Okay, here's a confession I must make: I'm a sucker for the film Love Actually. Listen, I know that it's a hot mess. I am well aware that it makes use of every silly "romantic" trope in the book. I know quite well that running after the object of your affection in an airport is likely to get you slapped with terror charges rather than get said object to admit they're head over heels in love with you. And I know that showing up to the door of a married woman and professing my love for them probably isn't the best of ideas, particularly when the man that woman is married to happens to be my best friend? So why has it enraptured me so?!

After Redditor Dabrigstar asked the online community, "What's something that is romantic in movies but creepy in real life?" people shared their own observations.

"Someone coming home..."

Someone coming home and finding their entire apartment full of flowers when the sender obviously had no legal way to get in.


"Those elaborate plots..."

Those elaborate plots that trick the other person into falling for you.



Stopping someone's wedding and asking them to be with you. Really? You couldn't shoot your shot before the wedding? It's not a surprise event. You're really going to embarrass everyone involved and destroy their wedding day when you could have just shown up last Wednesday?


"Sorry, dude..."

Relentlessly pursuing an ex who clearly doesn't want you back. Sorry dude, leaving wine and roses in your ex-girlfriend's car while she's at work isn't cute, it's super creepy and stalkerish.


"If someone..."

Chasing someone who already said no, multiple times. If someone is already in a relationship trying to break them up. "Love" at first sight, no, that's just lust and desire.



Obsessive and unrequited love sometimes spanning YEARS that ultimately succeeds because the less interested party gets worn down, and realizes they're a big dummy and they loved them after all.


"Have fun..."

Breaking through airport security to profess your love.

Have fun getting tased and sent to prison, jackass.


"Maybe more disgusting..."

Maybe more disgusting than creepy but having spontaneous sex then just putting their clothes back on and going about their day without even cleaning themselves up.


Serenading someone in general without breaking eye contact. Yeah, the editing makes it look good and all... but in reality it's more of a mix of creepy, awkward, and altogether wishing the moment was over.



Forced kisses to shut up.

My guy, she's being emotional and trying to work through her feelings and all you do is claim her lips. No.


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