am open to debate said dislike."


5. Access to music is better than ever

"Being born in this generation because 'our music sucks'. I don't get that. We were born in the generation where we can go to youtube, or spotify, and listen to literally any music since the beginning of recording of music to stuff released literally 5 minutes ago. Being born in this generation is, for music, fantastic."


4. People take brands too seriously


"iPhone/ Android hatred. Who the f cares what phone other people have!? I like my apple. Why do people have to tell me their Android is superior and my phone is trash when they see that?!"


3. Why fire someone who is a great worker?

"People who have been in jail.

I mean they already paid for their crime. Can we let them have a regular job and join society again without spitting on them for the rest of their life?"


"We got a new operations manager in the largest of the facilities I cover at work, and he decided to do background checks on all employees. Fired a forklift driver who has been here 7 years because he was a convicted felon. Like come on, the guy has worked in this place for 7 years, been one of the hardest workers and what, he's pulling the long con or something? Ridiculous"


2. What makes something "girly" anyway?

"Probably late to this, but I felt I should add, Men who are into 'girly' things. Like any male who likes something 'girly' instantly gets criticized by the entirety of society, including their own parents, like wtf is up with this?"


1. Dreaded vegetables

"Vegetables. I eat them regularly since I was a kid and it just blows my mind that there are people who take eating vegetables as punishment or they need to 'learn' to like it or cook it because somehow they find it disgusting in raw state. I cant imagine not eating at least one kind of vegetable once a day."


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